On this date in the year 1,000, it's believed Leif Ericson discovered the New England area. He called it Vinland, people he met three people named Vin there on the first day. People believed it to be the New England area, mostly because Leif noted seeing the phrase, ‘Yankees Suck'.

So we really should be celebrating Indigenous Viking Day.

Unfortunately, his luggage was sent to Constantinople.

Just in time for the fall colors.

Of course, there wasn't enough proof to give us that day off, so we're sticking with the Columbus Day thing for now.

In 1642, Harvard held their first commencement exercise. Situps, I believe.

On this date in 1781 George Washington fired the first shot in the siege of Yorktown. Not many people know it was a Jell-O shot.

In 1876, the very first two-way telephone conversation took place. Oh, there had been previous calls, but they were to the guy's mom and he could never get in a word edgewise.

Oh, there had been previous calls... but the one person talked so much, the other couldn't get a word in.

The first two lines weren't very eventful. They were "Hello" and "Who is this?"

Had my mother-in-law been involved, it still would have only been a one-way call. (Unless you caught her between breaths.)

Unfortunately, an argument broke out and soon, they weren't speaking to each other.

On this day in 1888, the Washington Monument opened up to the public. Of course, most of the comments were the same: it doesn't look anything like him.


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