True Halloween Horror! Nobody loves Halloween more than James Yochim. So he was super excited about visiting Nashville Nightmare in Madison, Tennessee - a sprawling attraction with four haunted houses, an escape room, and scary cast members running around with fake weapons. So James was with his friend, Tawnya Greenfield, when a thin man with skull makeup, assumed to be an actor, approached the girl. He asked if James was messing with her and she jokingly said yes. So skull-man proceeds to hand her a knife and says, "Stab him." James later told reporters, "Keep in mind, we'd been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night, and it was all fake." So, of course assuming the knife was also fake, Tawnya stabs James in the arm. James says that's when everything went black. The blade-very much real-went through the 29-year-old's forearm. Though it didn't hit any major arteries, bones, or tendons but his arm began gushing blood. Nine stitches later, James recalls the unknown man apologizing as he lay bleeding, saying, "I didn't know my knife was that sharp." Strangely, the attraction has very strict "No Weapons" rules and visitors are required to go through "very thorough" metal detectors. Nashville Nightmare's organizers said an employee believed to be "involved in some way" had been placed on leave "until we can determine his involvement." An initial police report said the suspect had not been identified. No charges have been made as of yet. (Nashville Tennessean)

Another Mom of the Year

Here's another mother of the year for you. In Bellefontaine, Ohio, 34-year-old Nikki Dickinson has been arrested for allowing her 10-year-old son to get a permanent tattoo in unsanitary conditions, from a 16-year-old unlicensed tattoo artist. Her excuse - she said she was sick and tired of her son asking for a tattoo. Dickinson was arrested after a disturbing video showing her young son getting the tattoo on his arm went viral on social media. Dickinson doesn't appear in the video simply because she is the one recording the footage, but she admitted to police that she gave her parental consent. It's unclear whether she knew that the 16-year-unlicensed tattoo artist had a history of malpractice and once gave a client MRSA (a Stafilococus aureus strain) from a dirty needle. But the wildest part of the story is that Dickinson wasn't charged with allowing her child to get a tattoo, as apparently that's perfectly legal in Ohio. Her crime was allowing the tattooing to be done in unsanitary conditions (her own home) by an unlicensed, teenage tattoo artist. Her filming the whole thing didn't help much. (Oddity Central)

Here Mr. Robber, Let Me Give You a Hand - Yours!

In Ona, West Virginia, a would-be-robber definitely chose the wrong house to enter. The homeowner, Shannon Steele, said he heard a loud bang and realized it was someone trying to kick his door down. Steele said he grabbed a machete and began swinging it after the suspect got in. He later told reporters, "I must've made contact because they said I about cut his hand off, old testament!" Sheriff Chuck Zerkle said charges are pending against the suspect, but none against Mr. Steele. (WCHS)

You Weren't Babysitting While Black Were You??

Sadly, racism continues to run rampant in our country - especially Georgia. A white woman called the police on Corey Lewis who is African American. His big crime - babysitting two white children. Mr. Lewis documented the entire ordeal on Facebook Live. Apparently the woman first stopped him in the parking lot of a Cobb county Walmart and asked him if the children were okay, then wanted to speak to the children. Then she called police and followed him all the way home. Then a Cobb County police officer showed up. The officer questioned the 10-year-old and the 6-year-old before calling their parents, David Parker and Dana Mango who were in utter disbelief. Mango later said in an interview, "I said are you saying that because there's an African American male driving my two white kids, that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned and he said I'm sorry ma'am that's exactly what I'm saying." In supreme irony, the couple arranged for Lewis to babysit their children weeks ago because their son attends a youth mentor program called "Inspired by Lewis." The parents believe Lewis was stalked, harassed and questioned by police and Parker said, "B-W-B which I guess is the new thing, babysitting while black." Parker and Mango also said they don't believe that the woman was trying to protect their children because they never showed any signs of being in danger. Local TV station CBS46 is investigating to find out who the woman is. (CBS 46)

NO! There are No Emotional Support Squirrels!

In Orlando, Frontier Airlines said a woman had to be escorted off a flight bound for Cleveland due to a squirrel. The passenger claimed the squirrel was an emotional support animal and Frontier acknowledged she noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support animal. However she did not make mention of the fact that it was a squirrel. Frontier said "rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed" on its flights. The passenger was advised of the policy and asked to get off the plane. She refused so police were called and had to deplane all the other passengers so they could deal with squirrel lady. Police eventually escorted her off the plane and took her to the main terminal. Of course that meant everyone else missed the flight that had to be rescheduled to depart for Cleveland later that evening. (FOX 6 Now)

Sadly, Rich and Stupid Still Beats Smart and Poor!

Sad new statistic is out. It seems rich and stupid still beats super smart and poor. A new report says the least-gifted children of high-income parents graduate from college at higher rates than the most-gifted children of low-income parents. "It goes against the narrative that there are substantial genetic differences between people who are born into wealthy households and those born into poverty," said Kevin Thom, a New York University economist and author of a related working paper released recently by the National Bureau of Economic Research. He added, "If you don't have the family resources, even the bright kids - the kids who are naturally gifted - are going to have to face uphill battles." His collaborator, Johns Hopkins economist Nicholas Papageorge said, "Two people who are genetically similar can have strikingly different IQ test scores because the richer ones have invested more in their kids. When you look at the raw genetic potential of the two people, though, you see they're actually quite similar." (Washington Post)

What the What?

A family out on their boat in Puget Sound kind of freaked out when a group of humpback whales swam up to the boat to say hello. So the family did what most of us would have done right? They called the police. The hilarious moment was caught on camera and the American family can be heard screaming as three whales approach their boat. When the operator picks up, the woman screams, "I'm out in Puget Sound and there are three grey whales right underneath our boat and I'm afraid that we might get flipped over and I'm scared." She goes on to explain that she just wanted to call and let the police know their location in case anything happened to them. The family then decides to start the engine to move the boat away from the huge creatures - before freaking out again because they think the whales are following them. A man on the boat then screams out in amazement as the whale starts "rolling" in the water. He tells his wife not to be scared and she replies, "It's a whale, it's gonna kill us!" To which the man replies: "It's not scary, they're just checking us out dude. They're just whales, they're not gonna kill us." He ends the video by saying, "You will never forget that." Gotta love a guy who calls his wife dude! (Metro)


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