This sounds like a plot from the Netflicks television series "House of Cards."

Call me Cynical! But I believe someone connected with the Democrat Party is responsible for these so called pipe bombs. President Trump's approval rating is rising and the Democrats are hell bent in trying to change that upward climb. So how does the Democrat Party stop that? Target the Outspoken Democrats and the media. Make them appear to be victims. What a plausible, devious political plan. I wouldn't be surprised if they called on their friends from the Hollywood Prop Departments for pipe bombs made to order. Ricin was sent to the President's family and I saw no moral outrage from the Democrats or the media on that! The Democrats and the media have been promoting liberal hate towards conservatives for months. Now. they are trying to shift the blame for civil unrest? I'm sorry I don't buy this shit! Just like I have problems not knowing the political affiliation of the dip shit that fired multiple rounds from a high rise in Las Vegas into a country music crowd! I guess the public doesn't have a need to know about his political affiliation. But you can bet if he was a conservative it would have been the top story on all of the newscasts.  Let's bring back some civility!


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