Born On This Day...

In 1719Composer/violinist, Johann Georg Leopold Mozart
In 1765Inventor, Robert Fulton (built first commercial steamboat)
In 1776Henri Dutrochet, discovered and named process of osmosis
In 1797Geologist, Sir Charles Lyell (father of Modern Geology)
In 1807French chemist, Auguste Laurent (structure of organic compounds)
In 1840French impressionist/painter, Claude Monet
In 1861Historian, Frederick Jackson Turner
In 1889Jawaharlal Nehru, first Indian Prime Minister (1947-64)
In 1896Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower
In 1900American composer/conductor, Aaron Copland [d: 12-1-90]
In 1901Singer, Morton Downey Sr. (Irish Eyes Are Smiling) [d: 10-25-85]
In 1904Actor, Dick Powell (42nd Street, Christmas in July) [d: 1-3-63]
In 1906Silent screen star, Louise Brooks (American Venus) [d: 8-8-85]
In 1907Children's author, Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking) [d: 1-28-02]
In 1907Cartoonist/author, William Steig (New Yorker Magazine) [d: 10-3-03]
In 1908Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI) [d: 5-2-57]
In 1908Journalist/editor, Harrison Evans Salisbury (NY Times) [d: 7-5-93]
In 1910Actress, Rosemary DeCamp (Love That Bob, That Girl) [d: 2-20-01]
In 1912Heiress, Barbara Hutton (Woolworth) [d: 5-11-79]
In 1914Country singer, Ken Carson (Sons of the Pioneers) [d: 4-7-94]
In 1919Actress, Veronica Lake (The Blue Dahlia) [d: 7-7-73]
In 1920Actor/singer, Johnny Desmond (Your Hit Parade) [d: 9-6-85]
In 1921Actor, Brian Keith (Family Affair, Hooper) [d: 6-24-97]
In 1922UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali [d: 2-16-16]
In 1924Actress, Phyllis Avery (Alice-George Gobel Show, Mr. Novak) [d: 5-19-11]
In 1926Opera singer, Leonie Rysanek [d: 3-7-98]
In 1929Actress, Kathleen Hughes (It Came From Outer Space) (89)
In 1929Baseball player, Jimmy Piersall (Mets) [d: 6-3-17]
In 1929Actor, McLean Stevenson (Colonel Henry Blake-M*A*S*H) [d: 2-15-96]
In 1930Astronaut, Edward H. White II (died in Apollo I fire) [d: 1-27-67]
In 1933Astronaut, Fred Haise (Apollo XIII, STS T-1, T-3, T-5) (85)
In 1935Actor, Don Stewart (Guiding Light) [d: 1-9-06]
In 1935Hussein ibn Talal I, king of Jordan (1953-1999) [d: 2-7-99]
In 1936Singer, Freddie Garrity (Freddie & the Dreamers) [d: 5-19-06]
In 1937Singer, Joe Billingslea (Do You Love Me-Contours) (81)
In 1938Singer, Cornell Gunter (The Coasters) [d: 2-26-90]
In 1939Composer, Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach) (79)
In 1948Prince, Charles [Prince of Wales] (heir to the British throne) (70)
In 1948Actor, Robert Ginty (Baa Baa Black Sheep, Thomas-Paper Chase) [d: 9-21-09]
In 1949Guitarist/singer, James V. Young (Styx) (69)
In 1951Drummer, Frankie Banali (Steppenwolf, Quiet Riot) (67)
In 1951Actress, Sandahl Bergman (Conan the Barbarian, All That Jazz) (67)
In 1951Singer, Stephen Bishop (On and On, Save It For A Rainy Day) (67)
In 1951Bassist, Alec John Such (Bon Jovi) (67)
In 1952Actor, Ray Sharkey (Sonny Steelgrave-Wiseguy) [d: 6-11-93]
In 1953Singer/songwriter, Alexander O'Neal (65)
In 1954Baseball player, Willie Hernandez (Cubs, Phillies, Tigers) (64)
In 1954Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice (Bush) (64)
In 1954Pianist, [Chrysomallis] Yanni (Optimystique) (64)
In 1955Basketball player, Jack Sikma (SuperSonics, Bucks) (63)
In 1956Astronaut, Kenneth D. Bowersox (STS-50) (62)
In 1958Actor, Gregg Burge (A Chorus Line) [d: 7-4-98]
In 1959Actor, Paul McGann (Doctor Who) (59)
In 1961Actress, Elizabeth Keifer (Young & the Restless, Guiding Light) (57)
In 1961Actor, D.B. Sweeney (Strange Luck, Spawn, C-16: FBI) (57)
In 1962Actress, Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me, Saving Grace, NCIS) (56)
In 1964Singer, John Andrew Banfield (The Pasadenas) (54)
In 1964Bassist, Nic Dalton (Lemonheads) (54)
In 1964Rap singer/songwriter, Joseph 'Run' Simmons (Run D.M.C.) (54)
In 1964Actor, Patrick Warburton (Eric-Dave's World) (54)
In 1966Singer, Jeanette Jurado (Expose) (52)
In 1969Guitarist, Bradley Glenn Walker (Southgang, Marvelous 3) (49)
In 1972Actor, Josh Duhamel (Leo-All My Children, Danny-Las Vegas) (46)
In 1973Singer, Adina Howard (Freak Like Me) (45)
In 1974Actor, Matt Cedeno (Brandon-Days of Our Lives) (44)
In 1974Reality star, Chip Gaines (Fixer Upper) (44)
In 1974Actor, David Moscow (Big, Newsies) (44)
In 1975Drummer, Travis Barker (Blink 182) (43)
In 1976Actor, Chris Demetral (Dream On) (42)
In 1977Actor, Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer-NCIS) (41)
In 1979Actress, Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion) (39)
In 1979Rap singer, Shyheim (39)
In 1982Rapper, Torrence Hatch (Superbad The Return of Boosie Bad Azz) (36)
In 1986Actor, Cory Michael Smith (The Riddler-Gotham) (32)
In 1989Football player, T.Y. Hilton (Colts) (29)
In 1993Baseball player, Francisco Lindor (Indians) (25)
In 1999Singer, Sean Cavaliere (New District) (19)
In 2000Singer, K-Marzzz ("Boom") (18)
In 2001Actress, Chloe Lang (LazyTown) (17)


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