Born On This Day...

In 1656Astronomer, Edmond Halley (first to calculate a comet's orbit)
In 1847Irish writer, Bram Stoker (Dracula)
In 1879Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky
In 1900Author, Margaret Mitchell (Gone With the Wind) [d: 8-16-49]
In 1914Actor, Norman Lloyd (Dr. Daniel Auschlander-St. Elsewhere) (104)
In 1916Actress, June Havoc (Willy, Panic, GE Theatre) [d: 3-28-10]
In 1916German novelist, Peter Weiss (Marat/Sade) [d: 5-10-82]
In 1921Actor/director, Gene Saks (Prisoner of Second Avenue) [d: 3-28-15]
In 1922Surgeon, Dr. Christiaan Barnard (first heart transplant) [d: 8-2-01]
In 1922Actress, Esther Rolle (Maude, Florida-Good Times) [d: 11-17-98]
In 1924Actor, Joe Flynn (Captain Binghamton-McHale's Navy) [d: 7-19-74]
In 1927Singer, Patti Page (Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte) [d: 1-1-13]
In 1931Broadcast journalist, Morley Safer (60 Minutes) [d: 5-19-16]
In 1935Actor, Alain Delon (Return of Zorro) (83)
In 1936Astronaut, Edward G. Gibson (Skylab 4) (82)
In 1942Jockey, Angel Cordero (won Kentucky Derby three times) (76)
In 1944Singer, Bonnie Bramlett (Delany & Bonnie) (74)
In 1944Drummer, Robert Nix (Atlanta Rhythm Section) [d: 5-20-12]
In 1945Drummer, Donald Ray "Don" Murray (Turtles) [d: 3-22-96]
In 1947Singer, Minnie Ripperton (Loving You) [d: 7-12-79]
In 1947Astronaut, Margaret Rhea Seddon (STS-40, STS-51-D, STS-58) (71)
In 1947Singer/guitarist, Roy Wood (Electric Light Orchestra, The Move) (71)
In 1948Astonaut, Dale A. Gardner (STS-8, 51A) [d: 2-19-14]
In 1949Singer, Bonnie Raitt (Something To Talk About) (69)
In 1950TV host, Mary Hart (Entertainment Tonight) (68)
In 1951Singer/guitarist, Larry Burnett (Firefall) (67)
In 1952Former Playboy Chiarman/CEO, Christie Ann Hefner (66)
In 1954Singer/songwriter, Rickie Lee Jones (Chuck E's In Love) (64)
In 1956Actress, Randi Brooks (Man With Two Brains, Tightrope) (62)
In 1957Guitarist/keyboardist, Paul Stephen Thompson (The Cure) (61)
In 1958Drummer, Terry Lee Miall (Adam Ant) (60)
In 1961Singer, Leif Garrett (Runaround Sue, I Was Made For Dancin') (57)
In 1966Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay (52)
In 1967Baseball player, Eric Anthony (Astros) (51)
In 1967Actor, Kamar De Los Reyes (Antonio-One Life To Live) (51)
In 1967Former Miss America, Kim Dugger (1991) (51)
In 1967Actress, Courtney Thorne-Smith (Ally McBeal, According To Jim) (51)
In 1968Actress, Parker Posey (As The World Turns, You've Got Mail) (50)
In 1969Actress, Roxana Zal (Something About Amelia) (49)
In 1970Singer, Diana King (Shy Guy) (48)
In 1971Actor, Benjamin King (Lethal Weapon 4) (47)
In 1972Actress, Gretchen Mol (Thirteenth Floor, Girls Club) (46)
In 1973News anchor, David Muir (ABC World News) (45)
In 1975Actress, Tara Reid (American Pie, Josie & The Pussycats) (43)
In 1978Actress, Jennifer Banko (Tiffany-Sunset Beach) (40)
In 1979Actress, Dania Ramirez (Heroes, Entourage, The Sopranos) (39)
In 1981Actress, Azura Skye (Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane) (37)
In 1982Actress, Connie Fletcher (Erin Lavery-All My Children) (36)
In 1983Actor, Chris Rankin (Harry Potter movies) (35)
In 1985Actor, Jack Osbourne (The Osbournes) (33)
In 1987Football player, Sam Bradford (Rams, Eagles) (31)
In 1988Actress, Jessica Lowndes (90210, Greek) (30)
In 1989Baseball player, Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) (29)
In 1991Bassist, Riker Lynch (R5) (27)
In 1994Country singer, Lauren Alaina (Wildflower) (24)
In 2000Actress, Jade Pettyjohn (An American Girl, School of Rock) (18)


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