Men's Health says dating etiquette is like NBA regulations -- constant tweaking and lots of gray areas. Hand checking, for instance: Is it allowed now? Or will she squawk? The magazine asked men and women -- what it's like on the dating scene now?

99% say a man should pay on the first date

41% think it's fine for a woman to ask a man how much he earns

66% say a man's "potential" increases with his paycheck

46% feel that low-earning men are looking for a sugar mama

31% think men are looking for women with power jobs

76% would date their neighbor

71% would not date a best friend's ex

89% wouldn't date a sibling's ex

43% look to meet someone relationship-worthy on vacation

45% have had a one-night stand on vacation

73% think it's possible to have a relationship with someone you met on vacation


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