Those IV recovery services in Las Vegas, New York City, and elsewhere, do they work? Men's Health asked doctors about them and other purported cures. Here's what they found:

4 stars - IV - Alcohol, a diuretic, dries you out
An IV of a saline solution speeds what drinking fluids does. But save the $200 and drink electrolyte-rich liquids like Gatorade or coconut water.

4 stars - Over-the-counter Meds
Alka-Seltzer for your gut, ibuprofen for your headache, Tylenol can irritate your stomach and cause liver damage. Borrow your girlfriend's lavender oil; smelling it can calm you.

3 stars - Greasy foods
Food aids recovery. But healthy is better: Try nutrient-dense foods: leafy greens, proteins, or PB on toast. Eat a pear before drinking; it can help deter damage form alcohol, studies show.

1 star - Coffe
Caffeine helps with some headaches. But it can interfere with sleep, which is essential for recovery. Go back to bed. No Bloody Mary either; hair of the dog is a myth.


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