Why Adam Driver Won't Take Pictures With Star Wars Fans for Charity. Adam Driver knows his worth, and he won't sell his soul -- not even for charity. In a wide-ranging conversation with Vulture published Monday, the 34-year-old actor spoke frankly about what he will and won't do to support Arts in the Armed Forces, the nonprofit organization he started a decade ago. Through various fundraising efforts, the organization says it aims to bring "high-quality arts programming to active duty service members, veterans, military support staff and their families around the world free of charge." Driver, who served for two years and eight months in the United States Marine Corps, could leverage his celebrity status to promote his cause -- particularly as he's a prominent player in the current Star Wars trilogy. But, as he tells the magazine, the fame game isn't something he's interested in playing. Admittedly, Driver said, "In terms of this nonprofit, we could probably be doing even better financially if I wasn't one of the people at the head because I'm so unwilling to do so many things -- or talk to people in general." Moreover, he said he wants to avoid "getting into favors." "It's not about me and Star Wars. It's about the people that we're trying to serve," Driver said, matter-of-factly. "And if you don't get that, then I'd rather not be associated with your money." It's something Driver has thought a lot about -- especially as AITAF gears up to celebrate its tenth anniversary Nov. 12 with a special Broadway performance of Sam Shepard's True West. "I didn't used to feel comfortable fundraising. Like, 'Yeah we're interested in your mission but could you take a picture with my daughter? She's a big Star Wars fan and if you do that I'll give you $100,000.' No, I'm not going to take it. Is there nobody that is just philanthropic for the sake of it? Is there always some picture with your kid? I don't want AITAF things to turn into Star Wars events," said Driver, who was never deployed. "But then you say, 'No,' and you've pissed somebody off. I don't know that I ever handled that badly; I just took it too personally." Even now, Driver added he will "still say no" to people who make similar offers. "It has to be the right thing or it can feel disgusting. Some people are good with being like, 'It feels uncomfortable, but imagine what you can do with that money,'" the reluctant star told Vulture. "So, I'm starting to get more comfortable with that idea because we're raising money not only for a military nonprofit, but a performing arts nonprofit. It's difficult. We're not saying, 'Give us $100 and it'll go towards $100 of art.' We're giving something that you can't quantify." Driver said he "isn't wired" to game the system to his advantage. "This is an ongoing thing I'm trying to figure out. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing [AITAF] a disservice, but I don't want people to give us money for me. I want to cultivate donors that we'll have a lasting relationship with," the Brooklyn-based actor explained. "So, it's not just, 'Give me a check and we'll keep this as impersonal as possible.' I'm trying to make things meaningful. Do you know what I'm saying? I'm not quite explaining myself...I'm trying to say things to you here that I don't normally say." (Eonline)

Andrew Lincoln to Return as Rick Grimes in Multiple Walking Dead Movies. Rick Grimes' story isn't over yet, Andrew Lincoln is not yet done with the Walking Dead universe. Despite the fanfare surrounding Sunday night's episode as his final Walking Dead episode, AMC has announced that Lincoln will star in multiple movies that will continue Rick's story. The first one, which will likely begin production in 2019, will explain where he ended up after he was taken off in a helicopter at the end of tonight's episode, leaving the rest of the crew to believe he's dead. The episode also felt like quite the swan song, flashing back to all of Rick's loved ones over the seasons as Rick struggled to stay alive, eventually having to blow up his beloved bridge to save everyone else. They all thought they saw him die in the explosion, but he was actually just injured and picked up by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her mysterious helicopter. We then flashed forward a few years to see a Rick's now preteen daughter Judith Grimes saving a totally different day. "It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning," said Lincoln himself in a statement. "And I like the idea that we get to tell a bigger story, maybe with a sort of wider vista. And I've always been interested in what's going on out there, you know, whether or not there is contact with the wider world. I want to know the meta of it all. And I suppose to be able to kind of touch upon that in a contained story for me is a very exciting proposition... Maybe it's the start of a bigger story." The new movies will be written by executive producer Scott M. Gimple, and while the first one will explore where Rick went in the helicopter and "what he faces in a new corner of the zombie apocalypse," the other films will tell various other stories in the Walking Dead universe. "We have a lot on the horizon�starting with a new epic featuring one of the greatest leading actors in television history and one of the best people I've ever met," said Gimple in a statement. "These films are going to be big evolutions of what we've been doing on the show, with the scope and scale of features. We're starting with the first part of the continuing story of Rick Grimes, and there is much more on the way, featuring yet-unseen worlds of The Walking Dead and faces from the show's past, as well as new characters we hope to become favorites, told by TWD veterans and emerging voices. We want to break new ground with different, distinct stories, all part of the same world that's captured our imagination for nearly a decade of the Dead." Gimple's plan also features "specials, series, digital content, and more," so basically, we're gonna get all the Walking Dead content we could possibly ever need, and we don't even have to say goodbye to Rick to get it. What a world we live in. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. (Eonline)

Carey Mulligan Is Protective of Her "Unlikeable" Character in 'Wildlife': "We Can't All Be Perfect". "I enjoy portraying someone who's just human but trying, and hopefully you still have empathy [for]," Mulligan told The Hollywood Reporter. When Carey Mulligan read the script for Paul Dano's directorial debut Wildlife, adapted from the 1990 novel by Richard Ford, she was drawn to her character Jeanette having a "freaky nostalgic moment," telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I think she's woken up in the body of a 34-year-old woman who has a son and a husband but can't quite figure out how she got there." Jake Gyllenhaal stars alongside Mulligan in the drama about a couple whose marriage falls apart in a small Montana town in the 1960s. Told through the eyes of their 14-year-old son (Ed Oxenbould), Jerry (Gyllenhaal) leaves home in search of a purpose while his wife Jeanette (Mulligan) finds comfort in another man. "She's being triggered by things that remind her of the past and remind her of all this opportunity that lay before her, before she met him, so this week is like, 'If I'm not a wife and I'm a failing mother, who am I?' And she can't figure it out so she's trying to answer that question," she explained. For the actress, while her character may be deemed "unsympathetic or unlikeable," she says, "I think she's just having a really rough week and people are so hard on women." "We're so tough on women and I think we have such crazy expectations of what is possible and what people can be capable and I think women are capable of extraordinary things but I think we're fallible and we make mistakes. I think we're just not used to seeing that reflected on screen because we are brought up with fairy tale princess stories." She continued: "We can't all be perfect all the time so I enjoyed portraying someone who's just human but trying, and hopefully you still have empathy [for]. I feel protective." (Hollywood Reporter)


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