Happy Cinco de Novembero!

Odell Beckham, Jr. turns 26 today. If you're looking for something he really wants, get him on another team.

Sam Rockwell hits the big 5-0 today. He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year for "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing."

Tatum O'Neal, the cute little girl from "Paper Moon" and "Little Darlings" turns the 55 today. She was also a regular in "Rescue Me." It's been a long life for the former childhood actress. I don't know why she just didn't go by her first name only, Tatum. How many Tatums do you know?

Singer Bryan Adams turns 59 today, on the same day that country singer Ryan Adams turns 44. That's not confusing. He's sounded 56 most of his singing career. That "Summer of '69" keeps getting farther and farther away.

Mike Score, the lead singer in Flock of Seagulls, turns 61 today. The group was really popular for a while... but fans didn't like what the band left on their windshields.

Basketball Hall of Famer and TV commentator Bill Walton turns 66 today. If I ever have the chance to meet him, I'm going to look him straight into the sternum and tell him what I think of him.

Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits turns 71 today.
Something tells me he's into something good...
Actually, with the time change, he's Peter 11am.
It must be tough having a career based on the memories of a generation who keeps losing them.

Art Garfunkel turns 77.
He was the half of Simon and Garfunkel who always checked to see if the light bulb socket was live.
In Simon and Garfunkel, he was "the other one."
Back in his day, he dealt with a different Simon. His career had an "American Idol" problem... it just wasn't as good without Simon.


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