The end of today, we'll be mid-way through November.

Britain's Prince Peter Mark Andrew Phillips turns 41. He's 13th in line for the throne, which is about as likely as me taking over for Kobe Bryant when he retired.

Jonny Lee Miller, who played Sherlock Holmes on TV's "Elementary," turns 46 today. Hard to believe he is among Angelina Jolie's ex's. Their marriage only lasted 18 months. He's a marathon runner, probably because he wanted to get as far away from her as possible.

Rap singer E-40 turns 51 today. His cousin is a famous Bingo player, B-13.

The former band leader of "The Tonight Show" when it was hosted by Jay Leno, Kevin Eubanks, turns 61. He left the show in 2010. Apparently, he saw the writing on the cue card.

Beverly D'Angelo turns 67 today, forever to be known as Mrs. Clark Griswald in the "Vacation" movies. Just about time to watch her and the rest of the Griswold family again.

Frida Lyngstad, one of the original members of Abba, celebrates her 73rd birthday today. Back in Abba's hey day, "Dancing Queen" had such a different meaning.

Wow, Petula Clark turns 86 today. She seemed so much younger in the 60's. Wait a minute...

Ed Asner turns 89 today. We really should tie a bunch of balloons to his house today. If you look up "crotchety" in the dictionary, Ed's picture is there.

C.W. McCall, who gave us the song "Convoy" turns the big 9-0 today. He hopes to live to be 10-4.


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