Thanksgiving is two weeks from Thursday. Black Friday, two weeks from Friday.

Emma Stone turns the big 3-0 today, which is 172 in actress years.

Lamar Odom celebrates his 39th birthday today. That's nothing short of a miracle. He had an NBA career going until he Kardashian'd.

Rebecca Romjin turns 46 today. In the X-Men movies, she warmed up the Mystique outfit until Jennifer Lawrence took over.
In the X-Men movies, she could take any shape she wanted. The original starting point worked for me.
Which is ironic, because we were just thinking of her in her birthday suit.
Fortunately, with her former X-men skills, for all of her auditions, she morphs into a 34-year-old.

Ethan Hawke is 48 and now living "Reality Bites." He's the first cousin twice removed of Tennessee Williams. Hawke's great grandfather and Williams' father were brothers.

Arnold's ex and member of the Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver turns 63 today.

Sally Field turns 72 today. You saw her as Mary Lincoln in the movie "Lincoln." Her career has ranged from "The Flying Nun" to "Spider-Man"'s mom, with Oscar-winning roles in-between.

Basketball Day -- The inventor of basketball, James Naismith, was born on this day in 1861.


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