Not Enough Fish in the Sea?

A divorcee seeking a wealthy boyfriend has won $17,000 in damages from an elite British dating agency called Seventy Thirty after it failed to introduce her to the man of her dreams. Tereza Burki sued for deceit and misrepresentation and the British high court agreed that the company had misled the businesswoman about its "exclusive" membership. The judge said the agency's then managing director, Lemarc Thomas, claimed there was a substantial number of wealthy male members actively engaged in its matchmaking services who were a sufficient match for Burki's desires. But in fact there were only about 100 active male members altogether - much less rich ones. Founder and company director Susie Ambrose said Burki had joined with the "lofty and unrealistic" expectations of how many men she would be introduced to through the agency. She added, "We are a niche, exclusive agency, not a mainstream, mass-market online dating service. We are not going to have thousands of members because there simply aren't thousands of single, wealthy, high-caliber prospects out there." (Guardian)

A Different Kind of Advent Calendar

A British company called Drinks by the Dram is offering a unique advent calendar featuring 24 rare varieties of whisky with a price tag of nearly 13,000. The company said, "Behind each door is a dram of exceptional drink -- from expressions worth over $24,000 a bottle to complex Japanese whiskies, and even a 60 year old Scotch!" The Calendar comes in a walnut or ebony finished box handmade by cabinet-maker Simon Jewell. If you just gotta have one, it can be purchased at several online stores, which offer international shipping. (UPI)

Guess What Made it Into the Toy Hall of Fame?

The Strong National Museum of Play has announced the Magic 8 Ball, card game Uno and pinball are this year's inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame. The field of finalists this year also included American Girl Dolls, chalk, Chutes and Ladders, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Masters of the Universe, sled, tic-tac-toe, Tickle Me Elmo, and Tudor Electric Football. Magic 8 Ball, introduced in 1946, features a fortune-telling experience with one of 20 answers to questions appearing at the bottom of the ball. According to some surveys, it's one of the top 20 most popular toys of the 20th-century," museum curator Michelle Parnett-Dwyer said. "Uno continues to be a top-selling game, and it owes its success to its variability of play, fast pacing, and its wide age appeal. When it comes to family friendly fun, it's hard to beat Uno," curator Nicolas Ricketts said. Pinball was developed in 1931, inspired by an 18th-century French table game called bagatelle. The game has added numerous features over the decades and has famously partnered with brands including Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Indiana Jones for custom games. (UPI)

Why Hang Out on HGTV When You Can Have it All?

Having another shiplap withdrawal episode? Good news! Chip and Joanna Gaines are coming back to TV - but on a new network - namely, their own! The former HGTV dynamo and parents of five will return to television. However they also signed a non-disclosure which means they can't really tell you more than that. Chip Gaines said, "We are excited to be back!" The Gaineses are in talks with Discovery, the parent company of HGTV, to launch their own network according to People. A rep from Magnolia, the couple's company, "the details surrounding this opportunity remain a work in progress, but together, our hope is to build a different kind of platform for unique, inspiring and family-friendly content." (Newser)

How is This Not on Video?

In an incident that somehow failed to become a viral video, an American Airlines flight attendant was dragged down the aisle by her scarf during a clash with another flight attendant, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court. In the lawsuit, Kathy Ida Wolfe claims Laura Powers "maliciously dug her fingernails" into her arm before slamming the door of a beverage cart on it. Wolfe adds that Powers then "grabbed my scarf, choking me, and dragged me in the aisle and in front of the passengers." Wolfe says she reported the June 2016 incident to the captain, fellow attendants, and a manager. She also reported the assault to authorities after the airline failed to take action. She accuses the airline and Powers of "negligence, dangerous work environment, breach of contract, and assault and battery" and is seeking $1 million in damages. Powers and the airline argue that they are not liable because Wolfe "caused or contributed to cause the harm for which recovery of damages is sought." According to the lawsuit, both women are still employed by American Airlines. (Newser)

Well, He's No Houdini

Pedro Volta is an escape artist who was attempting to pay tribute to Harry Houdini by escaping from a water-filled tank while wearing a straitjacket. But Volta's no Houdini and he actually started to drown after fainting inside the glass tank The startling scene was recorded by onlookers in Doctor Gereda Square as part of the third edition of the international festival of magic, near the Spanish capital, Madrid. In the video, Volta can be seen working to free himself from the straitjacket underwater as the crowd looks on. The escape artist then begins pushing the top of the sealed tank with his head as he tries to get out of the water but fails to grab a breath as the tank is sealed. Organizers look on as Volta struggles until his body stops moving and he is left floating motionless in the water. They then rush to open the top of the tank and lift Volta out of the water. Reportedly Volta lost consciousness after spending two minutes in the tank. Paramedics were called but Volta had already regained consciousness by the time they arrived Volta later told reporters he had had a problem with a buckle on the belt restraining his arm and had taken longer than usual. (Metro)

Guy Going to Jail for Faking Death to Get Out of Going to Jail

Up in Alaska, things aren't looking so good for 35-year-old Ryan Meganack. He had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman. So to avoid prison, he faked his own death. Federal prosecutors say the Coast Guard spent $384,261 searching for Meganack after his girlfriend, who was part of the scheme, reported him missing off Port Graham. Investigators determined he swamped his skiff, returned to Port Graham on another boat and hid out near his mother's home. He planned to flee Alaska when the search ended. The plan went awry when Meganack's girlfriend confessed to his grieving parents that Meganack was not dead. U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason ordered Meganack to serve 15 months in prison consecutive to his 15-year state sentence. (ABC News)

What the What?

As if the hell Paradise, California is going through isn't enough - there are also looters authorizes have to deal with. Not just any looters mind you, police have actually arrested a group of men who were trying to impersonate Forest Service personnel to gain access to the area/ Authorities said there have been 53 reports of suspected looting in the fire zone. Not really sure how you could go much lower. (KPIX)


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