The Most Insensitive Car Dealer on the Planet 

Well, if there is a contest for "Most Insensitive Car Dealer on the Planet," we have a winner. The award goes to Simi Valley Ford from Simi Valley, California which actually ran an advertisement that read: "Well, we didn't catch fire! But these deals are smoking hot! Take a look!" This of course ran on November 11, in the middle of the deadly California wildfires that have killed 44 people! The dealership sits between the Hill fire and the Woolsey Fire near Thousand Oaks. Of course the outrage has been swift and severe. The dealership has been slammed on Twitter as "disgusting" and "distasteful." Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, a spokesman for the dealership said: "Recently, we expressed ourselves in a way that does not reflect our values. We are sorry. Simi Valley is our home and, like all of us who live here, we will continue to assist during these difficult times." (Daily Mail)

See More Live Music

The older you get, the less appealing live concerts can be, what with late start times, the prospect of standing next to tall, sweaty people for several hours, and the crazy ticket prices. But a new study says it's worth it! Conducted by O2 and behavioral science expert Patrick Fagan, the study finds that folks who go to live concerts twice a month or more can increase their lifespan by up to nine years. The logic here is that live music increases feelings of self-worth, closeness to others, and, especially, mental stimulation, all of which contribute to one's sense of well-being. According to the study, there's a "positive correlation between regularity of gig attendance and well-being," and "additional scholarly research directly links high levels of wellbeing with a lifespan increase of nine years." So, see more live music.

Irish UFOs!

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating after multiple pilots spotted UFOs traveling faster than the speed of sound over Ireland on Friday. Shortly before 7am local time, a British Airways pilot contacted air traffic controllers at Shannon Airport on Ireland's west coast to ask about possible military exercises. The pilot described a "very bright light" that came along the left side of the aircraft "then rapidly veered to the north" and "disappeared at very high speed." She wasn't the only one to notice, though an air traffic controller confirmed there were no visible objects on radar. A Virgin Airlines pilot flying from Orlando, Fla., to Manchester also reported seeing two "very bright" lights "following the same sort of trajectory." He first suggested they might be from a meteor before noting they "seemed to bank over to the right and climb away at speed." "Glad I'm not the only one," a third pilot noted. One described the objects' speed as "astronomical, it was like Mach 2," or twice the speed of sound. The Irish Aviation Authority says it's looking into the incident "under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process." (BBC)

Miracles Do Happen

A California man's unexpected recovery has left doctor's scratching their heads. Paul Wood, of Lodi, California, was scheduled surgery to have a presumed brain tumor removed. But a final head CT exam the day before surgery showed that the mass in his brain had miraculously disappeared. Wood began complaining of excruciating headaches and dizziness several months ago. A neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco told him that he had a brain bleeding, while a radiologist told him that his CAT scans showed a brain tumor. Both required risky brain surgery. Doctors couldn't, and still cannot explain what happened, but Wood is convinced that it's nothing short of a miracle from God. Wood's pastor, Jason McEachron at Gravity Church, later said, "He just kept saying, ‘no matter what happens to me, I'm going to be okay. I trust God.' And that was an inspiration for a lot of people around him." (FOX News)

How Much Do You Love Pizza?

Next time you're in Dublin, Ireland, be sure to swing by Pinhead's Pizza, one of the more popular pizza places in the city. While you're there you could earn 500 euros (about $565) and all you have to is finish one of their 32-inch pizzas and down two milkshakes in under 32 minutes! When owner Anthony Kelly put the 32-inch pie on the menu of his restaurant in 2015, it didn't really have a name and was simply called "Ireland's largest pizza." Since then, he settled on a proper name for it - The Notorious Pizza - a fitting one considering that no one has been able to finish one, although many have tried. He has become so confident that his challenge is unbeatable, he's now offering a 500 euros prize to anyone who can do it. Kelly says that over 100 people have tried The Notorious Pizza challenge, but all have failed miserably. For some perspective, just one slice stretches from your elbow to the end of your fingers. (Oddity Central)

That Time You Woke Up... at Your Own Funeral

In rural Rajasthan, India, 95-year-old Budh Ram just woke up from a nap and found he was in the middle of his own funeral! He stunned his family by sitting up during his pre-funeral bath after a doctor had pronounced him dead. Mr. Ram fainted on Saturday afternoon, after complaining of chest pain. When his family found him, they called a private doctor who declared him dead. The man's family then notified his relatives and contacted a priest to perform his last rites. The men of the family shaved their heads as per tradition, and prepared to give Budh's body a customary last bath. But when they started pouring cold water over him, he sat right up! Some are calling it a miracle but it's more likely just a really, really bad doctor. (Oddity Cental)

What the What?

Melissa Misthal was driving her 2004 Toyota RAV4 on Route 9 in New Jersey when she struck a deer which smashed through her windshield and landed in the back seat of the vehicle! She tried to avoid the animal, but struck it "while it was airborne." Police say, "The force of the impact propelled the deer into the passenger compartment collapsing the front windshield and roof of the vehicle." Officers also praised Misthal for having "the composure of bringing her vehicle to a safe stop in the shoulder of the roadway." The 36-year-old woman was treated for minor injuries after the incident. Photos from the scene showed the windshield completely smashed with the roof partially torn off. The buck's deceased body was seen in the backseat. (Fox News)


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