Apparently There's No Politics on Main Street USA

Apparently political signs and banners are persona non grata on Main Street USA... in Disney World. New Yorker Dion Cini, 49, had his annual pass suspended earlier this year after he unfurled a huge pro-President Trump banner on Main Street in the theme park. He was eventually let back in the park but is now permanently banned after riding down Splash Mountain with a "Trump 2020" sign then bringing a "Keep America Great" sign on Expedition Everest. Disney says it's not a Trump thing. They ban all unauthorized "demonstrations or speeches, or the usage of any flag, banner, or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd." Cini insists he wasn't breaking the rules and definitely wasn't inciting a crowd. He added, "I wanted to actually abide by their rules ... but I kind of wanted to test them. I just really wanted to find out whether or not it had to do with unfurling a flag, or what was written on the flag." He claims Disney "never mentioned the fact that there was some kind of safety issue on the ride. That I was holding up a sign and I shouldn't be doing that." In a Facebook post he wrote: "They hate my signs, or the President? Maybe both?" A Disney spokesperson says Cini was banned not because of politics, but because "demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises," and he had previously been reminded of the rules. Cini says he plans to fight the ban in court-and to unfurl a 50-foot Trump banner elsewhere in the country soon. (WFTV)

The Demonic Power of Yoga

Pastor John Lindell leads a congregation almost 11,000 strong at the James River megachurch in the Ozarks. And apparently he's got a thing against yoga. He told his parishioners that yoga positions were "created with demonic intent to open you up to demonic power because Hinduism is demonic." He also spoke out against fortune-telling and paganism. According to Lindell, America has moved on to a "post-Christian culture" where the country has lost its ability to spot obvious evils like yoga. Lindell also went on his anti-yoga diatribe on Twitter. On the upside, Lindell assured his flock they'd be okay if they quit practicing yoga immediately but added, "I can't say the same if you keep doing it." (New York Daily News)

Tulsa Really Wants You to Move There!

Go West, young entrepreneur. Go to Tulsa, Oklahoma - which is currently offering remote workers $10,000 to move there! The city is joining the ranks of other locations in the U.S., including Vermont and Maine, offering incentives to workers for relocating. Tulsa claims it is "the ideal city" for remote workers due to its array of museums, low cost of living, and food and drink scene. The fine print: you have to stay in Tulsa for a full year to get all the loot. Each $10,000 grant comes in the form of $2,500 to be put towards relocation expenses, a 500 per month stipend, and $1,500 at the end of a 12-month program. The grant, which is offered in partnership with the City of Tulsa and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, also includes a free membership to 36 Degrees North, a co-working space in the city. The folks behind the program are hoping remote workers will choose to stay beyond that 12-month finish line. Meanwhile, the number of people quitting their jobs for flexible work doubled from 2014 to 2017 and the number of remote jobs rose 115% between 2005 and 2018, according to FlexJobs, a job-search site for remote work. Remote workers are shown to be more productive than non-remote workers: A 2017 study of 24,000 workers from the video and voice collaboration technology company Polycom Inc. found that 98% of people said the ability to work anywhere has a positive impact on productivity. (MSN)

Mother of Satan Bomb Materials Found at House in Florida!

The chemical is called triacetone triperoxide or TATP - a bomb making material that is so volatile and dangerous that the members of al-Qaida dubbed it "The Mother of Satan!" And police found a bunch of it at the home of 37-year-old Jared Coburn in Lake Helen, Florida. Colburn told officers he was using the TATP to make his own fireworks. Sheriff Mike Chitwood said investigators believe Coburn made the chemical because it is easily manufactured using products for home use such as nail polish. The tipster who led police to the home also told them that a manufactured bomb was under a bed. When police found the initial devices they withdrew from the home. The bomb squad found additional explosives so delicate they will not be moved to the Sheriff's Office's disposal field. Instead they'll be detonated underground in a nearby field. A terrorist task force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other law enforcement officials were on scene, authorities said. Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration has posted a temporary no-fly zone in the area. Chitwood said the chemical TATP is favored by terrorists who have carried out bombings in Manchester, England; Spain; and other places in Europe. Authorities did not release much personal information about Coburn but did say that he works as a parachute packer. (News Journal)

Mississippi Stupid!

In Gulfport, Mississippi, 28-year-old Keith Cavalier was arrested after driving his pickup truck into the Harrison County Courthouse and then telling officers he did it on purpose because it was the best way to let them know his drug paraphernalia had been stolen. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Cavalier has been charged with driving under the influence and malicious mischief because of damage to the building. He'll be chilling out in the county jail for a while and of course any county jail in Mississippi is always a fun place to be! (NBC News)

Get a DUI in Jersey? You May Be Off the Hook!

In New Jersey, some 20,607 people accused of driving drunk may have their cases tossed because Sgt. Marc Dennis didn't do his job. He allegedly failed to perform a temperature check while calibrating the machines used to check blood-alcohol levels. It's a big deal and means that test results from five of New Jersey's 21 counties-Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, and Union-are inadmissible as evidence. A criminal case against Dennis, who denies wrongdoing, is still pending. It's not clear how many convictions will actually be vacated-some defendants will have been found not guilty, while others could have been convicted on other evidence. State authorities told the top court that the step Dennis allegedly skipped is only required in New Jersey. The judges ordered the state to notify people who could seek to have DWI convictions vacated because of the ruling, though lawyer Matthew W. Reisig predicts a "hornets' nest" lies ahead in the courts. (

What the What?

Talk about your idiots. In St. Augustine, Florida, 23-year-old Brandon Keith Hatfield navigated through several barriers at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, then jumped into a pool with a trio of 12-foot crocodiles. Yep, he got bit, escaped from the pool, then was arrested after being spotted at dawn crawling in his underwear across an area resident's lawn. Hatfield suffered a bite to his leg and foot, according to a statement from the St. Augustine Police Department officials, who reviewed surveillance video from the animal farm. Ironically, Alligator Farm staff, they were prompted to check the surveillance tapes after finding a "Croc"-style shoe in the crocodile pit and damage to the property. Then a resident called 911 to report a man crawling in just boxers shorts on the lawn outside. Police responded and took Hatfield into custody. Hatfield, who remains hospitalized, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and violation of probation. Officials said he will be transported to the St. John's County jail after he is released. (ABC News)


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