You may not know it, but your favorite ice cream flavor speaks gallons about your personality:

While this may seem a blah flavor, don't be fooled. Vanilla lovers are fearless and confident. You're not foolhardy you support your plans with solid research. You're willing to risk it all once you have an idea that makes you feel safe and secure.

You're always looking for a thrill a new experience to get your adrenaline pumping. You're a catalyst for spontaneous adventures and others follow your lead. You also handle stress with a mature sophistication that loved ones find comforting.

You're wonderfully generous with your time and talents and never refuse a request for help from family and friends. You've earned the respect of your community, too, by working hard to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

Chocolate Chip
No one can tell you not to fight City Hall. You're eager to debate when you believe an injustice has been committed. You have definite opinions, and loved ones turn to you when they need a champion to defend their rights.

Butter Pecan
You strive for perfection, whether at work or at home. Your precision of thought and deed make you a valuable team member. You also have a sensitive side that nurtures others a compelling combination that makes you beloved.

You're the mellowest of creatures, facing life with a smile and a positive outlook. You're happy, outgoing approach makes you the most popular person in your crowd. Even when adversity strikes, you never lose faith in your ability to win.

Rocky Road
You have as many sides to your personality as this flavor has ingredients. Those charming contradictions attract others to your side. You enjoy solitude, but you can be sociable. You have a knack for ingenious solutions to difficult problems.


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