Whether it's just an area for paying bills or the center of a home business, your work area speaks volumes about who you really are. "The items on your desk or dining room table are a dead giveaway to your personality," says Chicago psychologist Miriam Fox. "Every object tells a story about you."

The collectibles you've gathered reveal the loving relationships in your life. Your keepsakes make you seem more approachable, and people naturally turn to you for advice and comfort. You are a compassionate person who can be a loyal confidante without passing judgment or jumping to conclusions.

Everything is tucked away in its place and you are focused on the task at hand. The clean surface also indicates you're a person with traditional values with enduring beliefs. But if the uncluttered top hides messy desk drawers, it proves you appreciate order even when you're unable to maintain it.

Your green thumb denotes you're a person who gets the job done no matter what. You're conscientious and committed to your home, job and community. You're willing to give the time and effort it takes to be at the top of your game at work as well as giving your family the love and attention they deserve.

A conglomeration of books, papers and notes strewn across your desk doesn't mean you're disorderly it's a sure sign that you're open to new ideas and flexible enough to change direction. Your clever mind enjoys solving problems but is easily bored, so you're always ready for a compelling challenge.

Keeping a gang of pictures especially of family on your desk is a sure sign of your warm, generous nature. You're quite successful in both your career and your relationships. A go getter who knows what you want from life, you're confidence in the face of adversity makes you a winner.


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