You've Got An Ugly Face...Book

Don't criticize other people on Facebook. Why? It could come back to haunt you the next time you're looking for a job. When it comes to personality, two of the traits employers most value are those who are agreeable (that is, friendly and compassionate) and conscientious (that is, efficient and organized). People who test high for being agreeable and conscientious are the least likely to insult others on Facebook. So if you write "My roommate is a jerk" on your wall, prospective employers will look at that and deduce that you are not agreeable or conscientious. And your resume could end up in the trash can. That's the conclusion from researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, who concluded that keeping things classy on your Facebook page is a signal to others, including hiring managers, that you are disciplined, courteous and flexible--all excellent qualities for an employee. Men's Health has assembled a list of Facebook rules. Follow these and you won't jeopardize a future job search:
  1. Project yourself in a manner so others want to be associated with you.
  2. Don't post anything that will hurt a friend's image, career or relationship.
  3. Use the Facebook privacy settings to control others' access to your page.
  4. Apply offline social rules to your Facebook interactions.
  5. Always present yourself positively, but honestly, on Facebook.


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