A Men's Health online poll asked women: "Which New Year's resolution do you wish your man would make?"

31% said "he's fine as he is"
25% said "improve in bed"
23% said "drop some weight"
12% said "earn a promotion"
9% said "upgrade his clothes"

Redbook asked readers what their "usual" New Year's resolution is:

47% said "lose weight"
27% said "manage money better"
17% said "other"
7% said "have more time for your family"
2% said "volunteer"

Men's Health magazine reports men's plans for the new year:

71% say they want to have better sexual endurance.
80% say they want to take her to the peak every time.
22% say they plan to pop the question this year.
82% say bigger arms are a priority.
70% say they want to find more time to work out.
18% say beating the blues is a top goal.
21% say quitting smoking is a top goal.
60% say they want to stop skipping breakfast.
58% want to conquer their food cravings.
65% say they're eager to get over their fears.
75% of dads say they want to be a better father.
87% say they want to make more money.
76% say they want to take better vacations.
23% say they want to learn to play the piano.


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