It's hard (rock) to believe, but Edgar Winter turns 72 today. He's most famous for his song, "Frankenstein." Not many people know, but I wrote the words for that song.

National Chocolate Candy Day -- Psychologist Dorothy Maples, of Detroit, says your personality is revealed by your choice of chocolate.

Chocolate-Covered Nuts

You're the mainstay of your family, always there to support your loved ones. And they know that you can be depended on to solve most any problem.

Caramel Center

You're the Peter Pan in your circle of loved ones -- beneath your adult shell beats the heart of a youngster. Your genuine enjoyment of everything life has to offer is contagious.


You take pride in an old-fashioned lifestyle that's a mirror of your parents values. Both pals and relatives gravitate to your home -- the warmth and laughter found there are irresistible.

Dipped Fruit

Some may see you as kooky, but you know the truth is that you're a genuine original. You swim against the tide of trendy thought, and others appreciate your creative views.


You believe you and yours deserve only the best, and you work hard to provide for your family. Your generosity of spirit isn't limited to your loved ones. You're also a champion of volunteerism in your community.


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