(Cosmopolitan) Bet you never realized that your toes are their own personality test here's the deal with your particular sitch (situation):

Egyptian Foot

A descending toe pattern might indicate that you are descended from royalty or that, in general, you covet all the nice things. You may love being pampered and splurging for mini luxuries like mani-pedis.

Greek Foot

Constantly dishing out inspo (quoting inspiration or motivational sayings)? People with a long second toe are allegedly ultra creative and maybe a tad impulsive. If this digit is narrower at the bottom and wider at the top, you might be very expressive, with some drama queen like tendencies.

Germanic Foot

If your big toe rules over four others of equal length, chances are, you're hardworking and recognized by others as being responsible and diligent.

Roman Foot

Those whose first, second, and third toes are all roughly the same length tend to dominate in sports. You radiate a well-balanced, athletic vibe and likely go for intense workouts or frequent marathon training.

Small Pinkie Toe

A tiny one that tends to flail away from the other four could mean you're comfortable separating from the crowd. Your rebel tendencies and self-sufficient attitude may project an "I'm independent" energy that allows you to set off on adventures sans fear.


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