Santa Claus Police

In Roeland, Kansas, a pair of police officers are being praised for not arresting a shoplifter even though he was caught red-handed trying to steal a pair of work boots from a local Walmart. The shoplifter was later described as "a displaced juvenile within the State of Kansas Justice system" who admitted to stealing the boots and said that he needed them so he could get a job. After hearing his story, Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp felt it would be better to help the young man and decided that rather than arrest him, they'd buy him the pair of boots. When they presented him with the boots they offered him "some words of encouragement to find a job, finish school, and stay out of trouble." As the supervisor of the group home arrived to pick the young man up, the would-be thief had tears in his eyes and thanked the officers for all they did for him After Police Chief John Morris heard the story from his officers, he said he was moved to tears. (Newser)

Nobody Should Work Here... Ever!

For anyone who has ever fantasized about telling your boss to "take this job and shove it," 17-year-old Jackson Racicot of Alberta, Canada just lived out your fantasy. Jackson had worked at his local Walmart for about a year and a half-until last Thursday, when he shot cell phone video of himself turning on the store's intercom system and saying, "Attention all shoppers, associates, and management, I would like to say, to all of you today, that nobody should work here-ever!" His one-minute rant that he posted to his Facebook page ends with a series of F-bombs directed at management, his job, and Walmart. Apparently the message resonated, because cheers greeted the end of his in-store address and the post has more than half a million views. In a statement, Walmart stated: "We are aware of the video circulating online and are disappointed by this incident. Respect for all individuals including our associates and customers is a core value at Walmart. We are looking into this matter and will address it internally as required." (Edmonton Journal)

No Rap in Russia?

Alarmed by the growing popularity of rap among Russian youth, President Vladimir Putin wants cultural leaders to devise a means of controlling, rather than banning, rap music. Putin says "If it is impossible to stop, then we must lead it and direct it." But Putin said at a St. Petersburg meeting with cultural advisers Saturday that attempts to ban artists from performing will have an adverse effect and bolster their popularity. Putin noted that "rap is based on three pillars: sex, drugs, and protest." But he is particularly concerned with drug themes prevalent in rap, saying "this is a path to the degradation of the nation." He said "drug propaganda" is worse than cursing. Last month, a rapper known as Husky, whose videos have garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube, was arrested after he staged an impromptu performance when his show was shut down in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar. On Nov. 30, rapper Gone.Fludd announced two concert cancellations, citing pressure from "every police agency you can imagine," while the popular hip hop artist Allj cancelled his show in the Arctic city of Yakutsk after receiving threats of violence. (Newser)

Turns Out a Beauty Pageant Winner Can Be Catty! Who Knew?

Miss USA has apologized for her insensitivity after traveling to Thailand for the Miss Universe pageant and mocking other contestants who didn't speak English perfectly. The Diet Prada Instagram account shared a video of Sarah Rose Summers discussing Miss Cambodia with two other contestants, saying: "Could you imagine? Miss Cambodia is here and doesn't speak any English, and not a single other person speaks her language." The 24-year-old also mocked Miss Vietnam, saying: "She's so cute and she pretends to know so much English" and mimicking her nodding in agreement after a conversation in English. The backlash has been severe and critics described Summers' "patronizing condescension" as racism. Summers apologized in an Instagram post of her own - well, sort of. She wrote: "In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realize can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologize." She described the pageant as "an opportunity for women from around the world to learn about each other's cultures, life experiences, and views" and said she had spoken directly to Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam. (Huffington Post)

Chestnuts Roasting Over a KFC Yule Log Fire

Ah, nothing says Christmas like stocking hung by the chimney with care, mistletoe and holly, and of course a fried chicken-scented log crackling on the hearth! That last one is a new addition for 2018. Our friends at KFC are debuting an Enviro-Log that it says smells like... well, Kentucky Fried Chicken - complete with 11 secret herbs and spices! A KFC rep says, "This winter we're bringing all the things we love-family, friends and fried chicken-together around the fire with our scented fire log." The logs will cost you $18.99 each and are available now. FYI - it's not the first time KFC has tried adding their fried chicken scents to things that are decidedly not fried chicken. In 2016, the company produced "extra crispy sunscreen." (FOX News)

And We Care About the Most Searched Porn Site Term Why?

Because we know you're dying to know the most searched term for women on online pornography sites in 2018 - what you don't? Well, we've already started so here we go. According to the sites Pornhub and YouPorn, two of the most-visited sites in the world - the answer is "lesbian." The sites, which combined have approximately 40 billion yearly visits, recently released their annual reports detailing users' viewing and search habits. They found that while "lesbian" was the top search term among women on both, among men the term was the sixth most popular on Pornhub and the 10th on YouPorn. The search term "trans" saw significant gains in 2018 with a 167 percent increase over last year. Pornhub, which boasts an average of 92 million daily viewers, included a number of additional pieces of data: Stormy Daniels was the most searched porn actress; Sunday is its highest-traffic day of the week; the Philippines has the highest portion of female visitors worldwide (38 percent); and more people voted for Pornhub videos in 2018 than voted in the last presidential election. (NBC News)

She Don't Like, She Don't Like She Don't Like... 

Down in New Orleans, 45-year-old Sean Harrington made some bad decisions. He faces misdemeanor charges after New Orleans police say he painted the word "cocaine" with white spray paint in several locations on Bourbon Street, all while wearing a shirt and a hat also emblazoned with the word "cocaine." Crime cameras caught him in the act. He sprayed the word "cocaine" on several buildings including on the doors of a historic building in the 400 block of Bourbon, according to a warrant for his arrest. About 2:20 a.m. in the morning officers on patrol spotted Harrington wearing a shirt with the word "cocaine" spray painted on it. He was also wearing a hat with stickers on it that read "cocaine," the warrant states. His bond was set at $500 and the court appointed the Orleans Public Defender's Office to represent him while he remained incarcerated. (


In New York City, Nino Mbatha, a self-proclaimed cannibal, walked into a police station and confessed he was fed up with eating human flesh and then pulled a woman's severed hand and leg from a pink school bag. Mbatha and his sidekick, Lungisani Magubane, both 32, were found guilty of murdering 24-year-old mum Zanele Hlatshwayo in Estcourt, South Africa. Both were said to have eaten parts of Hlatshwayo's body. Judge Peter Olson jailed Mbatha and Magubane for life after declaring that an impact statement by Hlatshwayo's mom was one of the "most meaningful" he had ever come across." Well, they won't have to eat human flesh again in prison. (New York Post)

What the What?

Could you give up your smartphone for a year? What if I paid you $100,000 to do it? Vitaminwater recently launched a contest offering just that. You give up your smartphones and tablets for a full 365 days without using a smartphone. That means giving up your own phone and tablet as well as agreeing not to use anyone else's handhelds either. The selected person will have to sign a contract committing to no smartphone usage for the duration of the contest, and if they are found to have adhered to the strict rule for the duration of the contract, they will be rewarded with $100,000. Sounds easy enough, but first you have to convince the company that you're the right person for the job. To enter you post a photo to Twitter or Instagram telling Vitamin Water why you need a break from your smartphone, and use the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest. Submitted entries will be judged based on creativity, brand relevance, humor and quality. You have until January 8 to enter the contest, and the company will announce the selected participant on January 22. (Oddity Central)


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