Here's what your cell phone's splash screen says about you:

Cuddly Animal
You're a real softie with wells of compassion for the troubles of family, friends even perfect strangers. You inspire others with your upbeat philosophy of life.

You're a hard worker who uses the peaceful pic on your phone to decompress during stressful times. Taking time out also helps you move forward with calm deliberation.

You're a person who can juggle several balls at the same time to complete all the tasks in your busy life. But you enjoy escaping back to your happy childhood for a moment.

Religious Symbol
Angels, saints or other spiritual figures are a sign of the faith that's with you at all times. You know a higher power is at work in your life, inspiring your personal values.

Abstract Shapes
You're a creative person who thrives on solving problems with imaginative solutions. Your enthusiasm for life makes you open to new people, projects and ideas.

City Skyline
You're an adventurous soul who's motivated by the excitement and opportunities available in metropolitan areas. You have the courage it takes to fulfill your wildest dreams.


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