Here are the facts on fatherhood, from firstborn to the college years, from Men's Health:

50% of the average guys will become a dad
10% of the average guys faint during the delivery
10% of the average guys preserve the miracle on video
Tuesday is the day most "storks" and newborns arrive
5% of average guys would have a daughter if they could choose the gender of their child
10% of men say they aren't comfortable handling a baby
10% of men experience postpartum depression
25% of dads don't take paternity leave
143,000 men take permanent leave to become a stay-at-home dad
5.6 million women are stay-at-home moms
One reason more moms than dads take on the stay-at-home task is the average baby is breast-fed
The average guy is "happy that his wife and child share the bond of breast feeding"
2 children is the number of children the average guy has
10% of men spawn more than 4 children
20% of men would instill healthier eating habits in their kids than they had growing up
42% of average guys spend less than 2 hours a day with their kids
25% of men consider their father's parenting skills as "below average;" the major reason is he didn't show enough love
The average father's top parenting fear: His kid will run with a bad crowd
The average father's biggest parenting problem is not enough money
22% of men think kids should reimburse their parents for raising them
25% of men believe having a child will help keep their marriage from turning sour
90% of current fathers would still want kids if they had to do it over


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