Seriously? December 20th?

Jonah Hill turns 35 today. Remember all that weight he lost? He did it with a trainer and a nutritionist, and changing his diet to mostly eating sushi. Jonah Hill is 34 today. He dropped his weight by getting a trainer, hiring a nutritionist and eating mostly sushi. Thus, the nickname, "fish breath." He actually got his name before he lost all that weight while laying down on a beach one day.

Anita Ward celebrates her 61st birthday. She had one big hit, "Ring My Bell" and of course, is known as the singer of "Ring My Bell."
Aw, for the days of disco and repetitive lyrics.
Remember everytime "Ring My Bell" is played, an angel gets its wings.
Have a shot every time she sings "Ring My Bell" and you'll never hear the end of the song.

Illusionist Uri Geller turns 72 today.
He first became famous for bending spoons, using only his mind. Then, as he got older he realized, "Hey! I could just use my hands!"
He's a mentalist who can bend spoons and make clocks run backwards just by using his mind. Of course, try to eat soup or figure out the right time whenever you're over at his house.
He became famous by bending spoons and stopping watches, which explains why no one invites him to formal dinner parties anymore.

Peter Criss, co-founder, original drummer, and occasional vocalist of KISS, turns 73 and he's still wearing makeup.


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