It was on this date back in 1620 that Samuel Fuller became the first doctor to arrive in America. Shortly afterwards, our county also opened it's first golf course.

On this date in 1699, Peter the Great orders the Russian New Year to be changed from September 1 to January 1. It really messed up the bowl games that year.
He changed it so that he could have more time for his Christmas shopping.
Obviously, with ideas like that, it's no wonder he got the nickname "Great."
Mostly because it seemed silly to have the bowl games at the beginning of the football season.
Obviously, it was well-received, or he would have known as "Peter the What The Heck Were You Thinking?"

The first cotton mill opened in the U.S. on this date in 1790. Everything was fine until the first rain, when the building became all mushy. So the next time, they made it out of wood... instead of cotton.

On this date in 1820, the state of Missouri imposed a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men between the ages of 21 and 50.
If you were 51, you got to keep your dollar.
Some preferred to pay that penalty over marriage.
Those opposed to the law formed their own political group, "the Bachelor Party." I've attended several of their meetings.

In 1842, the very first built-in bath tub was installed in a Cincinnati home. The neighbors were so delighted they threw a shower for them.

Harvey Firestone was born on this date in 1868. There was one guy who never had to worry about re-tiring.

On this date in 1879, Thomas Edison demonstrated his invention, the light bulb with a private showing of his incandescent light.
Great -- Tupperware, candles and now light bulb parties.
It started a barrage of "Watts up?" jokes.
The homeowners finally said, "Hey, it's 3am! Can you turn that thing off? We're trying to sleep here!"

On this date in 1922, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formed. Of course, these days, all those countries are (pretending to be) separate from Russia.

In 1945, the United States ended tire rationing. Yes, 1945 was a good year for Goodyear.


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