"The Top Male Dog Name for 2018 is Max!"
Truth! Followed by Charlie and Cooper. The top female dog names are Bella, Lucy and Luna.

"Stormy Daniels Going On A Book Tour!"
Trash! What is there to tell us that we don't already know... or want to know.

"Lance Armstrong Made Millions Investing in Uber!"
Truth! About ten years ago Armstrong invested $100,000 in the then budding young company. It paid off with a number "too good to be true," though he's keeping quiet on the exact figure.

"Mary Poppins Lands on Mars While NASA Records Sound of Wind!"
Trash! She's missed her target before, but never THAT much

"Woman Gives Birth From Transplanted Uterus!"
Truth! It's the first time in history. The 32-year-old woman and baby are doing fine. She received the uterus transplant in September 2016. The procedure took 10 hours, and the uterus was out of the donor's body for around seven hours.

"300 Pound Woman Kills Boyfriend By Sitting On Him!"
Truth! In Eerie, Pennsylvania, 44-year-old Windi Thomas has pleaded guilty to sitting on his chest and crushing him to death after an argument. The recommended sentence is 18-36 years in prison.

"NASA Astronauts Say That Stephen Curry Never Really Happened!"
Trash! But that's funny.

"3rd Season of Stranger Things To Be Set At The White House!"
Trash! Think about it. How could it get any stranger?


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