• 32% of men use hairspray because they believe it improves their appearance.
  • It takes the average person 8 seconds to answer the phone.
  • According to a survey from Men's Health, it may be surprising, but only 4% of guys across the world own a reptile.
  • A study shows that compared to their mothers, women today have much bigger engagement rings.
  • The average person only washes their hands three times a day.
  • The seven-letter English word "rotator" can be read forward and backward.
  • According to Forbes, one third of McDonald's profits come from the sale of a Happy Meal.
  • A study found that, a man and a woman who aren't getting along stare at each other in the eyes often to gauge each other's reactions.
  • 90% of people snacked during the Super Bowl. Salsa is the most popular dip, what dip is after salsa? French onion dip.


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