Just one missed blouse button and your "girls" can suddenly go from classy to trashy. Here's how and when to give your cleavage its stage time with these six rules for best breast etiquette.

Acknowledge the obvious
Sex sells. And like it or not, breasts get beer sold and burgers bought. It's not such a stretch to realize your ta-tas are more likely to get checked out than, say, your knees or collarbones.

Sometimes less is more
In some industries, it's appropriate-in fact, required-to play up your cleavage: entertainment, fashion, Hooters, to name a few. Unless your career success rests on your chest, though, it's probably wiser to rely on your other assets at the office.

Sometimes more brings more
All bets are off when the sun goes down. Feel free to flaunt your curves and play up cleavage for a night on the town. This is the time to pair a push-up bra with a plunging neckline or, if you're small-chested and daring, go with a sexy backless number and skip the bra.

Be age-appropriate
The scientific reality? Gravity will eventually win in the quest for perky breasts. And since you can't fight physics without a boob job-or a lot of duct tape-those not willing to go under the knife should aim for a look that complements a natural, mature bust line. Wear a well-fitting bra, but skip boosters to avoid an unnaturally high, crikled cleavage.

Always flatter your rack
Regardless of size, your success at putting your best breasts forward is ultimately determined by your clothing.

Be adaptable
Expect and accept that during your life, your cleavage and breasts will change-a lot. Age, weight, pregnancy, PMS and gravity all make a great case for continuously reevaluating how the rules apply to your boobs.


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