National Flirting Week -- February 3-10. The first full week in February. So, guys when are women really flirting?
  • She's starts flipping her hair, playing with her clothes or jewelry.
  • If she laughs she thinks you're cute of funny, (guffaws mean she wants to split.)
  • If she moves her body a lot, she's trying to get your attention.
And a few more...
  • When girls don't run as fast as they can
  • When they don't scream really loud
  • When they linger even after the recess bell has rung
  • When they blow kisses out the back window of the bus
  • When they're willing to make out through a chain link fence
Here are "ways to flirt" from Self magazine:
  • Start with a type one glance. It's a generalized introduction to your environment. You simply "scope out" the room until you see someone you like.
  • Now that you've found him focus on him with a bout of type tow or "short, darting" glances in his general direction. Gradually work some smiles in.
  • If you're talking with a friend, stay animated. Primp a little. Touch your clothes even if they don't adjusting. Toss your head back, run your fingers through your hair and do some hair flips!
  • If he still doesn't approach, "parade" past him on the way to the restroom or jukebox. On your way back to your chair; throw him a glance.
  • Back at your seat, give him more direct stares. If there's music, move your body to the beat. If that doesn't get him, he's probably married; Try another guy.


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