• Almost half of all parents agree that school lunches is their least favorite thing about their child's school. (B.S., their least favorite thing is fundraisers.)
  • A stampeding American bison can run up to 32 mph. (Yes)
  • The fastest knockout in boxing history was 105 seconds. (Yes, 1946, a welterweight, Aurele "Al" Couture, knocked Ralph Walton out in just 105 seconds)
  • Four of the original Allman Brothers Band were actually brothers. (B.S. - only two were)
  • Grenades actually got their name from the fruit pomegranate! (Yes, because the first grenades resembled pomegranates in shape and size)
  • Betty Boop was the first animated cartoon. (B.S., it was Gertie the Dinosaur in 1914 by Winsor McCay)
  • Four out of five vanilla beans used to make ice cream are grown in Bolivia. (B.S., they are grown in Madagascar)
  • The icon for the Izod clothing brand is an alligator. (B.S., it's a crocodile)
  • First released as a single in 1993, the Macarena became an international dance sensation three years later after originating in Mexico. (B.S., it originated in Spain)
  • There is usually an average of 188 people at a Bar Mitzvah. (B.S., there's an average of 188 people at a wedding)
  • Almost 20 percent of adults say a Nun was the first person they feared in their lives. (Yes)
  • 1/3 of office workers say this is the only thing they like about going to work is the coffee. (B.S., it's the office gossip)
  • A survey asked people what could make them leave their spouse, and 30% of people said an old fling. (Yes)
  • A survey asked men to name the oldest thing they have, and a "wallet" was the #1 answer. (B.S., the #1 answer was baseball gloves)
  • According to a survey, Americans believe the occupation of Nursing has the most honest people. (Yes)
  • 53% of women have never tasted beer. (B.S., they've never tasted champagne)
  • 40 percent of women in America, can say they were once a girl scout. (Yes)
  • Statistics show that 10% of car accidents are caused by arguments in the car. (Yes)
  • One in five women say that a man has asked them to pay for gas on a date. (Yes)


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