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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thunderbirds: Refueling

USAFADS Thunderbirds refueling with the 79th Air Refueling Squadron from Travis Air Force Base.

The Joint Civilian Orientation Course 2018

The Joint Civilian Orientation Course (JCOC) is the oldest and most prestigious public liaison program in the Department of Defense, and is the only outreach program sponsored by the Secretary of Defense. The mission of JCOC is to increase public understanding of national defense by enabling American business and community leaders to directly observe and engage with the U.S. military. Participants are guests of the Secretary of Defense and attend briefings by senior military and civilian officials at the Pentagon. They also gain firsthand experiences through operations and interactions with troops and military leaders stationed throughout the United States. The program currently runs once a year and is managed by the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).

Garlin Conner: 'Called artillery on his own position'

First Lt. Garlin M. Conner was a Kentucky farmer and World War II veteran that held a war record so compelling that it rivals the accolades of the more famous veteran Audie Murphy. He'll posthumously receive the Medal of Honor June 26, 2018.


(Cosmopolitan) These little clues hint that your date's more than a charmer with all the right moves he's also a quality guy at heart.

He notices your moods
Instead of avoiding you or acting attention hungry when you're stressed, a keeper steps in to make things better say by rubbing your shoulders or running interference between you and an ex-pal at a party.

He picks up on little things
Asking for details about things you'd forgotten even mentioning to him means he's a great listener. A catch also remembers your schedule and suggests plans when he knows you're free not just when he is.

Your friends approve
Your buds can bring up specific things he said because a solid prospect makes sure not just to meet but actually to interact with your pals and win them over.

You don't worry if he'll call
A simple but important piece of the trust puzzle: When he says he'll be in touch, he is. That helps you make the leap that he'll follow through to other things down the line.


29 percent of us are late for work at least once a month, while 16 percent admit it's a weekly occurrence. With that kind of track record for tardiness, we have to think up new and better excuses besides the tried-and-true ones. Somehow getting stuck in traffic is just so overused. The Harris Poll and surveyed more than 2,600 hiring and human resource managers and more than 3,400 employees across industries to find out the most outrageous excuses for being late.

The top most bizarre -- but real -- excuses for being late to work: 

I forgot it wasn't the weekend.
I put petroleum jelly in my eyes.
The wind blew the deck off my house.
I overslept because my kids changed all the clocks in the house.
I was cornered by a moose.
My mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking.
My mother locked me in a closet.
The sunrise was so beautiful that I had to stop and take it in.
My dad offered to make me a grilled cheese sandwich, and I just couldn't say no.

The five most common excuses for being late to work: 

Traffic: 49 percent
Oversleeping: 32 percent
Bad weather: 26 percent
Too tired to get out of bed: 25 percent
Procrastination: 17 percent


( Do you want to be romantic? Do you want to get those butterfly feelings in your stomach just like you had on your first date long ago? To help you keep that flame burning, here's a list of 8 things couples need to do every single day.

Complement each other
Whether it's the way they calm the kids down or fix the DVD player or decorate the house, take a moment to praise your significant other for something they've done.

Nobody should ever go a complete day without laughing. It truly is the best medicine all around. Share a laugh with your partner at least once a day (and hopefully lots more), even on the worst, most depressing days. Actually, especially on those days.

Say those three words
No, not "pass the salt." Regardless of the fact that you should be watching your sodium intake, what I mean, of course, is "I love you." Go on -- say it to your wife (or husband) every single day. It's a must. Even if you're beyond furious with them for leaving the toilet seat up for the 99th time, you still love them. So say it.

Notice the little things
Could be your wife's new haircut or outfit. Or simply the way your husband takes his coffee. Noticing and remembering the little details in life show your spouse that you really do pay attention to them. More than they think.

Put things in perspective
Whatever you may be upset about or just feeling lukewarm about in terms of your relationship, take a step back. So you need to move; at least you have a loving wife and kids. Maybe money's super tight; at least you're all healthy. In the end, no matter what troubles you're dealing with, just remember you're not in it alone and your family is all that truly matters.

Dream big
The most powerful emotion in the entire universe is hope. Nothing is impossible. (The Cubs will eventually win another World Series. One day.) So dream big and share those dreams with your spouse. Even if they never come true, it's still something worth hoping for.

Share something new
Remember when you first started dating and EVERYTHING was fresh and new -- from details of family history right down to favorite pizza toppings? But after being married for years (or gasp... decades) you may feel there's nothing left to uncover. That's just bull. There's always something new you can share with your spouse. Could be a movie you just watched, a fantastic article you just read (like this one!), or some favorite childhood memories. Share and share alike.

Lock lips
It goes without saying but you should start and end each day exactly the same way. With a gentle kiss on the lips.


If you're in your 40s, you should be sleeping between seven and nine hours every night, but the chances are fairly good that you don't. How much sleep we need so we function at the top of our game varies by age. Obviously, a toddler needs more sleep than his 30-something parents. But how much more? The National Sleep Foundation tapped the wisdom of six sleep experts, as well as 12 experts from several medical associations, including the American Neurological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Physiological Society, to update its guidelines on how much sleep we need based on our age.

This is how much sleep we need by age:
Newborn (0-3 months): 14-17 hours (previously: 12-18 hours)
Infant (4-11 months): 12-15 hours (previously: 14-15 hours)
Toddler (1-2 years): 11-14 hours (previously: 12-14 hours)
Pre-school (3-5 years): 10-13 hours (previously: 11-13 hours)
School age (6-13 years): 9-11 hours (previously: 10-11 hours)
Teen (14-17 years): 8-10 hours (previously: 8.5-9.5 hours)
Young adult (18-25 years): 7-9 hours (new category)
Adult (26-64 years): 7-9 hours (no change)
Older adult (65+ years): 7-8 hours (new category)

Lane restrictions continue on Interstate 10 between Dragoon and Johnson roads east of Benson

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers to plan for continued restrictions on Interstate 10 between Dragoon and Johnson roads east of Benson at the Texas Canyon Rest Areas.

The right lane of westbound I-10 near milepost 318 is scheduled to close each day between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.from Monday, June 25, to Thursday, June 28. All traffic must merge into the left lane.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

For more information please visit the project website.

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT's Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except when driving.


All-You-Can-Eat Promotion Puts Restaurant Out of Business

Jiamener was the name of a new hotpot restaurant in Chengdu, China, but it wasn't doing so well. In hopes of drawing in and keeping new customers, the owners decided to try a month-long all-you-can-eat promotion. It was very successful. So successful it rand the place out of business in under two weeks. On June 1st, patrons were offered the chance to fill their bellies for just 120 yuan ($19) per day, for a whole month. The two owners had anticipated that they would suffer a financial loss during this period, but they hoped that the promotion would pay off in the long run, with some visitors becoming loyal customers. They couldn't have been more wrong. The soon found themselves serving 500 customers per day with many lining up at the door several hours before the restaurant opened, and refusing to leave until midnight. Su Zhe, one of the owners, told reporters that in the 11 days that the offer remained active, he only got 2-3 hours of sleep per night, and the staff had to work 10-hour shifts to keep up with demand. It seems management didn't put a lot of thought into how the promotion. They just issued simple membership cards that featured no photo and no way of limiting people's access into the restaurant. And it didn't take long for patrons to figure out that they could exploit these faults to the extreme. Some of them visited Jiamener several times per day and even took food to go, and others just passed the card to their family and friends. As Su Zhe eloquently puts it, "it was insane." (Oddity Central)

This Ain't No Ordinary 12-Year-Old

Up in Canada, Oliver Rioux is only 12-years-old, but he already stands at 6-foot-11 which makes him one heck of an asset for his basketball team. Not only can he shoot the ball without any of his opponents even coming close to a block, but he can literally slam dunk on the 8-foot-tall basket without his feet leaving the ground. So yeah, he's pretty dominant on the courts, thanks in part to his skill, but mostly to the fact that all of the other players' heads only come up to his bellybutton. Videos of Olivier completely obliterating the competition and leading his team, the Frenchy Phenoms, to victory have recently gone viral on YouTube and Facebook, and the unusually tall 12-year-old has been getting a lot of negative feedback. A lot of people seem to think that his impressive height is an unfair advantage as all the other kids, regardless of talent, are pretty much powerless against him. Some publications have gone as far as to mock Rioux and the Frenchy Phenoms supporters for celebrating after he scores, as if it were some great achievement. Others are less judgmental like Pete Blackburn of CBS Sports who wrote: "Things might not come as easy for Rioux when he graduates to taller rims and taller, more skilled competition, but that doesn't matter right now. All that matters is that we have these highlights for our entertainment, and that Rioux is living the dream - or at least my dream - for the time being." Interestingly, Olivier has an older brother, Emile, who also plays basketball. He was just 6-foot-4 at age 12, and now, at 15-years-old, he is only 6-foot-9, which makes him shorter than his kid brother, but still considerably taller than most teens his age. (Oddity Central)

Pants Definitely On Fire!

Howard "Gordy" Clewell would often about his experiences serving in Vietnam with the U.S. Special Forces. He wore a Special Forces pin, a Ranger tab, Combat Infantryman Badge and a Special Forces unit patch along with Master Parachutist Wings. Too bad it was all a lie. Clewell has resigned from his position as historian of the Wisconsin American Legion after his ruse was discovered. He was married to Laurel Clewell, the state commander of the Legion, who said she is devastated. She added, "He has dishonored so many veterans. To me, that's just despicable." She's also filed a formal complaint to the FBI, which is investigating her estranged husband for falsely claiming military honors. A 2015 law passed in Wisconsin, called the Stolen Valor Act, makes it a misdemeanor to claim military service or honors for personal gain. The federal Stolen Valor Act, which passed in 2013, makes it a federal crime to fraudulently claim receiving a valor award. Laurel Clewell said her husband moved out of their home and she plans to initiate divorce proceedings. (JS Online)

Worst Store Greeter Ever?

In Mokena, Illinois, 40-year-old Zachary Monahan was working as the store greeter at Meijer on Lincoln Highway. Suddenly, a 35-year-old man leaving the store was allegedly attacked by Monahan who punched the customer in the head a few times. Monahan was arrested and charged with battery after the incident. Mokena Police Chief Steve Vaccaro said Monahan "believed he recognized" the victim as someone who previously battered him in an incident that occurred two years ago in New Lenox. In that incident, Monahan was slashed several times in a knife attack by someone described as a white man in a ponytail in an apparent case of road rage. (

Meth. Just Meth.

In DeFuniak Springs, Florida, 39-year-old Michelle Brock called 911 and claimed her two children had been kidnapped from her car and she believed they were in a semi-truck that had just departed the area. The call triggered a response from multiple law enforcement units including FHP, Cottondale Police, the Bay County Sheriff's Office and Houston County Sheriff's Office as a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) was issued for the semi-truck. However, during the course of the investigation, deputies noted that Brock displayed several signs of being under the influence of an illegal substance and she was unable to provide consistent information about her travel itinerary or even what her children were wearing. The children were later found safe at their father's home, where they had been all day. When deputies tried to relay this information to Miss Brock she stated those children were impostors. During the investigation, several items of paraphernalia were allegedly found in Brock's purse, along with five grams of "high grade" methamphetamine. As she was being transported to the jail, Brock reportedly claimed to see her children under vehicles. (NWF Daily News)

Almost Another Selfie Death

Just in case you're curious, the country that has racked up the most death-by-selfie deaths is India. And they almost had another in the city of Jalpaiguri where forest ranger Sanjoy Duttawas showing a crowd the 18-foot python he had just rescued, wrapping it around his neck and letting admirers take pictures of him and the animal. Except the snake wasn't really into the photo session and became agitated and started to writhe, getting to the point where it actually started to strangle Dutta. A video shows Dutta repeatedly pushing the snake's body away from his throat, but at one point, as he walks away from the crowd, the snake gets even more serious about its efforts and starts to wrap around Dutta's torso. Among screams from bystanders, others quickly helped unravel the snake from around Dutta and frankly, saved his life. Video of the incident hasn't been well received online where one person wrote: "What a stupid show off. His job is to safeguard wild animals including snakes." (Gulf News)

What the What?

In Racine, Wisconsin, 25-year-old Daniel Blair has been arrested after climbing a balcony and telling a 12-year-old girl he was looking for a party. According to the criminal complaint, the girl's mother saw the suspect pulling himself up over the balcony and yelled for him to leave which allegedly caused him to fall. The mother told police that she's never seen the suspect before and that she feared for her family's safety. Officers made contact with Blair who said he was looking to "party" in the area and that a lady made him fall off of a balcony. Blair also allegedly told police that he would not be pressing charges against the woman for making him fall. How very nice of him. (CBS 58)


  • The average woman colors her hair twice a year. 
  • Peanut butter is the food that causes people to choke more than any other. 
  • The average age for a woman to have an affair is 45. 
  • According to The Great Male Survey, 60% of men are nostalgic for the days when a handshake in business meant something. 
  • 9 out of 10 women over 30 years old won't exercise outside. 
  • 30 percent of U.S. adults have sleepwalked at least once in their lives. 
  • A recent study says more attractive people get more sleep.


  • The world's oldest orangutan living at the Perth Zoo in Australia has died at the age of 62. 
  • The son of Dallas Cowboys legend Erik Williams has been charged with two murders. 
  • A new study says that CEOs average 9.7 hours a day and 62.5 hours a week on the job. 
  • Eva Longoria and her husband Jose Baston welcomed Santiago Enrique into the world on Tuesday. He's their first. 
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is going to marry Hollywood producer Brad Falchuk at her Hamptons Estate at the end of summer, probably Labor Day weekend. 
  • A new musical on the life of Michael Jackson is going to hit Broadway in 2020. 
  • The Post Office began selling the first scratch ‘n stiff postage stamps yesterday. 
  • Sears is experimenting with a store in New York, where they're creating a K-Mart section within the Sears store. 
  • A new Facebook photo tool fixes closed eyes in your pictures. 
  • Howard Bender, who was one of the last living Pearl Harbor survivors, has died at the age of 96. 
  • Starbucks is doing 50% off Frappuccino's today starting at 3pm to celebrate the arrival of summer. 
  • AMC movie theaters is starting up their own version of Movie Pass. For $19.95 a month, you can take in up to 3 movies a week! 
  • There's was a billboard up in Texas that says: "Liberals-Please continue on I-40 until you have left our great state of Texas!" Public outcry made them take it down. 
  • Paul Manafort has been placed in solitary confinement in a Virginia jail. 
  • Apparently, the beer supply is running low at the World Cup in Moscow. 
  • WWE legend Vader has died at the age of 63, from pneumonia complications.


On this date in 1788, the U.S. Constitution went into effect as it was officially ratified, so we'd have something to argue over what it really meant.

In 1834, Cyrus Hall McCormick patented the reaping machine... to go along with his sewing machine. "As ye sew, so shall ye reap!" Might as well do it the easy way. It was exactly what all those who sewed were waiting for.

On this date in 1879, F.W. Woolworth opened his very first store. It was called a "Five & Dime" store, years before those became drug-related terms.

In 1913, Georgia Thompson became the first woman to make a parachute... shortly after becoming the first woman to ever be a on an airplane with failing engines.

On this date in 1939, doctors revealed that Lou Gehrig had Lou Gehrig's disease. What were the odds?

In 1940, Richard Nixon married Patricia Ryan. Nixon was honest and said before their marriage, "I'm not a cook!"

On this date in 1975, the movie "Jaws" hit theaters.
Suddenly, it was easy to get a great spot at the beach.
The big catch phrase at the beach that year was, "No, after you!"
That was the summer I was even afraid to go near a wading pool.


Britain's Prince William of Wales celebrates his 36th birthday today.
Or "Wills" if you hang with him.
After years of school and training and royal upbringing, he's the queen's son known as "the one married to Kate!"
If you're looking for a gift idea, don't bother. He's married to Kate Middleton. And some day he'll be king.

Chris Pratt turns 39 today. Talk about a guy whose career is on fire! All of his contracts are printed on asbestos.

Juliette Lewis turns 45 today. She'll always be the daughter in "Christmas Vacation" to me.

Doug Savant hits birthday number 54 today. He played Tom Scavo on "Desperate Housewives."

Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, who played the mom and dad on the old Michael J. Fox series, "Family Ties," both turn 71 today. That series must seem like a million years ago, but it's actually only 30 (1982-1989).

Ray Davies of The Kinks turns 74 and has more kinks than ever!

Bernie Kopel, who played Sigfried in the original "Get Smart" TV series, celebrates his 85th birthday today. Of course, he won't blow out the candles on his cake. This is KAOS... we do not BFFFFFFFFF here.

Music Calendar...

In 1948 Inventor Dr. Peter Goldmark of CBS Laboratories demonstrates the first long-playing (LP) record.

In 1955 Johnny Cash's first single, "Hey Porter," is released.

In 1961 Bobby Vee records "Take Good Care of My Baby."

In 1966 The Rolling Stones sue 14 American Hotels that had banned them.

In 1969 "In the Year 2525" by Zager & Evans enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1970 FBI agents detain Pete Townshend in Memphis after "hearing" a bomb threat. Townshend had used the term "going down a bomb" to describe the success of "Tommy."

In 1972 Billy Preston's instrumental "Outa-space" is certified gold.

In 1973 Bread plays its last show (in Salt Lake City) before disbanding.

In 1975 Elton John, the Eagles, the Beach Boys, Rufus and Joe Walsh perform for a crowd of 120,000 people at Wembley Stadium in London.

In 1975 "Feelings" by Morris Albert, "Fallin' In Love" by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds and "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor all enter the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1975 "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 4 weeks.

In 1976 Ringo Starr walks out on stage at Wings' concert, gives Denny Laine some flowers, kisses Linda's hand, and grabs Paul's bass guitar as they walk off arm in arm.

In 1977 Elvis Presley makes his last TV appearance. He dies less than two months later.

In 1978 "The Punk Rock Movie," with the Clash, Sex Pistols and Generation X, opens in London.

In 1981 Steely Dan (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) disband.

In 1982 Paul McCartney's single "Take it Away" is released.

In 1983 ZZ Top's album "Eliminator" is certified gold.

In 1986 "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1988 The Rascals launch the group's first tour in 20 years, in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1988 The Beach Boys' single "Kokomo" is released. It doesn't chart until the following September.

In 1989 The Who begin their 25th anniversary reunion tour at the Glen Falls Civic Center in New York.

In 1989 Gloria Estefan's single "Don't Wanna Lose You" is released.

In 1990 Little Richard is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1993 The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear John Foherty's appeal to recover lawyers' fees from a failed copyright infringement suit brought against the co-founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

In 1993 The Beach Boys' album "Good Vibrations: 30 Years Of The Beach Boys" is released.

In 1994 A British court upholds George Michael's 15-year contract with Sony Records. Michael said he'd appeal the ruling, claiming that his contract was "professional slavery."

In 1997 Sting accidentally leaves his favorite guitar on a luggage cart at the Frankfurt, Germany, airport. An airport worker delivered it to him in time for his concert.

In 1998 Charlie Daniels wins the Harry Hap Peebles Lifetime Achievement Award in Nashville.

In 1999 Yoko Ono tells Newsweek that Paul McCartney, Julian Lennon and John's Aunt Mimi were the first people she thought to call the night John Lennon was killed.

In 1999 Vitamin C's single "Smile" is released.

In 1999 The Bee Gees' album "One Night Only" and Lit's album "A Place In The Sun" are both certified gold.

In 2001 Bluesman John Lee Hooker, 83, dies of natural causes.

Today In History...

In 1788 The U.S. Constitution goes into effect as New Hampshire becomes the ninth state to ratify it.

In 1834 Cyrus Hall McCormick patents the reaping machine.

In 1879 F.W. Woolworth opens his first store.

In 1887 Britain celebrates the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria.

In 1894 The Democratic Silver convention opened in Omaha, Nebraska.

In 1913 Georgia Thompson becomes the first woman to make a parachute jump.

In 1932 Heavyweight Max Schmeling loses a title fight by decision to Jack Sharkey, promoting Schmeling's manager, Joe Jacobs, to exclaim: "We was robbed!"

In 1939 Doctors reveal Lou Gehrig has Amyotrophic Laterial Sclerosis (ALS).

In 1940 Richard Nixon and Patricia Ryan are married.

In 1943 Federal troops put down a racial riot in Detroit that killed 30.

In 1945 Japanese forces on Okinawa surrender during World War II.

In 1963 Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) succeeds John XXIII.

In 1964 Civil rights workers Michael H. Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James E. Chaney disappear in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Their bodies are found in an earthen dam six weeks later.

In 1968 U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren resigns.

In 1975 "Jaws" directed by Steven Spielberg starring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss opens in movie theaters.

In 1975 Soyuz 19 returns to Earth.

In 1977 Former White House chief of staff H.R. Haldeman enters prison for his role in Watergate.

In 1977 Menachem Begin, leader of Israel's right-wing Likud bloc, becomes the country's sixth prime minister.

In 1979 During an Arab oil cutoff, Americans line up to buy gasoline.

In 1982 A jury in Washington, DC, finds John Hinckley Jr. innocent by reason of insanity in the shootings of President Reagan and three others a year earlier.

In 1983 Dial Torgerson of the Los Angeles Times and Richard Cross, a freelance photographer on assignment for U.S. News & World Report, are killed by artillery fire along the Honduras-Nicaragua border.

In 1985 American, Brazilian and West German scientists announce that the skeletal remains exhumed from a graveyard in Brazil were those of Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele.

In 1988 The Los Angeles Lakers repeat as NBA champions beating the Detroit Pistons, 108-105.

In 1988 Leaders of the world's seven richest nations conclude their 3-day summit in Toronto.

In 1989 The U.S. Supreme Court rules, 5-4, that burning the American flag as a form of political protest is protected by the First Amendment.

In 1989 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev reopens railroads to Iran.

In 1990 An estimated 50,000 Iranians are killed in a severe earthquake that struck the northern part of the country.

In 1991 Secretary of State James Baker visits Yugoslavia.

In 1992 Russian President Boris Yeltsin returns home from his North American tour, which included a summit with President Bush.

In 1993 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that Haitian boat people could be stopped at sea and returned home without asylum hearings.

In 1994 American teen-ager Michael Fay is released from a Singapore prison, where he'd been flogged for vandalism.

In 1996 European leaders agree to gradually lift global ban on British beef exports imposed 3 months earlier following consumer scare over mad cow disease.

In 1997 Dr. Nancy W. Dickey is named first woman president of 150-year-old American Medical Association.

In 1997 The WNBA makes its debut as the New York Liberty defeats the Los Angeles Sparks 67-57.

In 1998 In Colombia, former Bogota mayor Andres Pastrana is elected the country's president, defeating Horacio Serpa.

In 1999 President Clinton visits Slovenia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, where he publicly urged Serbs to reject leader Slobodan Milosevic.

In 2000 North Korea promises to refrain from long-range missile tests after the U.S. lifted some economic sanctions against it.

In 2000 Some 55 years after World War II ended, 22 Asian-American veterans receive the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony.

In 2002 One of the worst wildfires in Arizona history grows to 128,000 acres, forcing thousands of homeowners near Show Low to flee.

In 2003 Lennox Lewis retains his heavyweight title after a cut stopped Vitali Klitschko after six brawling rounds in Los Angeles.

In 2004 The SpaceShipOne rocket plane exits Earth's atmosphere, then glided to a landing in California's Mojave Desert in the first privately financed manned spaceflight.

In 2018 The longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

Born On This Day...

In 1002 Religious leader, Pope Leo IX (1049-54)

In 1732 Martha Washington, wife of President George Washington

In 1774 Daniel D. Tompkins, 6th U.S. vice president (1817-25)

In 1850 Artist, Daniel Beard (organized first Boy Scouts of America troop)

In 1859 Black artist, Henry Ossawa Tanner

In 1863 German astronomer, Max Wolf (discovered 228 asteroids)

In 1891 German conductor, Hermann Scherchen

In 1892 American theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr

In 1903 Cartoonist, Al Hirschfeld (NY Times caricaturist) [d: 1-20-03]

In 1905 French philosopher, Jean Paul Sarte (existentialism) [d: 4-15-80]

In 1907 Attorney, William Shea (Shea Stadium named for him) [d: 10-30-91]

In 1913 Screenwriter, Irving Shulman (Rebel Without A Cause) [d: 3-23-95]

In 1918 Baseball player, Eddie Lopat (Yankees) [d: 6-15-92]

In 1921 Actress, Jean Kent (Adventures of Sir Francis Drake) [d: 11-30-13]

In 1921 Actress, Jane Russell (The Outlaw) [d: 2-28-11]

In 1922 Actress, Judy Holliday (Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib) [d: 6-7-65]

In 1925 Actress, Maureen Stapleton (Plaza Suite, Airport, Cocoon) [d: 3-13-06]

In 1930 Football Hall-of-Famer, Mike McCormack (Browns) [d: 11-15-13]

In 1931 Former NBC News president, Lawrence K. Grossman [d: 3-23-18]

In 1931 Secretary of Health & Human Svcs, Margaret Heckler (1983-85) (87)

In 1932 Pianist/composer, Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Jaws) (86)

In 1933 Actor, Bernie Kopell (Get Smart, That Girl, The Love Boat) (85)

In 1935 Actor, Monte Markham (Dallas, Baywatch, Melrose Place) (83)

In 1936 Singer, O.C. Smith (Little Green Apples) [d: 11-23-01]

In 1938 Actor, Ron Ely (Tarzan, Miss America Host 1980-81) (80)

In 1940 Actress, Mariette Hartley (Peyton Place, Home) (78)

In 1941 Writer/actor, Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Blue Monday) (77)

In 1943 Pianist/composer, Deodato (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (75)

In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Ray Davies (The Kinks) (74)

In 1944 Actress, Corinna Tsopel (Man Called Horse) (74)

In 1947 Actress, Meredith Baxter (Family, Elyse Keaton-Family Ties) (71)

In 1947 Actor, Michael Gross (Steven Keaton-Family Ties, FBI Murders) (71)

In 1947 Guitarist/singer, Joey Molland (Badfinger) (71)

In 1950 Drummer, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) (68)

In 1951 Singer/songwriter, Nils Lofgren (67)

In 1953 Pakistani politcal leader, Benazir Bhutto [d: 12-27-07]

In 1953 Actress, Robyn Douglass (Lonely Guy, Houston Knights) (65)

In 1954 Actor, Robert Pastorelli (Eldin-Murphy Brown) [d: 3-9-04]

In 1955 Actor, Leigh J. McCloskey (Dallas, Damian-General Hospital) (63)

In 1956 Baseball player, Rick Sutcliffe (Dodgers, Cubs) (62)

In 1957 Cartoonist, Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County, Outland) (61)

In 1957 Drummer, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) (61)

In 1959 Basketball player, Tom Chambers (SuperSonics, Suns) (59)

In 1959 Country singer, Kathy Mattea (59)

In 1961 Singer, Kip Winger (Miles Away, Seventeen-Winger) (57)

In 1962 Actor, Marc Copage (Corey Baker-Julia) (56)

In 1964 Actress, Sammi Davis-Voss (Caroline-Homefront) (54)

In 1964 Playmate, Kari Kennell (February-1988) (54)

In 1964 Guitarist/songwriter, Porter Howell (Little Texas) (54)

In 1964 Actor, David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) (54)

In 1964 Actor, Doug Savant (Melrose Place, Desperate Houswives) (54)

In 1965 Actor, Michael Dolan (Necessary Roughness, Lolita) (53)

In 1966 Actress, Nan Woods (Cherry White-China Beach) (52)

In 1967 Comedian/actor, Jim Breuer (Saturday Night Live) (51)

In 1967 Basketball player, Derrick Coleman (Dream Team II) (51)

In 1968 Actor, Brandon Douglas (Class of '96, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) (50)

In 1972 Country singer, Allison Moorer (46)

In 1973 Actress, Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, Kalifornia, Other Sister) (45)

In 1976 Guitarist, Mike Einziger (Incubus) (42)

In 1978 Actress, Erica Durance (Smallville) (40)

In 1979 Actor, Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) (39)

In 1981 Singer, Brandon Flowers (The Killers) (37)

In 1982 Britain's Prince William of Wales (son of Prince Charles) (36)

In 1983 Actor, Michael Malarkey (The Vampire Diaries) (35)

In 1983 Actor, Jussie Smollett (The Mighty Ducks, Empire) (35)

In 1983 Former CIA employee, Edward Snowden (35)

In 1985 Dancer, Sharna Burgess (Dancing with the Stars) (33)

In 1985 Singer, Kris Allen (American Idol-Season 8 winner) (33)

In 1985 Singer, Lana Del Rey ("Video Games") (33)

In 1992 Actor, Max Schneider (How to Rock) (26)

In 1997 Singer, Rebecca Black ("Friday," "Sing It," "In Your Words") (21)

In 1999 Singer, Kylee Renee ("Mannequin," "Bad News," "Habit of Mine") (19)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Can you pass the U.S. Citizenship test? With Will Witt


Call It Psychopath City! No, Really!

(Science Alert) Strange new study out from Southern Methodist University which reveals the place with the most psychopaths in America. It's none other than Washington, DC - by far. We're not kidding. The survey doesn't count actual diagnoses but extrapolates from earlier research on the distribution of the "big five" personality traits (extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience) across the country. Our fine nation's capital came in first place with a score of 3.48, far outpacing the next highest score-1.89 in Connecticut. The ranking is actually in line with the theory that "psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere," according to SMU's Ryan Murphy. After DC, here are the states with the highest and lowest numbers of psychopaths:

States ranked highest in psychopathy:
Connecticut, 1.89
California, 1.21
New Jersey, 1.09
(tie) New York, 1.01
(tie) Wyoming, 1.01

States that ranked lowest in psychopathy:
New Mexico, -1.39
North Carolina, -1.55
Tennessee, -1.58
Vermont, -1.66
West Virginia, -2.11

Seizure Warning... From Disney!

It may be the number one movie in America, but Disney has issued an official seizure warning for Incredibles 2. Both the film and the trailer contain flashing or strobe light effects, which can cause seizures for some epileptic viewers. The Epilepsy Foundation spoke out about the issue, and a petition called for Disney to include a visual warning about the lights. The lights can also affect people who suffer from migraines or have other conditions causing them to be photosensitive. Disney's official memo reads, "Incredibles 2 contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities." (Newser)

Playing Too Many Video Games is a Mental Disorder Now

Many a parent has watched in horror as a video game seemingly took over their child's life - labelling it "digital heroin." Now, they may have backup: The World Health Organization announced "gaming disorder" as a new mental health condition included in the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases, released yesterday (Monday). Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, a member of WHO's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which proposed the new diagnosis said, "I'm not creating a precedent, rather just following the trends, the developments, which have taken place in populations and in the professional field." He noted that the expectation is that the classification of gaming disorder means health professionals and systems will be more "alerted to the existence of this condition" while boosting the possibility that "people who suffer from these conditions can get appropriate help." There are three major diagnostic features or characteristics of gaming disorder: A) the gaming behavior takes precedence over other activities to the extent that other activities are taken to the periphery, B) Impaired control of these behaviors, and C) The condition leads to significant distress and impairment in personal, family, social, educational or occupational functioning. Poznyak added that overall, the main characteristics are quite similar to the diagnostic features of substance use disorders and gambling disorder. Moral of the story - get your kid Scrabble and Chess next Christmas - and leave Xbox on the shelf. (CNN)

Yes, A Python Can Swallow You Whole

While python attacks on humans are rare, they do happen as was discovered by a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia. She went out at night to check on her crops and was found the next day inside a 23-foot python that had swallowed her whole. Villagers killed the snake and, with cameras rolling, cut it open to find the missing woman inside. The video is online if you can stomach it. Most likely the snake bit the woman then suffocated her to death before swallowing her. (Newser)

Ya'll Watch This Death of the Week

A 22-year-old UK man is dead thanks to a bizarre "Yal'll watch this moment." Authorities in Teesside say that Jordan Easton was at a friend's house and boasting to others about how the vest he was wearing could withstand a stabbing attack. So he took a large kitchen knife and proceeded to stab himself in the chest to prove the point. Turns out the vest was not stab proof and the stunt killed him. Authorities ruled the injuries to be self-inflicted, though unintentional. Assistant coroner Karin Welsh chalked it up to the "foolishness of youth." (Independent)

Christian Psychiatrist Doing Very Un-Christian Things to Patients

Dr. Valerie Louise Augustus - a once highly acclaimed psychiatrist - has been stripped of her license after she spanked at least 10 of her patients with whips and riding crops and compared them to mules. An investigation into Christian Psychiatrist Services in Memphis, found that she whipped several patients on the buttocks in 2015. She also had the riding crop and a whip displayed in her office. Allegedly, Dr. Augustus used a riding crop on a patient who had a history of physical abuse and was battling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Investigation documents also state that she "made contact with other mental health patients with a riding crop, whip or other object." Dr. Augustus had her license suspended for 60 days in June by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners. She was also fined $10,000 for her actions, $1,000 per patient she struck. It's a huge fall from grace for the doctor who was once praised as a top mental health practice in the Memphis area. For her part, the good doctor claims her methods are holistic. (

7-Time Jeopardy Winner Going to Jail!

A seven-time Jeopardy winner who taught history at a small Michigan college faces up to five years in prison for sneaking into the email accounts of other professors, administrators and students. Stephanie Jass, who taught at Adrian College in southern Michigan, pleaded guilty to a charge of unauthorized computer access. Her sentencing is scheduled for July 20. Authorities said Jass logged into other people's email accounts without permission over a four-day period last year after the college reset everyone's passwords and assigned everyone the same temporary password. Another professor learned what Jass had done and told school officials. She was soon fired. Jass' seven-episode "Jeopardy!" winning streak in 2012 was a record at the time for a female contestant. It was later broken. How could someone so smart be so dumb? (Newser)

What the What?

It seems 19-year-old Kaitlyn Strom went to the Winstock Music Festival in Minnesota where she apparently got drunk, and then got her head stuck in an exhaust pipe! She says she wanted to see if it would fit. At the end of her scientific study, Kaitlyn discovered she could indeed fit her head inside it, but couldn't get it back out. She was stuck for 45 minutes until finally being cut free by firefighters using an electric saw. She later told reporters, "We were just all having fun and I saw this big exhaust pipe and I was like ‘hey, my head could probably fit in that.'" She later apologized to the truck's owner and the pipe has been put on display in Minnesota pub The Darwin Tavern. (Metro)

Did You Know

  • According to a recent survey, driving a race car is #1 on most people's bucket list, beating out skydiving. 
  • The average American blows their nose about 256 times a year. 
  • A recent study finds 40% of women on a regular basis avoid exercise because they don't want to mess up their hair. 
  • According to a recent survey, 1 out of 2 women would trade in their designer shoes for perfect arms. 
  • The average salary for baby-sitting ranges from $13 to $15 an hour. 
  • Three out of five couples have gone on vacation without their significant other.


  • A Chicago strip club almost canceled a 4-night engagement with Stormy Daniels after the owner decided that "she was nothing to write home about." She ended up doing all of her scheduled shows. 
  • Danny Williams' Father's Day gift to Bill Clinton -- asking him to take a paternity test to determine once and for all if Clinton is his father. 
  • Landon Donovan is being criticized for saying that America should support "it's other team, Mexico." 
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise album and single over the weekend. 
  • The Roseanne spin-off is still alive. ABC is working out the details. 
  • As far Kim Kardashian running for president some day, she says "Never say never." 
  • Senator Ted Cruz beat Jimmy Kimmel in a celebrity one-on-one basketball game Sunday, 11-9. $14,000 was raised for charity. 
  • A statistical shocker out of England, where only 5% of burglaries or robberies are ever solved. 
  • A psychologist in Memphis closed her office after being accused of spanking several patients with a whip and riding crop. 
  • The early reviews on John Travolta's new movie, "Gotti" are beyond horrible. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 0%. 
  • A British man stabbed himself to death after mistakenly thinking he was wearing a stab-proof fest and wanted to test it out. 
  • The golf world is mad at Phil Mickelson for his behavior at the U.S. Open on Saturday, including hitting a moving ball. 
  • There's a craze moving down from Canada and into the U.S. -- Ax Throwing Centers. You know, in stead of darts, you're tossing axes. 
  • The LeBron/Lakers rumor continues. 
  • Chris Hardwick is the latest hot potato in the #metoo movement, after a former girlfriend made some damning accusations online. 
  • McDonalds is going to test out straw alternatives in the U.S. 
  • Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a two year suspended sentence and $20 Million fine for tax fraud. 
  • Honey Boo Boo's mom June Shannon is blaming a 25 pound weight gain on poor vision. 
  • After enough complaints, Target pulled a Father's Day "Baby Daddy" card from their shelves. 
  • Cincinnati rookie quarterback Logan Woodside was arrested on suspicion of DUI. 
  • How much did the Golden State Warriors spend on champagne during the course of the playoffs? $990,000. 
  • Mexico's win over Germany in the World Cup actually caused some seismic measurements. Yes, in other words, an earthquake.


On this date in 1905, the very first nickelodeon opened in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • They were the forerunners of the Dollar store, where people would come in and ask, "How much to play this?" "A nickel." "How much to play this?" "A nickel." 
  • Things were great until they had a problem with Rugrats. 
  • Put in a nickel and you could watch part of a movie. Sort of the Netflix of its time. 

In 1910, Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington, for the very first time. At that time, ties were an original idea. You thought the selection of Father's Day cards was lousy now.

On this date in 1917, as World War I raged on, England's King George V ordered the British royal family to get rid of all German titles and surnames. That's when the family took the name Windsor. Prince Schnickelgruber took it the hardest.

In 1934, the FCC was created... and might I just add, what a wonderful government agency it is. Such fine people. Of course, those are the folks who make sure we don't say (BLEEP or SFX), (BLEEP or SFX) and especially, (BLEEP or SFX), on the air. Who could (BLEEP or SFX)-in' blame them? Oh (BLEEP), I forgot to send a card this year. We'll be off the air by tomorrow.

On this date in 1945, millions of New Yorkers turned out to cheer General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was honored with a parade. Well, almost everyone cheered. Except the street sweepers. They were going to give him a key to the city but someone stole the lock... and, the key, for that matter.

In 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova returned to earth after spending nearly 3 days as the first woman in space. Once again, women were smarter about it -- we'll let the men go up first and make sure it's safe.

On this date in 1984, the movie rating PG-13 went into effect. It's an abbreviation that stands for "this R-rated movie is so good, more people should see it!"


Rapper Macklemore turns 35 today. He's doing pretty well for a guy known for a "Thriftshop."

Zoe Saldana from "Guardians of the Galaxy" turns the big 4-0 today. I don't know if she'll ever be able to act again without being green.

One-time Laker Girl, one-time American Idol judge and dancer Paula Abdul is a birthday girl today. Straight up -- she's 56.
"Pauler," as Simon Cowell called her.
"Straight Up" isn't as easy as it used to be.
She was once an Idol Judge. Now, she just idle.

Kathleen Turner celebrates her 64th birthday today. She got her start in "Body Heat." That was back when she still got me started. Her voice is now so low, she can do foghorn impressions. And remember, she's just drawn that way.

Ann Wilson of "Heart" is 68. She can still belt out a tune, the belt's just a little bit bigger these days.

Phylicia Rashad, Bill Cosby's one time TV wife Clair, turns 70 today.

National Martini Day -- a gin martini is 200 calories, shaken, not stirred.

National Eat an Oreo Day -- Psychologists have discovered that the manner in which people eat Oreo cookies provides great insight into their personalities. Choose which method best describes your favorite method of eating Oreos:
  • The whole thing all at once. 
  • One bite at a time. 
  • Slow and methodical nibbles examining the results of each bite afterwards. 
  • In little feverous nibbles. 
  • Dunked in some liquid (milk, coffee, etc.). 
  • Twisted apart, the inside, then the cookie. 
  • Twisted apart, the inside, and toss the cookie. 
  • Just the cookie, not the inside. 
  • I just like to lick them, not eat them. 
  • I don't have a favorite way because I don't like Oreos. 

Music Calendar...

In 1961 "Moody River" by Pat Boone is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1964 The Beatles' EP "Long Tall Sally" is released.

In 1965 The Kinks and the Moody Blues make their U.S. concert debut at the Academy of Music in New York.

In 1965 "What's New Pussycat?" by Tom Jones and "I Like It Like That" by the Dave Clark Five both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1965 "I Can't Help Myself" by Four Tops hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.

In 1967 Paul McCartney, having admitted in Life Magazine that he had taken LSD, repeats the admission in a television interview.

In 1969 "Grazin' In The Grass" by Friends Of Distinction is certified gold.

In 1969 "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones is #1 on the UK top 40 chart.

In 1971 "It's Too Late" by Carole King hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 5 weeks.

In 1973 The TV special "Roberta Flack... The First Time Ever" airs on ABC.

In 1973 "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group is certified gold.

In 1975 Stevie Wonder appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In 1976 The Bay City Rollers begin their first American tour In Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In 1976 Blue Oyster Cult's album "Agents of Fortune," containing the single "Don't Fear the Reaper," is released.

In 1976 "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1978 Grace Slick quits Jefferson Starship.

In 1980 A new record label, Geffen records, inks Donna Summer as their first signee. Elton John and John Lennon are signed later.

In 1982 Steve Miller begins his first tour in 3 years at Lake Tahoe, NV.

In 1984 Tickets for Bruce Springsteen's 10-day stand at The Meadowlands go on sale. 202,000 were sold in 24 hours.

In 1987 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream & Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia formally announce a new ice cream flavor, Cherry Garcia.

In 1988 Over 3000 East Germans gather at the Berlin Wall to hear Michael Jackson, who was performing a concert on the other side of the wall in West Berlin.

In 1989 "Batman," featuring music from Prince and Danny Elfman, premieres.

In 1991 Jordan Knight of the New Kids On The Block allegedly orders his bodyguard to punch a heckler outside a Boston nightclub. Assault charges later filed were eventually dropped a year later.

In 1995 The Eagles' video "Hell Freezes Over" goes double platinum.

In 1996 Celine Dion's album "Falling Into You" is certified triple platinum.

In 1997 Bobby Helms ("Jingle Bell Rock") dies at age 61.

In 1998 Loretta Lynn makes a special appearance on "Friday Night Opry."

In 1998 The second annual Lilith Fair festival begins in Portland, Oregon, featuring opening day performer Sinead O'Connor.

In 1999 U2's Bono and Bob Geldolf are among the 35,000 who formed a human chain around the G7 summit in Cologne, Germany. They wanted all outstanding debts owed by the world's poorest countries canceled.

In 2000 David Bowie's UltraStar's BowieNet hosts a private concert at New York's Roseland Ballroom, the first-ever for BowieNet members.

In 2003 Prince issues a new studio album, "N.E.W.S.," to members of his NPG Music Club web site.

In 2014 Gerry Goffin, who co-wrote hits "Will You Love Me Tomorrow", "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," "Up on the Roof" and "The Loco-Motion" with his former wife Carole King, dies. He was 75.

Today In History...

In 1586 English colonists sail from Roanoke Island (North Carolina) after failing to establish England's first permanent settlement in America.

In 1862 Slavery is outlawed in the U.S. territories.

In 1905 The first nickelodeon opens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1910 Father's Day is celebrated for the first time in Spokane, WA.

In 1917 During World War I, King George V orders the British royal family to dispense with German titles and surnames. The family took the name Windsor.

In 1934 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is created.

In 1940 "Brenda Starr," the first cartoon strip drawn by a woman, appears in Chicago.

In 1945 Millions of New Yorkers turned out to cheer General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was honored with a parade.

In 1952 The celebrity-panel game show "I've Got A Secret" debuts on CBS-TV with Garry Moore as its host.

In 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, convicted of passing U.S. atomic secrets

to the Soviet Union, are executed at Sing Sing Prison in New York.

In 1961 The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a provision in Maryland's constitution requiring state office holders to belief in existence of God.

In 1963 Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova returns to earth after spending nearly 3 days as the first woman in space.

In 1964 The Civil Rights Act of 1964 survives an 83-day filibuster in the U.S. Senate and is approved by a vote of 73-27.

In 1970 Soyuz 9 returns to Earth.

In 1972 Hurricane Agnes begins a 8-day sweep from Florida up the East Coast claiming more than 120 lives and causing damage all way up to Maine.

In 1973 The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" opens in London.

In 1973 Baseball greats Pete Rose and Willie Davis both get career hit number 2000.

In 1976 U.S. Viking I orbits Mars after a 10-month flight from Earth.

In 1977 Pope Paul VI proclaims 19th-century Philadelphia bishop, John Neumann, the first male U.S. saint.

In 1977 he crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger launch the Indonesian-owned Palapa B communications satellite into orbit.

In 1978 The comic strip "Garfield," created by Jim Davis, first appears in newspapers.

In 1984 A new movie rating, PG-13 goes into effect.

In 1985 Leftist guerrillas in El Salvador shoot and kill 13 people, including six Americans, four of whom were U.S. Marines.

In 1986 Artificial heart recipient Murray P. Haydon dies in Louisville, KY.

In 1986 Len Bias, the first pick of NBA basketball team Boston Celtics, dies of a cocaine overdose.

In 1987 The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a Louisiana law requiring any public school teaching the theory of evolution to teach creationism science as well.

In 1988 Leaders of the world's seven wealthiest industrial democracies open a 3-day economic summit in Toronto.

In 1989 "Batman," starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson premieres.

In 1989 Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose sues baseball, arguing that Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti should be prevented from hearing allegations that Rose gambled on baseball games.

In 1990 Opening statements are presented in the drug and perjury trial of Washington, DC, Mayor Marion S. Barry Jr. (Barry was later convicted of a single count of misdemeanor drug possession, and sentenced to six months in prison.)

In 1991 Newly elected Russian President Boris Yeltsin lobbies Congress during a Washington visit as he sought closer ties.

In 1991 Pablo Escobar, head of Colombia's Medellin drug cartel, surrenders to authorities.

In 1991 Actress Jean Arthur ("Mr. Smith Goes To Washington") dies at age 90.

In 1992 "Batman Returns" opens nationally.

In 1992 Russian President Boris Yeltsin addresses the Canadian Parliament, saying his country had abandoned totalitarianism for democracy.

In 1992 Irish voters overwhelmingly approve the Maastricht Treaty on a European union.

In 1993 Nobel Prize-winning author Sir William Golding dies at age 81.

In 1994 Former President Jimmy Carter, just returned from North Korea, said he believed the crisis with Pyongyang was over following talks with North Korean President Kim Il Sung.

In 1995 Harry Wu, a Chinese-born American human rights activist, is detained as he tries to enter China. He was jailed for 66 days before being expelled.

In 1996 Chief executives from seven states, police, state attorneys general and members of Congress meet with President Clinton to discuss ways of stopping the recent torching of black churches.

In 1997 McDonald's wins a libel case in London against two vegetarian activists.

In 1998 Gateway is fined more than $400,000 for illegally shipping personal computers to 16 countries subject to U.S. export controls.

In 1999 Britain's Prince Edward marries commoner Sophie Rhys-Jones in Windsor, England.

In 1999 The Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup, defeating the Buffalo Sabres, 2-1, in Game 6, which had gone into triple overtime.

In 1999 Italy is chosen as the site of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

In 2000 Hundreds of fans torch police cars, vandalize businesses and set bonfires in streets during celebration of the Los Angeles Lakers' first NBA championship in 12 years.

In 2000 The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirms, 6-3, that prayer in public schools had to be private, barring officials from letting students lead stadium crowds in prayer before football games.

In 2000 Former Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita dies at age 76.

In 2001 Drug kingpin Juan Raul Garza receives a chemical injection and became the second inmate in 8 days to be executed by the U.S. government (following Timothy McVeigh).

In 2001 A jury in San Jose, CA, convicts Andrew Burnett of tossing a little dog to its death on a busy highway in a bout of road rage. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Born On This Day...

In 1991 Actress, Willa Holland (The O.C., Arrow) (27)

In 1566 King James I of Great Britain (1603-25)

In 1623 French philosopher/mathematician, Blaise Pascal (calculus)

In 1783 Painter, Thomas Sully (Queen Victoria portrait)

In 1856 American author/publisher, Elbert Hubbard

In 1863 Producer/actor, William Brady (produced over 250 plays)

In 1897 Actor/comedian Moe Howard (The Three Stooges) [d: 5-4-75]

In 1902 Singer/conductor, Guy Lombardo (Auld Lang Syne) [d: 11-5-77]

In 1903 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Lou Gehrig (Yankees) [d: 6-2-41]

In 1905 Actress, Mildred Natwick (Barefoot in the Park) [d: 11-25-94]

In 1905 Actor, George Voskovec (Skag, Nero Wolfe) [d: 7-1-81]

In 1914 Actor, Harry Lauter (Jim Herrick-Waterfront) [d: 10-30-90]

In 1917 Actor, Pat Buttram (Mr. Haney-Green Acres) [d: 1-8-94]

In 1919 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Abe Fortas [d: 4-5-82]

In 1919 Actor, Louis Jourdan (Gigi, Madame Bovary, Octopussy) [d: 2-14-15]

In 1919 Movie critic, Pauline Kael (New York Times) [d: 9-3-01]

In 1924 Football Hall-of-Famer, Leo Nomellini (49ers) [d: 10-17-00]

In 1925 English comedian, Charlie Drake [d: 12-23-06]

In 1928 Singer/guitarist, Tommy DeVito (Four Seasons) (90)

In 1928 Actress, Nancy Marchand (Lou Grant, The Sopranos) [d: 6-18-00]

In 1930 Actress, Gena Rowlands (Gloria, Tempest, Hope Floats) (88)

In 1932 Actress, Marisa Pavan (Solomon & Sheba, Rose Tatoo) (86)

In 1936 Singer, Shirley Goodman (Shirley & Company) [d: 7-5-05]

In 1938 Architect, Charles Gwathmey [d: 8-3-09]

In 1939 Singer/drummer, Al Wilson (Show & Tell) [d: 4-22-08]

In 1940 Drag racer, Shirley Muldowney (first woman to win Top Fuel) (78)

In 1941 Actress, Marlene Warfield (Victoria Butterfield-Maude) (77)

In 1942 Singer, Elaine Spanky McFarlane (Spanky & Our Gang) (76)

In 1942 Songwriter, Jeffrey Moss (co-created Sesame Street) [d: 9-24-98]

In 1943 Actor, Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Time After Time) (75)

In 1945 Actor, Tim Hovey (Queen Bee, Toy Tiger, Man Afraid) [d: 9-9-89]

In 1946 Actress, Jennifer Darling (Eight is Enough, Bionic Woman) (72)

In 1947 Author, Salman Rushdie (Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses) (71)

In 1948 Actress, Phylicia Rashad (Clair-The Cosby Show, Ruthie-Cosby) (70)

In 1950 Actress, Connie Forslund (Shining Season) (68)

In 1950 Singer, Ann Wilson (Heart) (68)

In 1953 Keyboardist, Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind & Fire) (65)

In 1954 Actress, Kathleen Turner (Body Heat, Romancing The Stone) (64)

In 1956 Country singer, Doug Stone (62)

In 1959 Singer/saxophonist, Mark DeBarge (DeBarge) (59)

In 1962 Singer/dancer, Paula Abdul (Straight Up, Forever My Girl) (56)

In 1963 Drummer, Simon Wright (AC/DC) (55)

In 1965 Actor, Andy Lauer (Charlie-Caroline In The City) (53)

In 1966 Singer, Brian Vander Ark (Verve Pipe) (52)

In 1967 Actress, Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Timecop) (51)

In 1968 Actress, Kim Walker (Heathers) [d: 3-6-01]

In 1969 News anchor, Lara Spencer (Good Morning America) (49)

In 1972 Actress, Poppy Montgomery (The Beat, Without A Trace) (46)

In 1972 Actress, Robin Tunney (End of Days, The Mentalist) (46)

In 1974 Actor, Brentley Gore (Matt-California Dreams) (44)

In 1974 Actor, Bumper Robinson (Night Court, Family Matters, Sabrina) (44)

In 1975 Actor, Hugh Dancy (Hannibal) (43)

In 1978 Actor, Mark Matkevich (Drew Valentine-Dawson's Creek) (40)

In 1978 Actress, Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy) (40)

In 1983 Rap singer, Macklemore ("Thrift Shop") (35)

In 1983 Actor, Aidan Turner (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) (35)

In 1984 Reality star, Tommie Lee (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta) (34)

In 1985 Reality star, Kaitlyn Bristowe (The Bachelorette) (33)

In 1995 Actor, Blake Woodruff (Noah-Young & The Restless) (23)

In 1998 Actor, Atticus Shaffer (Brick-The Middle) (20)


James Van Der Beek and Wife Kimberly Welcome Baby No. 5. And baby makes seven for James Van Der Beek and his family. The 41-year-old Dawson's Creek alum's wife Kimberly Van Der Beek recently gave birth to their fifth child and fourth daughter, Gwendolyn. James and Kimberly are also parents to son Joshua, 6, and daughters Olivia, 7, Annabel Leah, 4, and Emilia, 2. The actor posted photos of the kids meeting their baby sister and of him having skin-to-skin contact with the child. "Thrilled to announce we welcomed a brand-new baby girl into the world Friday morning, just in time for #FathersDay," he wrote. "These last few days, as I've enjoyed the privilege of making smoothies I know my older kids will like, making my wife red raspberry leaf tea to ease her uterine contractions, spending 'boy time' with my son and getting my two-year-old down for a nap in the way only I know how...I've been heart sick about something." "As I write this, kids are being ripped from the arms of their parents. By our government. For the kid's benefit? No - the opposite - as a purposeful display of cruelty to deter would-be illegal border crossers AND legal asylum seekers (it's happening to both)," he said. "And it wouldn't be honest to wax poetic about my new-baby bliss without speaking up against this atrocity." The U.S. government announced on Friday that 1,995 children were separated from 1,940 adults at the U.S.-Mexico border between April 19 and May 31, Reuters reported. Two months ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a "zero tolerance" policy in which anyone detained for entering the United States illegally would be criminally charged, which in many cases leads to children being separated from their parents. "Regardless of how you feel about immigration, or a wall, or this president...if we say we're okay with our government using human rights violations as a deterrent or as a bargaining chip...what happens when we find ourselves on the wrong side of the agenda? Either in this administration or the next?" James said. "This should not be a political issue - it's a human one. A crime against humanity is a crime against us all." "Oh, and @vanderkimberly - you're a f--king earth goddess rock star and I'm as in awe of you as I am in love with you," James wrote. "And our new baby's name is Gwendolyn #HappyFathersDay everybody." James had announced in February that his wife was pregnant, via a photo of their four children gathered around her, with her showing a bare baby bump. "Thrilled beyond belief to announce that we are once again adding to our family," he said at the time. "And I say 'beyond belief' because some people are probably wondering if we're out of our minds. Which we might very well be...but I couldn't be more excited. Or grateful. Or in awe of @vanderkimberly." (Eonline)

Real Housewives of Potomac Star Monique Samuels Is Pregnant. Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels is pregnant. The reality star took to Instagram on Sunday to announce that she and husband Chris Samuels are expecting their third child. "I'm way too happy to be bothered... I'm full of life... LITERALLY," she wrote alongside a video of her baring her bump. #RHOP #MoniqueSamuels #RealHousewivesofPotomac #Blessed #PartyOfFive #Unbothered." The two are already the proud parents to two kids, Christopher and Milani. The happy news comes just a few months after the RHOP star revealed she had suffered a miscarriage. "As soon as I took the pregnancy test, Chris is just grinning from ear to ear, and it never once dawned on me that we would lose it," she said during an episode of the Bravo show. "Until you've experienced loss it's hard to even put it into words." The reality star then decided to take some time to focus on business opportunities. "I've been so non-stop busy that I don't even know if I could completely process what was going on with my body," she continued. "But, right now, I'll just use this time to keep pursuing other business ventures that I have in mind, and when the time comes and I'm ready to have a baby, it'll happen." Congratulations to the happy family! (Eonline)

Ne-Yo hasn't 'had any good, real sleep' in three days. Ne-Yo is need of a nap. The R&B hitmaker, 38, and his wife, Crystal Smith, welcomed a son on Thursday. The couple named their little bundle of joy Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. "I'll put it to you this way. I haven't had any good, real sleep in the last three days," Ne-Yo told Us Weekly. Roman is Ne-Yo's fourth child, his second with Smith. He has two older kids from a previous relationship. "He makes four. I have four children now, three boys and a girl and I'm loving every minute of it," Ne-Yo shared. "I love being a dad. It's fulfilling in a way that I honestly didn't anticipate. My joy used to be being out on the road, moving around. Now I just want to be home with kids." Ne-Yo, who recently went vegan after watching "What the Health," is open to having more kids should Smith want to continue. Smith shared the first glimpse of baby Roman on Saturday. Holding him tightly in the hospital bed, Smith explained that Roman was delivered via surgery and it was all unplanned. "Roman wasn't doing well in my womb and had to be taken immediately or the doctors feared the worst," she said. "Scariest moments ever!!! But he's here and he's healthy and we are so happy!!!!!" (PageSix)

Brigitte Nielsen says fifth husband will be a 'great papa'. Brigitte Nielsen is gearing up for her fifth child, but it'll be a first for her husband. "You'll be a great pap ? Ti amo ?? #fathersday #daddy #love #family," Nielsen captioned an Instagram tribute to 39-year-old husband Mattia Dessi, who can be seen rubbing her growing baby bump. Nielsen, 54, has four other sons from four previous marriages: Raoul Meyer Jr., 23, Douglas Meyer, 25, Killian Gastineau, 28, and Julian Winding, 34. The Danish actress revealed in May that she was expecting her fifth child. In 2008, Nielsen said she wanted more children. "The children have kept me going. After I do Playboy, we want to try IVF," Nielsen told Hello! Magazine. "It's asking a lot, but if it's possible, it would make our package complete." (PageSix)

Khloe Kardashian is finally ready to say goodbye to Cleveland -- at least for now! After two months of speculation about when the new mother would travel back to Los Angeles, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star made the trip home alongside her baby girl True, who was born on April 12. Fittingly, the mother-daughter duo received an incredibly warm welcome as they returned to California -- complete with balloons and cookies with Kardashian's precious daughter's face on them. Shortly before revealing where she would be spending Father's Day, Kardashian, 33, also shared a new photo of her daughter, who appears to be holding onto her father Tristan Thompson's fingers while taking a nap in her car seat. It is not immediately clear whether the NBA player also made the trip back to Los Angeles. The Good American designer then went on to document all of the sweet gifts that were waiting for her back home. One of the gifts, a sweet balloon sculpture, appeared to be sent by Kardashian's younger sister -- and fellow new mom -- Kylie Jenner. "Welcome home Khloe and True," one of the balloons read, making no mention of Thompson, who caused a scandal when news of his alleged infidelity broke just two days before the couple welcomed their daughter. "We love you," read another balloon, which was "signed" by Jenner and her daughter Stormi. Kardashian also showed off plates full of cookies with her daughter's face on them. "I have never seen cuter cookies in all my life. Oh my god, my little baby," she said while admiring the cute baked goods. "Oh, I am just in love." She then went on to praise the plate of cookies, which were covered with adorable Instagram photos of True. "Oh my goodness. I can't handle it. Welcome home cookies," she gushed. "No words, I love you guys." This is the couple's first Father's Day since welcoming their daughter. The 27-year-old NBA player also shares 18-month-old son Prince Thompson with ex Jordan Craig. While Kardashian had been living in Cleveland since welcoming True, momager Kris Jenner previously told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter would be back in California "really soon," and added that her daughter is "loving being a mom." Sources have also previously told PEOPLE that despite the cheating scandal, Kardashian is "in a really good place" and "feels whole" with her first child. "The Tristan stuff hasn't seemed to impact her substantially -- at least not for now," the source said. "She is prioritizing, and her priority is True. Whatever else comes next with Tristan, or really anything, she'll deal with it as it comes, but she will not let anything affect this amazing time with her little girl." Thompson opened up about fatherhood on a May episode of the UNINTERRUPTED's Road Trippin' podcast with Richard Jefferson and Allie Clifton. "This is the first girl Thompson, female Thompson, so it's huge," he said. "I think with a girl, you're just so much more emotionally like... with a boy, it's just like, 'Hey man, you'll be all right man. Stop crying.' But [with True], it's like, 'True, it's gonna be okay. You know, we're right here. Daddy's here to feed you. It's me! Look, yeah!' It's way different, but it's fun, though. It changes you." (People)

Antonio Sabato Jr. is officially a single man, just in time to hit the Congressional campaign trail. According to the docs, the former soap star and his ex, Cheryl Marie, reached an agreement on their divorce back on December 31, 2017. Happy new year, indeed. However, it took several months for the judge to sign off. The exes have joint legal and physical custody of their 7-year-old son, Antonio III. As for property, he gets the house and a 2015 Fiat. They both agreed to return the Maserati they were leasing. Antonio has to pay child and spousal support, though it's light for a Hollywood divorce. He'll fork over $533 a month for his kid. Cheryl gets $350 monthly in alimony, but only until April 2019. They were only married for 5 years. He also has to pay her $10k for attorney fees and agree not to take any drugs without a valid prescription. As we reported, Cheryl claimed Antonio abused prescription drugs, and was worried about their son's safety. Sabato admitted issues with sleeping pills but told us he's an outspoken advocate on fighting addiction. He'll be the Republican candidate for California's 26th District, come November. Cops are taking a hard look at Tekashi69 to see what, if any, role he played in the events leading up to the attempted shooting of Chief Keef ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources say NYPD wants to see if Tekashi has any connection to the 2 men who shot at Keef outside the W Hotel in Times Square. 6ix9ine was in L.A. at the time of the shooting, but we're told cops want to know if he ordered the hit. We're told NYPD has 2 suspects based on surveillance video, and know they stalked Keef the night of the shooting -- first showing up at China Chalet restaurant where Keef was hanging downtown ... then jumping into a dark-colored Ford Econovan. After driving to midtown, we're told the suspects parked the van around the block from the W and walked to the hotel to wait for Keef. When the rapper walked outside with a friend to smoke a cig, the suspects pounced. Keef and his friend heard shots and saw a muzzle flash. As we reported ... the shooters missed, hitting only a nearby sign. We're told the suspects fled in the van. Cops eventually found it in Brooklyn. Tekashi's denied any involvement. We reached out to NYPD for official comment. So far ... no word back. (TMZ)

Heather Locklear was taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation after a family member claimed the actress was threatening to kill herself ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us a family member called 911 Sunday afternoon to report they were concerned for Heather. We're told both the Ventura County Fire and Sheriff's Departments responded to Locklear's home. According to the dispatch audio, the caller claimed Heather was acting erratically and threatening to hurt herself ... the caller said Heather was trying to find a gun to shoot herself. Locklear was then transported to a hospital -- we're told the incident was only medical, nothing criminal. TMZ broke the story ... Heather was arrested back in February for felony domestic violence against her boyfriend. During the arrest, Locklear allegedly threatened to shoot officers if they ever returned to her home. We're told, given the recent history, the Sheriff's Department sent multiple units Sunday to handle any possible threat. (TMZ)

Mary McCormack says husband's Tesla car shot flames in traffic. An actress says her husband's Tesla spontaneously burst into flames as he drove down a Los Angeles street. Mary McCormack, who played Commander Kate Harper in the TV-drama "The West Wing," posted a video showing her hubby's Model S ablaze on Santa Monica Boulevard Saturday. "Thank you to the kind couple who flagged him down and told him to pull over," she wrote. "And thank God my three little girls weren't in the car with him." McCormack, 49, said there was no accident to prompt the flames and that the fire started "out of the blue." Her husband, director Michael Morris, was forced to bail from the vehicle but wasn't injured. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. Dan Nagelmann confirmed to ABC News that either a battery or mechanical issue caused the conflagration. In a statement a Tesla spokesperson called the incident "an extraordinarily unusual occurrence" and said they were investigating. The electric vehicle company has had issues with their autopilot feature including deadly crashes in San Francisco and Willinston Fla., but McCormack later specified that her husband's car wasn't on autopilot. The actress and Morris, who has directed episodes of Netflix's "House of Cards" and "13 Reasons Why," were married in 2003. (PageSix)

Suge Knight's looking for a "get out of jail" card and hopes the court will be sympathetic when they hear him out ... he wants to attend his mother's funeral. Sources close to the Knight family tell TMZ ... Suge's mother, Maxine Chatman, died Sunday surrounded by family at a hospital in Paramount, CA. We're told she suffered a stroke about a month ago and her health had been deteriorating since. Her lungs had recently collapsed and she had kidney failure. She was 77. The family now wants to see if the court will let Suge out to attend her funeral. Suge's also had health problems as of late. TMZ broke the story ... Suge -- in jail awaiting trial for murder -- spent 2 days in the hospital back in April. (TMZ)

Talent agent Tyler Grasham will not face any charges in his sexual assault case being reviewed by the L.A. City Attorney's Office ... TMZ has learned. We broke the story ... the L.A. County District Attorney's Office had already rejected 4 cases against Grasham citing insufficient evidence and the statute of limitations running out. But one of them -- by a man alleging Grasham stuck his hand down his pants in 2014 after meeting on Tinder -- was kicked to the City Attorney's Office for possible misdemeanor prosecution. We've now learned the City Attorney's Office also rejected the case ... again citing that the statute of limitations had run out. Case closed. (TMZ)

Ex-3 Doors Down bass player arrested, drugs, weapons found. One of the founding members of the rock band 3 Doors Down is back in jail after guns and drugs were seen in his Mississippi home. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell, in a news release, said 46-year-old Todd Harrell, the band's original bass player, was arrested Friday at his St. Martin home. It's unknown if he has an attorney. Authorities say they were responding to an alarm and when they arrived, Harrell's wife told deputies they argued and it turned physical. While there, deputies saw guns and drugs in the home. The sheriff's department got a search warrant and Harrell was arrested. He's now facing a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and misdemeanor charges of possession of a controlled substance and domestic violence simple assault. Harrell previously served two years in prison for causing a deadly 2013 crash in Nashville. (PageSix)

"House of Cards" star Reg E. Cathey had a small fortune to his name when he died earlier this year from lung cancer ... TMZ has learned. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Reg -- also known for his huge role on "The Wire" -- had about $495k in several accounts. The docs include a list of his relatives who could be eligible to claim the assets. TMZ broke the story ... the beloved actor died in February surrounded by friends and family. His funeral costs were just over $2k, according to the docs ... and included $180 for cremation. Reg's stepmom, Maureen, tells us his ashes were spread in NYC, where he lived most of his adult life. Reg was 59. (TMZ)

Kate Spade's funeral to be held in Kansas City. Kate Spade's funeral will be held in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday, according to her obituary. The iconic designer's funeral Mass will take place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptories Church -- the same house of worship where her grandparents were married, her father Frank Brosnahan told the Kansas City Star. "I imagine there will be a crowd," he said. Spade, who built a purse and accessories empire, died by suicide in her Park Avenue apartment on June 5. She was 55. "To most of the world, she was Kate Spade, the beautiful embodiment of her brand and a glamorous cultural icon," the family wrote in Spade's obituary. "However, there was so much more to Katy and her life. Those who knew her personally can share stories of a phenomenally loving, giving, humble, warm and affectionate woman who tragically left this world far too soon." Andrew Spade, the designer's husband of 24 years, said after her death that Kate suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and that the couple had been living separately for the 10 months leading up to her death. Spade is survived by her husband, 13-year-old daughter Frances Beatrix Spade, her 90-year-old father and his wife, as well as four sisters and a brother, and seven nieces and nephews. Her mother, June Brosnahan, a former flight attendant and realtor, died in 2010. In lieu of flowers, the family asked that donations be sent to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or to Wayside Waifs, another animal protection organization in Missouri. (PageSix)

Billy Sammeth -- who managed the careers of superstars like Cher, Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers and KC and The Sunshine Band -- has died. Sammeth, who started his own agency -- The Bill Sammeth Organization -- in 1983, passed away over the weekend after battling what family members are calling a long-term illness. Sammeth first got his start working in the mail room of a Hollywood PR firm -- and used the job to connect with The Osmond Brothers -- whom he later represented and helped to bring Osmondmania! to the masses at just 21 years old. Billy's The Bill Sammeth Organization has been in existence for more than 30 years. The company's first clients included Cher, Olivia Newton-John, Joan Rivers and Adam Bowen. Sammeth sued Rivers back in 2010, just after her win on "The Celebrity Apprentice" for defamation and owed money. Billy claimed Joan's portrayal of him as a "missing manager" in her documentary was damaging to his career. The case settled before it went to court. Billy was 66. (TMZ)

'Scarface' producer Martin Bregman dies at 92. Martin Bregman, producer of Al Pacino films "Serpico," "Dog Day Afternoon," "Scarface" and "Sea of Love," died Saturday. He was 92. His wife Cornelia told NBC 4 he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. As producer of "Dog Day Afternoon," he shared a best picture nomination in 1976. Bregman, who discovered Pacino in an Off Broadway play, was the personal and business manager not only for Pacino and Alan Alda but also at various times for Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Faye Dunaway, Candice Bergen and Bette Midler. Bregman nurtured Pacino as the actor built his stage and then his film career, helping Pacino land his first starring role in a feature, 1971's "Panic in Needle Park," for which the actor beat out Robert De Niro. Building film projects around the young Pacino, Bergman produced his first films in 1973's "Serpico" and 1975's "Dog Day Afternoon," both memorably starring the actor. The two would later reteam for 1983's "Scarface," 1989's "Sea of Love" and 1993's "Carlito's Way." Bregman had a similar relationship with his client Alda, producing the Alda-starring films "The Seduction of Joe Tynan" (1979), 1981's "The Four Seasons," 1986's "Sweet Liberty, 1988's "A New Life," 1990's "Betsy's Wedding" and 1992's "Whispers in the Dark." Alda wrote and/or directed many of these films. Alda and Bregman also exec produced the brief TV series based on "The Four Seasons." In 1992 Bregman formed M&M Productions with Michael Caine, producing the Caine-starring film "Blue Ice." Other notable films Bregman produced include 1999 thriller "The Bone Collector," starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, and the disastrous 2002 sci-fi comedy "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," starring Eddie Murphy. Martin Bregman was born in New York City and was educated at Indiana University and NYU. Bregman initially had a job selling insurance; he first got into show business as a night club agent before he transitioned into a career in personal management. Bregman is survived by his second wife, actress Cornelia Sharpe, whom he married in 1981, and children Michael, Chris, and Marissa. (PageSix)


Jennifer Garner Wishes Ben Affleck a Happy Father's Day With Touching Tribute. Jennifer Garner wished her ex Ben Affleck a Happy Father's Day on Sunday by posting a touching tribute on Instagram. "Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love, @benaffleck," the actress wrote alongside a photo of the actor. "#HappyFathersDay #ThreeLuckyKids #HaveAGreatDay." Affleck also celebrated the big day by posting a picture of a card he received from one of his children. The Batman v. Superman star shares three kids with Garner: Violet, 12; Seraphina, 9; and Samuel, 6. "I love you Dad! You are my superhero," the card read. "I can think of three incredible reasons why today is so special," the proud papa captioned the photo. "Happy Father's Day to all the dads and father figures out there, and to the women that empower them to be the best they can be. We are all so fortunate beyond measure." It looks like Affleck spent Father's Day with his little ones. An eyewitness spotted Affleck driving with Violet and Samuel earlier. In addition to paying tribute to Affleck, Garner sent a special message to her own father. "Hey Dad, Melissa, Susannah and I know how lucky we are to be yours," the 13 Going on 30 star wrote, referencing her two sisters. "We love you, Dad, and can't wait to see you SOON! #happyfathersday#threeluckygirls #haveagreatday." Garner and Affleck announced their divorce in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage. However, the two didn't officially file for divorce until April 2017. Despite the split, the two stars still co-parent their kids. Earlier this year, they celebrated Seraphina's birthday together. They've also spent the holidays together, including Christmas and the Fourth of July, and have even vacationed together. "Parenting is hard work, but it's so rewarding," Affleck told E! News back in 2016. "I certainly do my best. Jen is a superhero mom. She is an amazing mother and I'm really lucky to have her as a partner to co-parent these kids with. We try our best, we put them first and that's what we do." In fact, Affleck, who is dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, reportedly bought a house closer to Garner in April. (Eonline)

Victoria Beckham Calls David Beckham the "Best Daddy" on Father's Day After Divorce Rumors. Victoria Beckham paid tribute to husband David Beckham on Sunday, Father's Day, more than a week after they were the target of divorce rumors. The fashion designer and Spice Girls member and the soccer star had denied the split reports immediately after they came out. On Sunday, Victoria posted on Instagram a photo of David with their three youngest children -- sons Romeo Beckham, 15, Cruz Beckham, 13 and daughter Harper Beckham, 6. "I think they love him x," Victoria wrote. "Truly the best daddy @davidbeckham x missing u @brooklynbeckham x. David and Victoria, also parents to 19-year-old son Brooklyn Beckham, had stepped out together at a fashion event two days after the divorce rumors surfaced. Victoria supported her husband at the private Kent & Curwen spring/summer 2019 capsule collection fashion show and lunch. He has a branded collection with the company. The two showed some PDA at the event. "So proud of @davidbeckham @daniel.kearns @kentandcurwen X beautiful collection x kisses @edward_enninful @mrkimjones VB," Victoria wrote on Instagram at the time. The next major holiday is set to become a double celebration for Victoria and David; the Fourth of July will mark their 19th wedding anniversary. (Eonline)

It's that time of year again .... where Magic Johnson and Sam Jackson make you wish you'd have worked on your jump shot more, or spent more time with those weird kids in drama class. The $3 million dollar Italy vacation is back. We ran into Cookie Johnson -- Magic's wife -- in Beverly Hills and asked her if the family had summer vacation plans ... "I think we're gonna head to Europe for a little bit." She ain't talking about no timeshare ... she's talking about a jaunt up the Amalfi Coast that's become a yearly ritual for the Johnson & Jackson families ... all aboard a $700k-a-week superyacht. When we say superyacht, we mean it too -- this thing has a movie theater, gym, dining room, hot tub, helicopter pad, and an elevator!!!! Hope you enjoy your summer trip to Disneyland, normies!! (TMZ)

Kim Kardashian wants to prove death row inmate's innocence. Kim Kardashian is on another case. The reality-TV queen tweeted about the plight of San Quentin Prison death-row inmate Kevin Cooper asking California Gov. Edmund "Jerry" Brown to retest DNA evidence in his case. "Governor Brown, can you please test the DNA of Kevin Cooper?" Kardashian, 37, tweeted twice on Saturday, along with New York Times articles about the case. Cooper, 59, was convicted of the murders of Douglas and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year-old daughter Jessica and her friend, 10-year-old Chris Hughes, in Chino Hills, Calif., 1985. Since his conviction, Cooper has maintained his innocence and has exhausted all appeals for his conviction, according to the San Diego Tribune. Some of Cooper's advocates argue that the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department tampered with DNA evidence to frame Cooper and that this evidence found on a t-shirt Cooper says he never wore -- should be retested. In an op-ed on Sunday, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote that the sole survivor of the murders, 8-year-old Joshua Ryen, told investigators the killers had been three or four white men but that cops preferred to focus on Cooper instead. Last month, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-San Francisco) also called on the governor to allow the DNA to be retested. Gov. Brown hasn't announced his decision yet. His spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Kardashian recently advocated for Alice Marie Johnson, a Tennessee grandmother serving a life-sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, who was freed by President Trump this month. (PageSix)

Prince Harry wanted his future father-in-law to give Donald Trump a chance ... so claims Meghan Markle's father. Thomas Markle gave a wide-ranging interview on "Good Morning Britain" and revealed Harry once tried talking him off the ledge over the Prez. Thomas said he had been in a bad mood about something Trump had just done when he got on the horn with Harry. Thomas said, "I always have a bad attitude about Donald Trump and that's never gonna change. I have to apologize to the rest of the world for my president. All Harry actually said -- because Trump was new -- 'Give him a chance.' I think Harry's probably changed his mind by now. I certainly hope he has." That's a stunning revelation given members of the Royal family are supposed to remain apolitical ... and especially interesting since Harry's boys with President Obama. Thomas also said Brexit was loosely discussed ... Thomas says Harry told him he was "open to" the experiment of Britain leaving the European Union. But lighter topics were also discussed ... Thomas dished on talking to Harry for the first time, and he also shared how Harry asked for his daughter's hand. (TMZ)


If Paul McCartney ever gets tired of selling out stadiums, he's got a career as a wedding singer, which he proved when he grabbed the mic over the weekend at his nephew's nuptials. Macca did an impromptu performance for about 300 guests at Fresh Meadow Country Club in Long Island on Saturday with the 20-piece wedding band. The groom was from his wife Nancy's side of the family. So, what track did Paul -- who turns 76 BTW -- pick from The Beatles' catalog? "All You Need Is Love"? "In My Life"? "I Saw Her Standing There"? "Twist & Shout"? Let's just say, he picked wisely because the dance floor was fired up. (TMZ)

The Carters' 'Everything In Love' Is Now Available on Spotify, Amazon Music. Beyonce and JAY-Z's joint album Everything In Love is now available to stream at Spotify and to download at Amazon Music, a breakthrough which suggests a full rollout is underway. Recorded under the name the Carters, the surprise album dropped on Saturday (June 16) as an exclusive to buy or stream on Jay's digital music platform, Tidal. It seems that exclusive window has abruptly closed. In a social media post, Amazon announced its users can buy the 40-minute albumin the MP3 format, or unbundle its individual tracks. The album has also hit Spotify, despite the Carters giving the streaming giant a slap down on album track "NICE." "My success can't be quantified/ If I gave two fucks about streaming numbers, would've put 'Lemonade' up on Spotify/ Fuck you, fuck you," explains Beyonce on her decision to keep her 2016 album Lemonade a Tidal exclusive. JAY-Z's solo works remain scarce on rival services and Spotify, the streaming market leader, offers only a handful of his recordings and live tracks. Hip-hop's power couple announced the nine-track album on stage Saturday during their On the Run II live date in London. The tour rolls on to Amsterdam Arena on Tuesday night (June 19). (Billboard)

Sheppard's 'Watching The Sky' Debuts at No. 1 In Australia. It's an all-Australian double on this week's ARIA charts as Sheppard debuts at No. 1 on the albums survey with their sophomore album Watching The Sky(Empire of Song /MGM) and 5 Seconds of Summer strike a fourth connective week at the summit of the tally with "Youngblood" (Capitol/EMI). Sheppard, the Brisbane-based indie six-piece led by the Sheppard siblings George, Amy and Emma, score their first chart-leader with Watching The Sky, which contains the top 40 hits "Keep Me Crazy" and "Coming Home," now platinum certified. Watching The Sky arrives four years after the pop-rock outfit's debut Bombs Away, which peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart in July 2014. Watching The Sky is the fifth Australian No. 1 on the national chart this year after Parkway Drive's Reverence, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's Djarimirri (Child Of The Rainbow), Kylie Minogue's Golden and Vance Joy's Nation Of Two. Also starting high on the latest frame is Kids See Ghosts (Def Jam/Universal), the collaborative project of Kanye West and Kid Cudi. It's new at No. 4. Kids See Ghosts marks Kid Cudi's first appearance on the albums survey since Indicud peaked at No. 28 in April 2013. West has been prolific of late, with his latest artist album Ye debuting at No. 1 last week and falling to No. 6 this time. British singer and songwriter Lily Allen returns to the top 10 with No Shame (Warner Music), new at No. 8. No Shame is Allen's fourth album and first since 2014's Sheezus, which has a chart best of No. 4. Also this week, British R&B artist Jorja Smith enjoys a No. 13 start with her debut set Lost & Found (OFM/Sony), while homegrown pop legend Olivia Newton-Johncollects a No. 14 start for her new collection Hopelessly Devoted: The Hits (Sony Music). With John Farnham, the ARIA Hall of Famer topped the charts in recent years with Two Strong Hearts (July 2015) and Friends For Christmas (December 2016), though she last cracked the survey as a solo artist back in April 2006 with Stronger Than Before, which peaked at No. 39. Meanwhile, 5SOS extend their stay at the summit of the ARIA Singles Chart with "Youngblood," the title track from their third album which dropped last Friday. Australia's top five is completed by Post Malone's "Better Now"(Republic/Universal), unchanged at No. 2; Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" (Interscope/Universal) featuring Cardi B, up 5-3; Selena Gomez's "Back To You" (Interscope/Universal) up 7-4;and Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa's "One Kiss" (Columbia/Sony), down 3-5. Canberra EDM duo Peking Duk, the reigning ARIA Award-winners for single of the year, snag the week's highest new entry with "Reprisal" (Sony), new at No. 35. (Billboard)

20-Year-Old Concertgoer Dies at Firefly Festival Campground. A 20-year-old woman has died on the campgrounds of a popular music festival in Delaware that has drawn tens of thousands of people. WDEL-FM reports that police have identified the dead concertgoer as Caroline Friedman of Philadelphia. She was found unresponsive early Sunday (July 17) in a camping area at Dover International Speedway. Friedman was pronounced dead at a local hospital a short while later. The station reports that the cause of the young woman's death was not immediately known but authorities don't suspect foul play. She was attending the four-day Firefly Music Festival, an annual gathering held on the grounds of Dover International Speedway. This year's lineup included rappers Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. (Billboard)

Thunderbirds: Refueling

USAFADS Thunderbirds refueling with the 79th Air Refueling Squadron from Travis Air Force Base.