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Monday, June 11, 2018


According to a survey by Colgate toothpaste, 79 percent of singles spend a 47 minutes getting ready for a first date. That includes both men and women. 42 percent admit that they like to believe each date is a chance to meet "the one." Additionally, 40 percent of singles say smoking is a deal-breaker for romance, while 5 percent refuse to go out on a second date with someone who insists on answering his or her cell phone during the first. Here are the things that Men's Health says guys shouldn't say or do on a first date. 
  • Don't tell her how much money you make; sell your personality, not your susceptibility to extortionist divorce settlements. 
  • Don't get drunk. You look stupid, and you say stupid things. 
  • Do not attempt to rub knees unless you're getting serious signals. These do not include, yawning, blinking, or wearing a skimpy top. 
  • Don't say her "chi is stalled." New Age men make great yoga instructors. That doesn't mean she wants to sleep with one. 
  • Do not use the word "proactive" unless she's specifically told you of her mad attraction to motivational speakers. 
  • Do not refer to your "issues" unless she's specifically told you of her mad attraction to men in analysis. 
  • Don't dress creatively. On a first date, she needs reassurance that you're normal. Prove you're a "funky guy" some other time. 
  • Don't give everything away, especially on the family/ex-girlfriend tragedy front. a) You'll need something to talk about on the second and third dates. And b) there's a very real chance she may never return from the ladies room. 
  • Avoid leaving your shirt unbuttoned to the naval. Imagination is a powerful thing. 
  • Don't go on and on about high school. There's a certain kind of man for whom the mid-to-late teen years still factor as the most glorious period of his life. Chances are she is not interested in getting to know this man any better. 
  • Even if you're curious, do not, under any circumstances, ask her if her breasts are real. 
  • If it was your idea to go out, it's your responsibility to pick up the check. If it was hers, split it. 
  • Don't wear dirty socks or underwear. (You never know)

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