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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1800 American historian, George Bancroft
   In 1803 Inventor, John Gorrie (cold-air process of refrigeration)
   In 1804 Townsend Harris, first Western consulate to reside in Japan
   In 1814 Russian poet, Mikhail Lermontov
   In 1844 British surgeon, Patrick Manson (tropical medicine)
   In 1854 Scientist, William Gorgas (fought malaria with mosquito control)
   In 1859 Scientist, Dr. William Crawford Gorgas (studied yellow fever)
   In 1867 French painter/illustrator, Pierre Bonnard
   In 1872 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Fred Clifford Clarke
   In 1880 Swedish actor, Warner Oland (Charlie Chan movies)
   In 1899 Actress, Gertrude Berg (Molly-The Goldbergs)
   In 1900 Cartoonist, Jay Irving (Draw Me A Laugh) [d: 6-5-70]
   In 1900 American novelist, Thomas Wolfe (Look Homeward Angel) [d: 9-15-38]
   In 1911 Actor, Michael Hordern (Friar Domingo-Shogun) [d: 5-2-95]
   In 1916 Author/veterinarian, James Herriot (All Creatures) [d: 2-23-95]
   In 1924 Cartoonist, Harvey Kurtzman (MAD Magazine co-founder) [d: 2-21-93]
   In 1925 Writer, Gore Vidal (Myra Breckinridge, Lincoln: A Novel) [d: 7-31-12]
   In 1933 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Neale Fraser (85)
   In 1934 Actress, Madlyn Rhue (Bracken's World, Executive Suite) [d: 12-16-03]
   In 1935 Astronaut, Charles M. Duke, Jr. (Apollo XVI) (83)
   In 1938 Singer/guitarist, Eddie Cochran (Summertime Blues) [d: 4-17-60]
   In 1938 Bassist/songwriter, Felix Pappalardi (Mountain) [d: 4-17-83]
   In 1940 Singer/songwriter, Alan O'Day (Undercover Angel) [d: 5-17-13]
   In 1941 Singer, Chubby Checker ("C'mon Baby, Let's Do The Twist!") (77)
   In 1945 Bassist, Rik Kenton (Roxy Music) (73)
   In 1946 Broadcast journalist, Bob Dotson (NBC News) (72)
   In 1949 TV host, Norm Abram (This Old House, New Yankee Workshop) (69)
   In 1949 Singer/guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham (ex-Fleetwood Mac) (69)
   In 1950 Actress, Pamela Hensley (Matt Houston, Ardala-Buck Rogers) (68)
   In 1950 Actor, Dennis Holmes (Mike-Laramie) (68)
   In 1950 Saxophonist/guitarist, Ronnie Laws (Earth Wind & Fire) (68)
   In 1951 Drummer, Jack Grondin (.38 Special) (67)
   In 1951 Astronaut, Kathryn D. Sullivan (STS-41G, 28, 31, 45) (67)
   In 1951 Baseball player, Dave Winfield (Yankees, Twins) (67)
   In 1952 Football coach, Bruce Arians (Cardinals) (66)
   In 1954 Baseball player, Dennis Eckersley (Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, A's) (64)
   In 1954 Singer/guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn (Double Trouble) [d: 8-27-90]
   In 1956 Actor, Hart Bochner (Supergirl, Die Hard) (62)
   In 1956 Actor, Peter Frechette (George Findley-Profiler) (62)
   In 1958 Playmate, Karen Morton (July-1978) [d: 2-11-14]
   In 1959 Golfer, Fred Couples (Masters, 1992) (59)
   In 1959 Actor/singer, Jack Wagner (General Hospital, Melrose Place) (59)
   In 1961 Actor, Marcus Giamatti (Peter Gray-Judging Amy) (57)
   In 1962 Drummer, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) (56)
   In 1964 Actor, Clive Owen (King Arthur, Closer, Sin City) (54)
   In 1966 Baseball player, Darrin Fletcher (Montreal) (52)
   In 1967 U.S. skater, Tiffany Chin (51)
   In 1969 Actor, Shane Butterworth (Timmy-Bad News Bears) (49)
   In 1969 Actress, Janel Moloney (Donna-West Wing) (49)
   In 1969 Singer, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) (49)
   In 1971 Singer, Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) (47)
   In 1973 Actress, Keiko Agena (Lane Kim-Gilmore Girls) (45)
   In 1973 Actress, Hedy Burress (Wyleen-Boston Common, Foxfire) (45)
   In 1973 Actress, Neve Campbell (Julia-Party of Five, Scream) (45)
   In 1973 Actress, Lena Headey (300, Game of Thrones) (45)
   In 1975 Singer, India.Arie (43)
   In 1975 Actress, Alanna Ubach (Legally Blonde) (43)
   In 1976 Actor, Seann William Scott (Road Trip, Dude Where's My Car?) (42)
   In 1978 Actress, Shannyn Sossamon (The Rules of Attraction) (40)
   In 1979 Singer, Danny O'Donoghue (The Script) (39)
   In 1982 Actor, Erik Von Detten (Days of Our Lives, Leave It to Beaver) (36)
   In 1983 Actress, Tessa Thompson (Veronica Mars, Creed, Westworld) (35)
   In 1984 Actress, Jessica Parker Kennedy (Smallville) (34)
   In 1984 Singer, Ashlee Simpson (34)
   In 1987 Singer, Kaci [Kaci Lyn Battaglia] (Paradise) (31)
   In 1988 Actress, Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, Tomb Raider) (30)
   In 1989 Singer, Alex Trimble (Two Door Cinema Club) (29)
   In 1993 Actor, Lindsay Fabes (Charlie-Another World) (25)
   In 1993 Bassist, Mikey Margott (The Neighbourhood) (25)
   In 1996 Actress, Adair Tishler (Heroes) (22)
   In 1998 Actress, Sarah Carmosino (Lost & Found Music Studios) (20)
   In 1999 Actor, Aramis Knight (Ender's Game, The Dark Knight Rises) (19)
   In 2004 Actor, Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things, Bridge of Spies) (14)

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