"Onions Help You Earn More Money!"
Trash! But you will receive a lot of free breath mints

"Stormy Daniels to Get Her Own Talk Show!"
Trash! Apparently, talking is not the talent people are interested in.

Man's Wife Kills Him for Buying Porn!
Truth! In Arkansas, 69-year-old Patricia Hill admitted to police she killed 65-year-old Frank Hill following an argument that began after her husband purchased pornography on their television.

"Microwave Ovens Cause Your Fingernails To Grow Longer!"
Trash! No more than a Cuisinart empties the dishwasher for you.

Serial Killer Accidentally Kills Himself!
Truth! Egifius Schiffer is a convicted serial killer serving a life sentence in a German prison. Well, that is until he died in what appears to be an autoerotic sex act in his cell. Ain't that a shame?

Larry Nassar Gets Beat Up After Meeting the General Population in Prison
Truth! It happened within just a few hours of being released into the general prison population. Ain't that a shame?

"President Trump Plans to Make Speech in Spanish!"
Trash! He'll cross that wall when he comes to it.

Japan Ad Agency Using Armpits to Advertise!
Truth! The Wakino advertising agency is running ads saying, "If you're an executive who's had enough of traditional advertising, maybe you'd like to give armpit ads a try.


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