(Men's Health) The booming direct to consumer genetic testing market is new and largely unregulated. Here's what to look for before you spit or swab:

Ancestry DNA Ethnicity, $99 (ancestrydna.com)
With the largest purported DNA network, billions of historical records, and millions of family trees, the company claims to help track down ancestors and reveal ethnic backgrounds. The database can also be used to find and connect with living relatives worldwide. It gets a 3 DNA Helixes rating, be aware the results can vary among companies. Try different kits and compare.

Habit Nutrition/Weight Loss $299 or $199 (habit.com)
Submit pinprick blood samples before and after drinking a "challenge shake" and cheek swab. After an analysis for 60 plus indicators, you get a custom food strategy for shedding weight, boosting energy, and maintaining overall health. It gets a 2 DNA Helixes, no supporting science for success.

FitnessGenes Fitness/Nutrition/Weight Loss starting at $229 (fitnessgenes.com)
Genetically tailored workout and nutrition plans built from DNA collected via a saliva sample. Four "systems" to choose from, Get Fit, Lose Weight, Get Lean, Build Muscle. Advice can be as specific as when to train and ideal exercises. Accompanying app. 2 DNA Helixes, no supporting science for success.

ORIG3N Alcohol Tolerance Booze Limit, $29 (org3n.com)
Use genetics to determine safe drinking limits and avoid hangovers. Discover how your body breaks down alcohol and whether you're predisposed to facial flushing. 2 DNA Helixes, the secret to alcohol control is not in your genes.

ORIG3N Superhero DNA Test If you have Superhero traits, $29 (orig3n.com)
Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Do you have the mind of a super-genius? DNA testing looks for genetic biomarkers of intelligence and physical prowess. 2 DNA Helixes, hate to break it to you, but no, you're not Superman.

DNA Romance, Dating, price unavailable (dnaromance.com)
Genetic data, along with the results of a pint Myers Briggs personality test, is used to build your DNA Romance profile and match you with potential partners. The first three matches are free; afterward, there's a monthly fee. DNA Helix no supporting science for success just an expensive personality test.

Wisdom Panel Dog Breed, $85 to $150 (wisdompanel.com)
Discover your best friend's breed, drug/exercise sensitivities, and traits. For an additional $65, screen for 150 plus genetic health conditions and share them with your vet. Good luck getting a cheek swab. 3 DNA Helixes, fun for the dog-obsessed.

Slumber Type, sleep, $95 (exploragen.com)
Find out whether you're an early riser or a night owl, then use the accompanying app to cultivate better sleep habits. 2 DNA Helixes, don't lose sleep deciding whether to buy this.


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