The Bachelor's AshLee Frazier Gives Birth to Baby Girl Navy. Oh, baby! AshLee Frazier is officially a mama. E! News has exclusively learned that The Bachelor alum gave birth to a baby girl named Navy Lee Williams. "Her name came from my dad, Bruce Lee. When I was adopted my parents changed my name from Ashley to AshLee. It was important to them to make sure I felt as part of the family," the new mom shared. "Aaron and I wanted to continue that tradition." Frazier added, "On a day that we will all remember, our little Navy represent a new generation of love, joy and promise. We are madly in love!" The exciting arrival marks AshLee and husband Aaron Williams' first child together. In March 2017, AshLee and Aaron tied the knot during a romantic ceremony held in Houston, Tex. Fellow members of Bachelor Nation who attended the lavish nuptials included Elise Mosca and Erica Rose. Since announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, the reality TV star has documented her road to baby on social media. Just last month, the mom and dad-to-be hosted a French-themed baby shower for their baby girl. As AshLee described on her blog, "BAAbywilliams is scheduled to come during NYFW, so needless to say travel (including lots of days in Paris) will be a part of her life." Something (or someone) AshLee's newborn can count on as she grows up? Her proud papa, of course! The new mom said also said in a blog post that Aaron was "the most amazing man through my pregnancy," adding, "I feel like I'm needing him more and more now though. It sure is nice to have a boost to get out of bed. The struggle is real. He even got certified as a birthing coach to help me through the day(s). Swooning! I could go on and on, but I won't bore you with all that lovey dove stuff." Fans will remember AshLee when she competed on Season 17 of The Bachelor with Sean Lowe. While Catherine Giudici walked away with the final rose, AshLee made the Final 3 and has since launched a lifestyle blog. Congratulations to the happy couple! (Eonline)

The Bachelor Star Bekah Martinez Is Pregnant. Surprise! There's a baby on the way for Bekah Martinez. The Bachelor star, who has been dating Grayston Leonard for seven months, announced her pregnancy Wednesday. "I was in disbelief and thought, 'Is this really happening?'" Martinez told Pure Wow. "I immediately called Grayston and then went across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought two more pregnancy tests. They, of course, were both positive." Bekah became one of the youngest contestants to compete on the ABC dating series when she vied for Arie Luyendyk Jr. 's heart during season 22 earlier this year. At just 22, Bekah and Arie's 14-year age difference caused plenty of drama both during and after the show aired. But now, Bekah is ready to embark on her next great adventure. "She is really excited to share this news with everyone and says she is ready for this new and exciting chapter," a source tells E! News. Martinez, who admitted her pregnancy was unplanned, is 20 weeks along. "It's going by so fast!" she said. "I'm feeling super energized." Although her first trimester "was a little rough," she's doing better now. Just don't expect to see her ring shopping any time soon, as she has no plans to be a pregnant bride. "It's a horrible idea for us to consider with all of the hormones and the stress we're experiencing. The last thing we need is to consider another commitment on top of what we're already going through...Regardless, we're bound together by sharing this little life." Because of her pregnancy, Bekah decided not to appear on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired its last episode Tuesday. "Bekah is telling everyone that the reasoning for her not going on Bachelor in Paradise this season is because she is pregnant," a source says. Of course, the reality TV star will have her besties from The Bachelor to share the highs and lows of motherhood with. As our insider puts it, "All of the girls have been trying to be supportive towards her." And as she told Pure Wow, "I think pregnancy is better than Bachelor in Paradise. Although I'm probably equally as sweaty, exhausted, nauseous, stressed out and emotional, at least I don't have to worry about finding a man. I already have that one covered." Martinez was previously critical of her experience on The Bachelor -- including accusing Arie of privately messaging her on social media after he had proposed to Lauren Burnham -- but recently told Glamour she is grateful for the platform it has given her. From her perspective, "Being on The Bachelor was 100 percent worth it. It gets you a lot of exposure, and it's no secret that a lot of the women are able to support themselves after the show through social media advertising. I'm very lucky that I've had a lot of different opportunities come my way, through appearances and sponsored social media posts. And The Bachelor was really just a wonderful experience overall, so I'd certainly do it all over again." For now, Martinez is focused on enjoying her pregnancy, which she described as "legitimately a dream come true." "It's the one thing that I've known with certainty for so long," she told Pure Wow. "I've gone back and forth on the idea of marriage and relationships, but I've always felt sure that I want to be a mom." Congratulations, mama! (Eonline)

Andrew Garfield Is Dating Susie Abromeit From Jessica Jones. It looks like Andrew Garfield has a new special lady in his life. Last week, the 35-year-old Amazing Spider-Man star was photographed on a beach in Malibu packing on the PDA with Susie Abromeit, who is also 35 and who plays Pam on Marvel's Jessica Jones series on Netflix. Us Weekly confirmed the two are dating, adding that they also went out to dinner at a restaurant in the luxury beachfront community later in the week. The actors have not commented on the status of their relationship. Earlier this week, Garfield and Abromeit were spotted together with two friends at Disneyland, E! News has learned. They rode rides such as the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster, where the actor sat next to a guy pal and the actress sat next to a girl in front of them. Garfield was last linked romantically to his Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone. The two broke up in 2015 after a four-year relationship. Garfield and Stone remain friends and have occasionally reunited at celebrity events, such as the 2017 Governors Awards. (Eonline)

How Karlie Kloss Follows Her "Moral Compass" in Engagement to Josh Kushner -- Despite the Connections to Donald Trump. If nothing else, Karlie Kloss has got drive. The 26-year-old model is the founder of Kode with Klossy, a course dedicated to teaching females how to code. Tech is one of her biggest passions and is an extremely vocal proponent of women in STEM fields. Somehow, Kloss balances strutting on the runway, running a coding camp and enjoying time with her fiance Josh Kushner. The name rings a bell because he's the baby brother of Jared Kushner, who is Ivanka Trump's husband and a senior adviser to President Donald Trump. Kloss' political views, however, don't entirely mesh with those of her future in-laws. The tech founder has been outspoken on social media about her liberal leanings, adding her name to the list of fellow celebrities who supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. She's posted photos from March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., including one with Parkland shooting survivor Delaney Tarr. She also called noted feminist icon Gloria Steinem "one of my personal heroes" in a photo of the two of them. For Kloss, however, her love for Josh trumps all. "I've chosen to be with the man I love despite the complications," she told Vogue in a new interview. The couple got engaged a few weeks before announcing it on Instagram while spending a weekend in upstate New York. "I love you more than I have words to express. Josh, you're my best friend and my soulmate. I can't wait for forever together. Yes a million times over," she captioned a photo of her kissing Josh on the cheek. Kloss told the magazine that she and Josh "have each other's backs," which is a cornerstone in their relationship. "Josh and I share a lot of the same liberal values that guide our lives and the things we stand for," she added. The 6'2 model was just 19 when she met her fiance after they were seated next to each other at a friend's dinner party, according to Vogue. After both Kloss and Josh posted about their engagement on Instagram, Ivanka reportedly commented on a picture, congratulating the two and even referred to Kloss as her "sister." Josh is a Harvard undergrad and Harvard Business School graduate who also runs an extremely successful venture capital firm called Thrive Capital. In an Esquire article, a spokesman for the younger Kushner brother told the magazine he's a "lifelong Democrat" and would not vote for Trump in the election. But the entrepreneur doesn't want the attention to be on her upcoming political connections. Instead, she looks forward to growing her coding company and just generally being "nerdy." She told Vogue, "Josh knows that I'm just a nerdy, curious human being. I think that's why he loves me." As for now, Kloss is taking life one day at a time and is ready to take on whatever happens next. She said, "The truth is, I don't know where I'll be a decade from now. Nothing about the last ten years has gone exactly to plan, which is part of the beauty of life." (Eonline)

Robert Redford's Retirement Plan Consists of Napping -- And Lots of It. Robert Redford is ready to relax after acting for nearly 60 years. The Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid actor is retiring from the show business and dished on his post-retirement plans while promoting his last movie. "I'll start with sleeping and then I'll get on a horse," the 82-year-old told E! News' Zuri Hall at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. His final project was The Old Man & The Gun, which featured an amazing ensemble with actors like Sissy Spacek, John David Washington and Casey Affleck. The comedy film was a good note to end on since the actor wanted his "last acting job to be fun." While people may expect some sadness at ending a decades-long career, Redford said, "I didn't see it as bittersweet, I saw it as fun." The iconic actor first announced he was retiring from the show biz in 2016, when he did an interview for the Walker Art Center with his grandson, Dylan Redford. It has been two years and the actor's claims have finally come to fruition as he wrapped filming on his final two films, as he promised in the interview. "I've got two acting projects in the works: Our Souls at Night, with Jane Fonda, a love story for older people who get a second chance in life, and [The Old Man and the Gun], a lighter piece with Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek. Once they're done, then I'm going to say, 'Okay, that's goodbye to all that,' and then just focus on directing," he shared at the time. Most recently, Redford addressed his retirement in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Never say never, but I pretty well concluded that this would be it for me in terms of acting, and [I'll] move towards retirement after this 'cause I've been doing it since I was 21. I thought, Well, that's enough. And why not go out with something that's very upbeat and positive?," he revealed. Robert's retirement from the industry may mean fans will miss out on seeing the actor in future roles, but his previous work will more than suffice. During his time in Hollywood, the director has starred and directed in award winning films like Ordinary People, Out of Africa and, of course, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He also is a founder of the the Sundance Institute and the Sundance Film Festival. It's safe to say that with a career as long and successful as his, he deserves the rest. (Eonline)

Tom Berenger talks road trips, motorcycles and new movie. Tom Berenger. 1987 Oscar nominee for "Platoon," 2012 Emmy winner for miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys." Sept. 21 his new film "American Dresser" opens. "I play tough Vietnam vet John Moore, widowed, a boozer, estranged from family, at a crossroads, discovers his wife's decades-old secret, decides to confront past mistakes, fixes his motorcycle and bikes cross-country with his friend." OK, so what's Berenger know from road-tripping? "Listen, I own a motorcoach. My wife and I just spent 90 days traveling the country seeing children and grandchildren. The internet lists camps so you call ahead for reservations. They recognized me in Saratoga. On a four-lane highway in Nebraska, a guy doing 125 mph ended up scaring us. Six troopers chased him with a helicopter overhead. I've done my time on the road. "Maybe I got a little rusty, but I owned a motorcycle years back. In the film sometimes it's a bandanna or bareheaded, but mostly I'm wearing a helmet. We filmed all over, upstate in Syracuse, the Finger Lakes, where the ride was pretty, and we even did pickup shots in South Dakota. "It was offbeat character road stuff, bar fights, weird character things. Wardrobe was jeans, leather jacket, T-shirt. Sometimes even my own clothes." And when not tooling around highways and byways, where's Berenger live? "South Carolina. Coastal area. Hurricane country. We got hit with that last October. But I fell in love with the country when I did 'The Big Chill' in '82." From the big chill to the Big Apple. Berenger and "American Dresser" -- with Gina Gershon, Bruce Dern and consulting producer Billy Joel -- hit NYC next week. (PageSix)

Matthew McConaughey Tells the Wild Story Of How He Saved His Son From a Mountain Ram. Matthew McConaughey once came face to face with a mountain ram and had to toss his then 6-month-old son, Levi, 15 feet to save him. The actor told the wild story on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The story was brought up during a round of "True Confessions" -- a game in which McConaughey, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots' Tarik Trotter took turns revealing random facts about their lives and then were interrogated by the other players who tried to figure out whether the fact was actually true. According to McConaughey, he was enjoying a picnic with his wife, Camila Alves, their eldest son and their dog at the Grand Canyon when an "alpha" mountain ram appeared. While his wife had managed to scatter down the edge to avoid the animal, McConaughey was trapped. First, he tossed their dog, who was growling at the ram. Then, in an attempt to save his son, he threw the baby boy to his wife. "I had to, after I had already got rid of the dog, I had to launch Levi through the air for my wife to catch so we didn't get rammed off the edge," he explained. While the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star tried to grab a tree branch for protection, he was able to find only a week little cherry blossom bush. So, he tried a different tactic. "I squared off and tried to go as Yoda as I could with this ram and just say, 'Not me, whatever it is,'" he recalled. Luckily, the tactic worked, and the ram scampered off. McConaughey later realized he and his family had been standing between the ram and his harems. "So we were between him and all his ladies and he didn't want any other male scent on his mountain," the actor said. "I was like, 'Your mountain, sir.'" But was McConaughey actually telling the truth? "That's 100 percent true," he said. (Eonline)

Viola Davis Says She Regrets Her Role in The Help. Viola Davis gave an award-winning performance as housemaid Aibileen Clark in the 2011 drama The Help. But if the actress were offered the same role today, she might turn it down. In a recent Q&A with The New York Times, Davis revealed she has "passed on a lot of roles" over the years, but few she lamented. "There have been one or two that I regretted for maybe a minute, and then I let it go," said the actress, who next stars in the drama Widows. "As I'm growing older, I pass on roles because of my experience of knowing once the movie's out, I'm going to have to promote it. And I don't want to promote anything that I don't believe in." "Almost a better question is, have I ever done roles that I've regretted? I have, and The Help is on that list," she said, perhaps surprising its fans. "But not in terms of the experience and the people involved because they were all great. The friendships that I formed are ones that I'm going to have for the rest of my life. I had a great experience with these other actresses, who are extraordinary human beings. And I could not ask for a better collaborator than Tate Taylor." It's true that Davis has remained close with co-stars Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone. Just last year, in fact, Spencer said she had spent the morning of the Golden Globes soaking in Davis' hot tub before hitting the red carpet. So, why does Davis regret her role in The Help, adapted from Kathryn Stockett's novel of the same name? "I just felt that at the end of the day that it wasn't the voices of the maids that were heard. I know Aibileen. I know Minny. They're my grandma. They're my mom," the 53-year-old Academy Award winner said. "And I know that if you do a movie where the whole premise is, I want to know what it feels like to work for white people and to bring up children in 1963, I want to hear how you really feel about it. I never heard that in the course of the movie." Davis has voiced similar concerns before. At a British Academy of Film and Television Arts event last year, Davis explained why she did the film. "I knew it was a best-selling book, and I knew it would change my career. That's what I knew," she recalled. "I thought it was an important story, but I had a lot of issues with The Help." For example, the actress loved that Stone's character wanted to write a story from the maids' perspective of what it feels like to work for white women. "I don't feel like it was from our perspective. That's the problem I had with it," she said. "And I had it from the very beginning." For one thing, she said, "The anger, the vitriol, and the hatred that they would have towards these white women would have been vocalized. You didn't see none of that! You saw Minny putting the s--t in the pie, but that was comedic in nature, so it's an easier pill to swallow. These black women would hate these women. But I think one of the reasons this film was so successful is because a lot of people were brought up with these co-mothers, these maids. I think they weren't shown as messy because nobody wants to stain that memory of that black woman who loved them -- probably more than their mothers loved them. They want to keep them pure." Too many important scenes were cut from the final film, she claimed, which would have done the characters justice. "By the time it makes it to the screen, the truth is so filtered down, and then it's given to you to make you feel very comfortable," she said. As storytellers, "It's not our job to make you feel comfortable. It really isn't," she said. "If you feel comfortable, then that is your journey and your cross to bear. That is the beauty of art. The beauty of art is that we throw it to you, you receive it -- and if you shift in some way, then we've done our job." (Eonline)

The nookie days are apparently over for Fred Durst and his wife -- the 2 are getting divorced ... TMZ has learned. The Limp Bizkit frontman filed for divorce from Kseniya Durst after about 6 years of marriage ... according to new legal docs filed Tuesday in L.A. The ex-couple don't have any kids together. We broke the story ... Fred and the Ukrainian makeup artist tied the knot back in 2012, but kept their nuptials secret for years. We got suspicious in June 2015 when we saw them out together and she was rocking a giant ring. Before Kseniya, Durst was married -- for just a little over a month -- to Esther Nazarov in 2009 ... before filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. (TMZ)

Ryan Gosling Visits Coffee Shop After Its Ryan Gosling Cutout Campaign Goes Viral. Add this to the list of reasons why we love Ryan Gosling... After a campaign to get the Canadian actor to visit a local Toronto coffee shop went viral, Gosling had to check out the cafe for himself. On Sept. 3, Grinder Coffee started a 10-day Twitter campaign in hopes of having Gosling visit the shop while in town for the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. The shop's Twitter account began posting photos of a Gosling cutout, enjoying coffee at the cafe as well as out enjoying local Toronto establishments. Each tweet was accompanied by a message to Gosling, explaining why he should stop by Grinder Coffee. On Monday, Gosling attended the red-carpet premiere of his upcoming movie, First Man, at the 2018 TIFF. "Looks like our man is in town and ready for some coffee. Just to let you know #ryangosling we pay for half your Uber ride," Grinder Coffee tweeted. Then, the next day, it happened! Gosling visited the coffee shop and posed for a photo with owner Joelle Murray. "He made it seem that he enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting him," Murray told Canoe.com. "And it was a lovely feeling. He was very well-spoken, a wonderful Canadian boy with very good manners." Murray also shared with the outlet that Gosling told her he had seen the posts, but his mom was the one who encouraged him to stop by. "And this happened... #ryanneedsgrinder worked. The man himself showed up. What a good sport, a well brought up Canadian boy," the shop tweeted along with the photo of Gosling. "We truly appreciate Ryan taking the time the time to visit us during #tiff. Take that @idriselba your loss." Last year, the cafe tried to get Idris Elba to stop by for a visit, but it didn't end up happening. But thanks to their campaign this year, they were able to get Gosling's attention! (Eonline)

In the wake of Mac Miller's death, Shad Moss, formerly known as Bow Wow, is speaking up about his own previous drug addiction. Through a thread of messages tweeted out on Monday morning, the rapper advised his younger followers to stay away from drugs and admitted to using lean -- a combination of promethazine and codeine-based cough syrup with soft drinks -- "every day" a decade ago. "To the youth- Stop with these dumb a -- drugs," he began. "Im going to let something out. When me and omarion worked on FACE OFF album. I was high off lean everyday! When yall saw me on BET going off on torae i was high off lean. My attitude everything changed." According to Bow Wow, while collaborating with Omarion in 2007 for their Face Off album, his family and fans began to "turn on him" as a result of using the drug, claiming "everything changed" about him. At another point in 2007, Bow Wow, now 31, recalled using the drug multiple times per day while on the UCP tour with Chris Brown. Still, the rapper notes, he never openly admitted to or "promoted" using lean in his songs. "The whole time i was on the UCP tour with chris I WAS SIPPING 4's at least 7 times a day," he admitted. "I was addicted until our show in Cincinnati.. i came off stg and passed out woke up in the hospital." Bow Wow explained that the sudden cut-off from lean caused his body to suffer withdrawals, sending him to the hospital. "I never felt a pain like that ever. It was summer but i was walking round with 3 hoodies on because i was so cold," he revealed. "I missed the chicago show of that tour Baltimore show BECAUSE I WAS F -- HIGH AND SICK!!!! that s -- is not cool and i was doing it to be cool!" Bow Wow's thread of tweets comes just three days after Mac Miller -- who also claimed "overdosing was not cool" -- died from an apparent overdose. Miller was also candid about his lean use, claiming he used the drug to cope with depression. Similar to the Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta executive producer, Miller admitted that his reliance on lean during his 2012 Macadelic tour affected his relationships. "I was so f�ed up all the time it was bad," Miller admitted to Complex magazine. "My friends couldn't even look at me the same. I was lost." While the realization of how damaging drugs are came too late for 26-year-old Miller, Bow Wow used the fellow rapper's passing to send a message to his younger fan base. "Kick that s -- ! Be a good son or daughter. Be the best you," he wrote to his followers. "Ima start being more vocal. We gotta save the youth from going out early. Parents watch your kids. Explain to them. We want yall to live man. I almost died f -- with syrup." Added the former child actor: "DRUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! smarten up tighten up out here. We cant lose no more of you. Not one! I love all yall. The young artist all the kids around the world... dont follow a trend. Break the cycle." Bow Wow finished his thread by making a reference to 2007, when he and Omarion filmed the BET mini docu-series Road to Platinum. "Go back and watch the face off show BET gave us! Look how dumb i looked," he admitted of his on-screen behavior. "My ranting i was angry every day. They try to protect the truth by saying i was dehydrated... nawww bro. I WAS HIGH OFF PROMETHAZINE CODEINE! Actavis. SAY NO TO THESE DRUGS" Bow Wow is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to kick off a national "So So Def 25th Anniversary Tour" in October. He also expects to release new music soon, sharing the news via Twitter on Tuesday. (People)

Selena Gomez's fans came to her defense earlier this summer when Italian designer Stefano Gabbana called her "ugly" on Instagram. And now, the 26-year-old actress and singer is clapping back at him all on her own. On Tuesday, Gomez was photographed heading into a New York City restaurant with the word "ugly" bedazzled on her hair -- which was pulled back in a ponytail and featured a braid through the center. The brunette beauty paired her statement 'do with red plaid pants, a black top, and a leather jacket detailed with a blue fur-like collar. Gomez's Selenators had previously flooded Gabbana's page with hate after he made his negative comment about her earlier this year. The 55-year-old designer, who is co-founder of high-fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, has a reputation for controversial remarks on social media. His label has been mired in its own controversies surrounding anti-IVF and homophobic comments made by both Gabbana and business partner Domenico Dolce in the past, too. But his comments about Gomez were shocking since they seemed to come out of nowhere. Gabbana made his remark on an Instagram post from The Catwalk asking fans to pick their favorite dress alongside a five-split photo of Gomez. Instead, he wrote "proprio brutta," on the photo, which roughly translates to "She's so ugly." "We don't care about your lame ass brand," one user wrote in response, with another biting back, "look in the mirror you are ugly both interior and exterior," and "shame on you for online bullying." For his part, Gabbana has hit back at his detractors before, making it clear that he doesn't care what they think. Meanwhile, Gomez has been busy at New York Fashion Week. Hours before stepping out with her "ugly" hair statement, the former Disney Channel star and current Coach spokesperson was front row at the label's show. She wore a custom-made bronze leather dress, embellished with fringe and studs, and featuring sheer sleeves, and a Peter Pan collar. Gomez shared a photo of the look later to Instagram. (People)

Nicki Minaj can dodge a shoe, host a weekly radio show and get millions of views on her music videos ... but when it comes to honoring a pledge to help a struggling actor -- so far, nothing. Last week on her Queen Radio show, Minaj said she was sending Geoffrey Owens -- the 'Cosby Show' star who took a gig at Trader Joe's and was shamed for it -- $25,000 to help him out. Sources familiar with the situation tell us Minaj and her team have yet to even contact Geoffrey or his people, much less hand over the cash. Here's the thing ... we're told Owens is not looking for a hand out, and if Nicki does end up making good on her pledge he'll likely donate the loot to his favorite charities. On Monday's episode of Queen Radio, Nicki discussed her pledge ... saying she was having a tough time getting in touch with Owens' team -- but our sources say Geoffrey's team hasn't heard a peep and are easily reachable. $25,000 or not -- Owens has had a ton of success since the Trader Joe's pic hit -- joining Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" for 10 episodes and landing a gig on "NCIS: New Orleans." (TMZ)

Vanilla Ice doesn't live with his estranged wife anymore, but she claims he should still pony up for desperately needed home repairs ... 'cause the HOA is breathing down her neck!!! VI and Laura Van Winkle are in the middle of a divorce ... and she's asking the court to make Ice open his wallet and pay for repairs on the home they share in Florida -- according to legal docs obtained by TMZ. Laura lives in the home with their daughter, and she says the HOA is PISSED they have a dirty or mildewed roof and no fence around their pool. The horror!!! Laura claims Vanilla blew off multiple notices by saying he wasn't the homeowner anymore ... but she says that's BS and adds Ice should fix everything because he says he's raking in $825K a year. (TMZ)

The guy who robbed Marc Anthony blind for years just got slapped with a sentence that'll put him behind bars for at least a couple of years ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Kyle Tessiero was sentenced to prison Wednesday in New York after pleading guilty back in June to first degree grand larceny. The judge gave him 2 to 6 years in a state prison. We're told prosecutors were pushing for 3 to 9. Tessiero was also ordered to pay back $9.1 million to Marc. It's unclear if Anthony will file a civil suit to force Tessiero to pay up. We broke the story ... prosecutors say Tessiero was using Marc's Amex card and siphoning funds from the singer's bank account for years. He worked at the accounting firm Marc and other celebs used. He really went hog wild after getting access to Marc's finances ... spending upwards of $2.5 million just between 2009 and 2017. (TMZ)

The Bachelor's Amanda Stanton Arrested for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas. There's trouble in paradise for Amanda Stanton. The former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant was recently arrested for domestic violence while staying in Las Vegas with boyfriend Bobby Jacobs. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, authorities responded to a battery domestic violence call Monday morning after 3 a.m. A physical altercation allegedly took place in a hotel room where it is alleged that Amanda battered her boyfriend. Hotel security was notified and police were called. Through the course of the investigation, police say it was found that there was probable cause to arrest Amanda on one count of battery domestic violence. E! News has reached out to Amanda and Bobby's team for comment. On Tuesday afternoon, she posted from Instagram Stories with Bobby from a JetSuiteX plane. Before the legal drama, Amanda along with her friend Lauren Bushnell were documenting their stay in Las Vegas that included pool time at Encore Beach Club inside the Wynn. "All 3 of us have had Bachelorette parties but only one of us is actually getting married..." she joked on Instagram. "Let's go girls *Shania Twain voice* #pregamingPavlis." Amanda became a fan-favorite in Bachelor Nation after appearing on season 20 of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins in 2016. She would later appear on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise where she briefly dated Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. Ultimately, E! News learned in May 2018 that the mother of two was getting to know Bobby after enjoying a weekend together at the Stagecoach Music Festival. They've been happily together ever since. TMZ was first to report the arrest. (Eonline)


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