Carrie Underwood Calls for a More Peaceful World in "Love Wins" Music Video. Carrie Underwood dropped her new single, "Love Wins" on Wednesday and called for a more peaceful world. "This song is hopeful," the seven-time Grammy winner stated via a press release. "It's saying no matter who you are, what you feel, what you think, we're all human beings. We all deserve love. We all deserve respect and we all should try to show that to one another." The song started off with Underwood singing about the divided state of the country. "Politics and prejudice: How the hell did it ever come to this?" she crooned. "When everybody's got to pick a side, it don't matter if you're wrong or right." But as the song continued, Underwood expressed her hope for a more united world. "I believe you and me are sisters and brothers and I... I believe we're made to be here for each other," she sang. "And we'll never fall if we walk hand and hand. Put a world that seems broken back together again. And I... I believe, in the end, love wins." She then sang about the impact of showing love towards one another. "Love is power. Love is a smile. Love reaches out. Love is the remedy," she sang. "Love is the answer. Love is an open door. Love is the only thing worth fighting for." The video also showed Underwood going from singing her anthem in an orange gown to dancing in a rainbow of smoke at a concert. Underwood wrote the song along with David Garcia and Brett James for her new album Cry Pretty, which officially debuts Sept. 14. In fact, Underwood co-wrote nine of the songs on the album and co-produced it with Garcia. In addition to releasing new music, Underwood is going on tour. She announced The Cry Pretty 360 Tour back in August along with the news that she and Mike Fisher are expecting their second child. The tour kicks off May 1 in Greensboro, N.C. (Eonline)

BTS Reveals What Really Happens When They Don't Agree on Dance Moves. When seven talented artists come together, there's bound to be a difference of opinions. It's certainly the case for BTS who continues to have huge success thanks to their latest album titled Love Yourself: Answer. While the guys remain extremely tight, several members couldn't help but admit that every so often, there's a disagreement amongst the group when it comes to lyrics, choreography and songs. "We feel that we're pretty level headed and as you say, open, especially with the production team. So if we think something is not good, then we'll openly say it and we'll say let's change these things with our production and with each other," j-hope shared during "A Conversation With BTS" held at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles. "So if there's a choreography, for example, and it feels like it'll be too taxing on our physical resources, it's going to be, you know, as I said, we're not getting any younger... Then we make those changes and we're always open about it." SUGA added, "We have mutual respect for each other and I think that's really important and good. We're always willing to listen to the opinions that the other members may have and we're always willing to change it. When somebody points something out, we don't say, why? Instead, we always try to focus on what can we do to make it better and make the change." One thing the group always agrees on is the importance of staying close with their fans. Earlier this month, BTS kicked off their North American tour with several sold-out shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Their upcoming concert at New York City's Citi Field also sold out in nearly 20 minutes. "The fans gave us the wings that allowed us to be where we are and where we are now," V shared at Tuesday night's event. "So we are always thankful. We know that we are here thanks to our fans. I think that's why we have this relationship with them." And as BTS continues to please new and old fans, the group makes it a priority to sing about some of the challenges young people face in Korea. "When I think back to I when I was younger, when I was a student, I listened to a lot of music and I think it was a way for me to escape and a way for me to sort of reassure myself. And I think nowadays teens, people in their early twenties, listen to music but we felt, and I feel that really there aren't a lot of good sounds and healthy music that they listen to that really helps them and that was a lack that we could fill," SUGA shared. "I don't think it's just limited to Korea, I think young people all over the world face this kind of similar pain, sorrows, problems. That's why we sing these songs and I think that's why our fans and our listeners can relate to our music." (Eonline)

Glennis Grace Performs Soaring Version of 'This Woman's Work' on 'America's Got Talent': Glennis Grace might have saved her best for last. For her performance in the second America's Got Talent semi-final Tuesday night (Sept. 11), the glamorous contestant delivered a confident and soaring rendition of Kate Bush's 1989 single, "This Is Woman's Work." The Dutch-born mom might get another chance to showcase her talents. The final live show will be Sept. 18 with the season 13 winner announced the following evening. The results of the second semi-final will be revealed Wednesday (Sept. 12). (Billboard)

K-pop Stars SHINee Drop 10th Anniversary Set 'The Story of Light'. K-pop boy band SHINee released the finale of their 10th anniversary The Story of Light album series earlier this week. On Monday (Sept. 10), the Korean group dropped their compilation album The Story of Light: Epilogue, based on their trio of The Story of Light EPs released earlier this year. Epilogue features 16 tracks, including past singles "Good Evening," "I Want You" and "Our Page," which were released throughout May and June and fronted the original three EPs, plus the new lush tropical house single "Countless." Epilogue's single "Countless" was released through a video featuring SHINee's Key, Onew, Taemin, and Minho as they lounge around a brightly-hued abode, featuring prominent pearl aqua accents, interacting with a variety of retro, analog objects before joining together to deliver the song's impactful chorus. Though it's not a new genre for the group to explore -- and it's previously reared its head on the other The Story of Light albums -- "Countless" is a sophisticated take on the popular, breezy sound, with a sleek melody, reverberating strings, and rhythmic synths propelling the quartet's crisp vocals. The album series commemorates the group's 10th anniversary since their start in May 2008 with the single "Replay." The Story of Light releases are the first Korean music from the group since member Jonghyun tragically passed away last December. "Our Page" was co-written by the members as an homage to the singer-songwriter. All three The Story of Light EPs previously appeared on Heatseekers chart upon their release earlier this year, with the first one peaking at No. 2 in June, the second at No. 5 the same month, and the third hitting No. 11 in July. The trio also appeared on the World Albums and Independent Albums charts. (Billboard)

Eminem Addresses Haters, Machine Gun Kelly Beef & Surprise 'Kamikaze' Release in Sway Interview. Shady's back, and he's on fire with Kamikaze, which is currently blowing up the sales charts around the globe. Were it not for the haters, things might have worked out differently for Eminem. The Detroit rap veteran sat for a candid chat with SiriusXM Shade 45's Sway Calloway on Tuesday (Sept. 11) in which he discussed the origins of his incendiary new LP, the reasons behind its surprise release, and taking a beating from the critics, from outside and within music circles. So why drop Kamikaze on Aug. 31 without any notice? Em had this to say, "I felt like the way the climate is right now if you gave people enough time [to say] ... 'man, he'd better have a song like this or I ain't fucking with it. If you don't have a song like this I aint fucking with it. He better not be rapping like this. He better not be rapping about this, or I'm not going to fuck with it.'" Flying under the radar was "the best thing to do, just because it doesn't give people enough time to... when the Revival tracklist came down the pipe, it was like overwhelming 'this shit is going to be trash'. Nobody really wanted to be wrong about it. A lot of people had already formed their opinions." Marshall Mathers also talked about how he's coped with been dragged throughout his career, and how, ahead of the December 2017 release of Revival, he took a beat-down from within hip-hop. "I remember a time in hip-hop when you had to be so different from the next people, or you were trash," he said. "There's a shift somewhere that happened where, if it doesn't sound like everything else, then it's trash automatically." Some of it "went beyond constructive criticism," he added. Later, Em revealed he looked back at his 2009 set Relapse and "cringed" at his smorgasbord of accents on it. But if it wasn't for Relapse, "I wouldn't have been able to able to make Recovery. If it wasn't for Revival, I wouldn't have been able to make this album." Em also talked the "petty" origins of his beef with Machine Gun Kelly, who he fires away on the new album's "Not Alike," which prompted MGK's diss track "Rap Devil." "You know you go down a fucking wormhole of YouTube and whatever, right?" said Eminem in a teaser for part 2 of the interview. "So I see, 'Machine Gun Kelly talks about Eminem's daughter' or whatever, right? So I'm like, 'What the fuck?' I click on it. Then he starts doing a press run, basically, about Hailie. I'm like, 'What the fuck? Yo, my man better chill.' "So, that's not why I dissed him. The reason I dissed him is actually a lot more petty than that. Now I'm in this fuckin' weird thing, because I'm like, 'I've gotta answer this motherfucker.'" At the top of the interview, Eminem caught his host off guard when he pulled out a vinyl copy of In Control, the Sway and King Tech track from 1991, and asked him to sign it. Kamikaze, Eminem's 10th album, is currently flying high atop the album charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere. (Billboard)

Nicki Minaj thinks Cardi B took a giant L in their war that almost erupted in hand-to-hand combat, because Nicki's business empire has gotten even bigger, her radio show has shot to #1 and all Cardi got was a lump on the head. Sources connected to Nicki tell us the MC is ecstatic Cardi went nuclear at Friday night's Harper's Bazaar Fashion Show. Nicki's podcast, "Queen Radio," was trending at the top of Twitter Monday and the show has been sitting pretty at #1 on Apple Music ... all the result of the publicity Nicki's getting off the fight. Sources say her listeners quadrupled last week from the week prior. Not just that, but we're told Nicki believes her strong debut numbers for her new music video for "Barbie Dreams" is partially due to Cardi's antics. The video's already got over 5 million views after just one day of being released. There's also this ... apparently, Nicki's been getting blown up a lot more for appearance requests and concert bookings in the last few days. One last parting shot ... we're told Nicki believes Cardi's the one who's been made to look like a laughingstock after the shoe-throwing incident, especially after she walked away with a fat knot above her eye. She's been kinda getting the meme treatment ... no arguing that. Besides, sources say Nicki feels like her friends in hip-hop and celebs in general are siding with her and praising how she handled the situation. Cardi, of course, feels differently. (TMZ)


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