On this date in 1609, Navigator Henry Hudson discovered the island of Manhattan, which gave him an idea for a drink... so he had one. He was on a roll. It was the day after he discovered Mojito.

In 1781, Los Angeles was founded by Spanish settlers. Back then, Los Angeles was a wild place where everyone carried a gun and Spanish was the primary language. Huh -- guess not much has changed.

On this date in 1882, the Pearl Street electric power station, built by Thomas Edison, began operations in New York City. Remember, if it weren't for power stations, we wouldn't be able to have outages.

In 1888, George Eastman patents the first roll-film camera and registers his trademark: Kodak. A little more than a century later, it was worth no more than a Fotomat chain.

On this date in 1894, 12,000 tailors in New York City went on strike to protest the existence of sweat shops. They really showed those sew and sews.

In 1957, Ford unveiled its new car, the Edsel. America greeted it with an enthusiastic, "Eh!"


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