On this date in 1813, Uncle Sam first appeared in the New York Post. It was supposedly modeled after a guy named Sam Wilson. Gee, we were that close to having it be Uncle Wilson.
Although, technically speaking, it was an anonymous Op-Ed piece.
As you've noticed, with the way our country has been behaving lately, he's been in hiding.
We could have ended up with a volleyball being the symbol for our country.
He won a "Who Looks Like Colonel Sanders?" contest.
I believe it was in a singles ad.

In 1822, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal. The interesting thing is that they removed their connections using hot wax.

On this date in 1825, The Marquis de Lafayette, the French hero of the American Revolution, said farewell to President John Quincy Adams at the White House. That was it. "Farewell." It was the only English word he knew.

In 1948, synthetic rubber was used in asphaltic concrete for the very first time. I believe that's the whole 'where the rubber meets the road' thing came from. Without it, we never would have been able to have the artificial flat tire.

On this date in 1979, ESPN made its debut on television. Yep, it's only been around 33 years. Seems so much longer, like it's always been there. You know, for as much time as we spend together, I feel like I should at least get it a card or something.

In 1988, Vice President George Bush startled an American Legion audience in Louisville, KY, by referring to September 7th as Pearl Harbor Day. Apparently, it runs in the family.


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