When the Homecoming Queen Kicks the Winning Field Goal

It's got to be a football first! In Mississippi, Kaylee Foster was named homecoming queen during halftime at Ocean Springs High School last Friday night. Then she took off her crown and went and kicked a field goal in overtime that led her team to a 13-12 win! Foster, a senior, had already kicked two other field goals earlier in the homecoming game and she told reporters, "I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick!" She added, "Jack King, the holder, he like looks at me and like, 'It's OK, Kaylee. Just kick it like you always do. And the next thing I know, everyone is like right there. Just a nice group hug." Foster has been playing football for six years and says the boys on the team have always been supportive. She says, "They don't like treat me any differently other than I don't go into the locker room." (WLOX)

All Ya'll Screaming Hate at Nike is Helping Them Get Really Rich

There certainly appears to be a strong backlash against Nike in the wake of Colin Kaepernick's ads and endorsement deal. Seems like zillions of social media posts from those protesting and even a ban on Nike products from a small private Missouri college and the mayor of Kenner, Louisiana. Well - bad news for those who think they're making a difference. You are - just not the way you wanted. Nike sales surged 31 percent from Sunday through Tuesday over the Labor Day holiday this year compared with the previous year, according to Edison Trends. President Trump, who has been a very vocal critic of players kneeling during the anthem, weighed in on Nike's endorsement deal Friday, questioning the company's decision and saying, "What was Nike thinking?" But Nike's decision to team up with the controversial activist does not seem to have hurt its bottom line. According to Market reports, online sales have also increased. (Yahoo Sports)
I'm FREE! Not So Fast.

In Edmonton, Canada, 46-year-old Daryl Fuhr says his rights were definitely violated after he was acquitted of a string of charges including sexual assault, unlawful confinement, pointing a firearm and assault with a weapon. Yet he says sheriffs continued to hold him in custody for several hours for "processing." Alberta sheriffs, who are in charge of transporting prisoners between lock-up and court, allegedly held him for two-and-a-half hours for processing and paperwork. So Fuhr is suing and seeks to include in a class action anyone who was held in custody after being found not guilty of all the charges against them - either by acquittal, or because the charges were withdrawn or stayed - since Sept. 5, 2016. He's looking for general and punitive damages as well as compensation for lost income, though the lawsuit does not specify dollar amounts. (Edmonton Journal)

Love at First Sight

A 29-year-old love-struck man from Kolkata, India, recently made international headlines for his efforts to get in touch with a woman he only exchanged glances with on a train. Clearly lovestruck, Biswajit Podder made a short film that he then posted on YouTube and also plastered several neighborhoods with around 4,000 posters of himself trying to find her again. He's even been wearing the exact same clothes he did when he saw her, in the hopes that she will see and recognize him. The 29-year-old told reporters, "This time we exchanged glances and I realized she, too, was looking at me. We spent the next two hours of the journey exchanging glances and, sometimes, smiles. As she was getting off at Konnagar, I gestured asking for her phone number. She, too, signaled that she wanted to speak but was scared of her parents. Then she tried to tell me her number, mouthing the digits, but I could not lip-read what she was saying." Podder added, "My friends and family call me mad. I know what I have been doing is a bit crazy but I just can't get her out of my mind. I have no intention of insulting her or getting her into any sort of trouble. I am doing all this only so that she knows I am trying to find her and she can contact me if she wants." (Oddity Central)

Yeah, About That School Assembly... 

Here's a pro-tip: Next time you find yourself the principle of a kindergarten, welcoming students back for the new year with pole dancers is probably not the way to go. It actually happened at a kindergarten in Shenzen, China, and Principal Lai Rong was fired for it! The first Monday in September marks the start of a new school year in China, and many learning institutions host special celebrations to mark the event. The Xinshahui kindergarten in Shenzhen was no different, but the parents of the roughly 500 children - aged three to six - enrolled there did not expect the ceremony to include pole dancers winding and spinning provocatively on a metal pole with a Chinese flag flying on top. Rong had a very simple explanation saying some of the parents had expressed a desire for their kids to "learn a new type of dance" and she had selected the pole dancers because of their "excellent skills." (Oddity Central)

What the What?

Wildlife officials in Utah have released footage of how they restock their remote mountain lakes with fish - by dropping them out of airplanes. No kidding! In the video, shared by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, trout can be seen spilling from the bottom of the aircraft in a billowing stream of water and hitting the lake below. They claim at least 95% survive as these are baby trout are only one to three inches long. Netting surveys, carried out after the aerial plunge, also indicate the fish are unharmed by the venture. More than 200 of Utah's remote mountain lakes are stocked every year using this aerial fish-drop method. At least one jokester tweeted: "Can't you fit each fish with a little parachute? It might help the other 5% survive!" (Metro)


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