Born On This Day...

In 1782Martin Van Buren, 8th U.S. president (1837-41)
In 1839General George Armstrong Custer (Little Big Horn)
In 1841American mining tycoon, Marcus Daly (Anaconda Copper Mining Co.)
In 1855Biologist, Clinton Hart Merriam (co-founded National Geographic)
In 1870Rodeo cowboy, Bill Pickett (introduced bulldogging)
In 1879Aviator, Clyde Vernon Cessna (flexible monoplane design)
In 1894Businessman, Philip "P.K." Wrigley (owned Chicago Cubs 1932-77)
In 1899Blues singer/harmonicaist, Rice Miller
In 1901Director/producer, Walt Disney (created Mickey Mouse) [d: 12-15-66]
In 1901Physicist, Werner Heisenberg (Quantum mechanics) [d: 2-1-76]
In 1902U.S. senator, Strom Thurmond (segregation advocate) [d: 6-26-03]
In 1903Physicist, Cecil Frank Powell (studied nuclear process) [d: 8-9-69]
In 1906Director/producer, Otto Preminger (Laura, Exodus) [d: 4-23-86]
In 1921Actor, Peter Hansen (Mr. Novak, Lee Baldwin-General Hospital) [d: 4-9-17]
In 1921Actor, Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball-Green Acres) [d: 5-4-97]
In 1922Songwriter, Don Robertson (wrote several Elvis hits) [d: 3-16-15]
In 1926Actor, George Savalas (Detective Stavros-Kojak) [d: 10-2-85]
In 1931Gospel singer/songwriter, James Cleveland (4 Grammys) [d: 2-9-91]
In 1932Physicist, Sheldon Lee Glashow (electromagnetic interaction) (86)
In 1932Singer/actor, Little Richard (Good Golly Miss Molly) (86)
In 1934Author/journalist, Joan Didion (Salvador) (84)
In 1935Author, Calvin Trillin (New Yorker) (83)
In 1938Singer/songwriter, J.J. Cale (Crazy Mama, After Midnight) [d: 7-26-13]
In 1942Actor, Randy Kirby (Pink Cadillac, Heat Wave) (76)
In 1944Actor, Jeroen Krabbe (Living Daylights, The Fugutive) (74)
In 1946Opera singer/actor, Jose Carreras (72)
In 1946Singer/songwriter, Andy Kim (Rock Me Gently, Baby I Love You) (72)
In 1947Singer/songwriter, Jim Messina (Poco, Loggins & Messina) (71)
In 1947Football player, Jim Plunkett (Patriots, Raiders) (71)
In 1949Actor, Lewis Arlt (Ken-Another World, Ross-Guiding Light) (69)
In 1949Astronaut, Bruce Melnick (STS-41, 49) (69)
In 1950Football player, Steve Furness (Steelers) [d: 2-9-00]
In 1951Actress, Morgan Brittany (Katherine-Dallas, Melrose Place) (67)
In 1957Football player, Art Monk (Redskins) (61)
In 1957Field hockey player, Charlene Morett (Olympic-Bronze-1984) (61)
In 1959Actress, Connie Needham Newton (Elizabeth-Eight Is Enough) (59)
In 1960Bassist, Les Nemes (Haircut 100) (58)
In 1960Singer/songwriter, Jack Russell (Great White) (58)
In 1963Country singer, Ty England (55)
In 1963Actress, Carrie Hamilton (Reggie Higgins-Fame) [d: 1-20-02]
In 1964Olympic swimmer, Pablo Morales (54)
In 1965Singer/guitarist, John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls) (53)
In 1967Country singer, Gary Allan (51)
In 1967Actor, Joseph Barbara (Another World, All My Children) (51)
In 1968Actress/comedian, Margaret Cho (All American Girl) (50)
In 1968Actress, Lisa Marie (Mars Attacks) (50)
In 1969Actress, Alex Kapp Horner (The New Adventures of Old Christine) (49)
In 1970Singer, Michel'le Toussaint ("Something in My Heart," "No More Lies") (48)
In 1971Actress, Kali Rocha (Meet the Parents, Liv and Maddie) (47)
In 1975Actress, Paula Patton (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Precious) (43)
In 1976Actress, Amy Acker (Angel, Alias, Dollhouse) (42)
In 1980Actress, Jessica Pare (Courtney-Jack & Bobby) (38)
In 1982Singer, Keri Hilson (In a Perfect World) (36)
In 1984Actress, Lauren London (The Game, Single Ladies) (34)
In 1985Actor, Frankie Muniz (Malcolm-Malcolm in the Middle) (33)
In 1986Auto racer, James Hinchcliffe (IndyCar) (32)
In 1988Actor, Ross Bagley (Nicky-Fresh Prince of Bel Air) (30)
In 1994Actress, Alexandra Beaton (The Next Step, 300) (24)
In 1997Actress, Sophie Simnett (The Lodge) (21)
In 2001Actor, Diego Velazquez (The Thundermans, Grimm) (17)
In 2006Actress, Ava Kolker (Girl Meets World) (12)


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