• A recent study found that taking a hot bath for half an hour burns as many calories as a half hour walk.
  • According to a recent survey, 5% of people say they would fake their death if they won a big lottery prize.
  • 64% of women would give up manicures for 3 months in exchange for a more youthful face.
  • Another survey found that 23% of people take at least one vacation day to run errands.
  • Shrimp is the food or drink item do we share on Facebook the most.
  • Almost half of the people who will buy a mini-van this year have something in common, they have no children.
  • We do this with our kids just over 5 times a week for about 14 minutes each time. What? Have an argument. That's based on an average of just over five arguments a week for 16 years, which works out to 4,210. Those fights last for an average of 14 minutes, which means you'll spend about 41 total days of your kid's childhood arguing with them.


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