John Jay was born on this date in 1745. He was the nation's first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Who would have known that our first Chief Justice would have a rap name?

In 1818 Mary Todd Lincoln was born. If you're curious, yes, she did enjoy the play.

On this date in 1899, George F. Grant patented the golf tee.
Up until then, golfers didn't any thing to stab them to carry around in their pockets.
The guy at the patent office couldn't resist and just had to ask, "What is this... FORE?"
For those who don't play golf, it's the piece of wood most of us hit instead of the ball when teeing off.
That's the thing you hit in golf that usually goes farther than the ball.
Before then, when you started playing golf, you didn't "Tee off"... you just offed.
Yes, the tee gives golfers one more excuse for why the drive didn't go straight.
Caddies were thrilled to be able to drop "hold the ball so I can hit it" as part of their duties.

In 1901, the first radio signal to cross the Atlantic is picked up near St. John's, Newfoundland, by inventor Guglielmo Marconi. The announcer acknowledged the signal by saying, "No, you are not caller number 9."

On this date in 1917, Boys Town was founded. Since Kevin Spacey could be listening, we aren't going to say where.

In 1925, the world's very first motel, the "Motel Inn," opened in San Luis Obispo, CA. Talk about a dive, when you stayed there, they stole your towels. Funny, but the first six couples to check in were all named Smith.

On this date in 1953, Chuck Yeager flew the X-1 two and a half times the speed of sound.
Needless to say, it was loud.
He flew so fast, while flying he could hear himself landing.
He was actually able to hear people say "Congratulations" before they even said it.

In 1955, the hovercraft was patented. Imagine a vehicle that travels without touching the ground... if you don't include low-flying planes. The following year, they came out with Hovercraft Macaroni and Cheese.


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