• House bill 307 Texas would allow teachers to post the 10 Commandments in school classrooms.
  • Remember hearing the announcer say on TV shows, "From Television City in Hollywood?" CBS has sold that facility this week for $750 million.
  • The Motion Picture Academy is having a heck of a time getting someone to be the host for the Oscars and is considering a host-less event.
  • They've begun shooting scenes for the next James Bond movie with Daniel Craig in Norway.
  • Dolly Parton's younger brother, Floyd, died this week. He was 61.
  • Now there's talk of a reboot of "The West Wing."
  • Weird thing going on with Mel B. Something happened over the weekend -- we haven't been told what -- that resulted in her breaking a couple of ribs and having her hand injured.
  • Steph Curry is getting flack for saying in a podcast that he thinks the moon landing was faked.
  • Steve Harvey has a new look. A salt 'n pepper full beard, just so you're not surprised the next time you see him.
  • Michelle Obama is extending her book tour as sales have broken through the 3 million mark.
  • Time magazine has announced its 2018 Person of the Year is "The Guardians," four individuals and one group -- all journalists -- who this year helped expose "the manipulation and the abuse of truth" around the world.
  • Modern Family's Sarah Hyland is doing well after undergoing a second kidney transplant.
  • Troubled "Mighty Duck" star Shaun Weiss was arrested for shoplifting $200 in merchandise from an L.A. Rite Aid.
  • The CDC is warning people to not eat raw cookie dough during the holiday season.
  • A 4,000-year-old board game was found etched into the ground in Azerbaijan.
  • After 11 years of early rises, Kathie Lee Gifford says she's going to be leaving "The Today Show." Her last day will be in April next year.
  • The Golden Globes is going to add a Carol Burnette Award, which will be awarded annually to someone who "has made outstanding contributions to television on or off the screen."
  • If you're keeping score at home, North Dakota is now producing more oil than Venezuela.


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