• Scottie Pippen is suing comedian Lindsay Glazer Woloshin and her husband Jacob Woloshin, saying they caused $110,000 in damages to the Hall of Famer's Fort Lauderdale mansion while renting it.
  • Justin Timberlake is post-poning all of his December concert dates, as his bruised vocal cords continue to mend.
  • The Golden Globe nominations came out yesterday. Yes, we're heading into awards season again. Sanda Oh and Andy Samberg will be the hosts this time around.
  • The XFL is going to be launched again by Vince McMahon in 8 cities, New York, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Washington, DC. Their first season will be in 2020, the weekend after the NFL's Super Bowl. The last time they tried this was in 2001 and the league folded after just one season.
  • California has become the first state to mandate solar power for all new homes.
  • The latest royal rumor has Meghan Markle pregnant... with twins.
  • A Russian billionaire has dumped his wife to marry a socialite. Let's hope his ex-father-in-law is an understanding guy. His ex's father is Vladimir Putin.
  • A 69-year-old woman was reunited with her 88-year-old mom, thanks to both using the Ancestry DNA testing kit. The mom was actually told at the time of her birth that her baby had died.
  • A studio for rent in San Francisco for $800 a month sure looks like a 6x8-foot Tuff Shed. (it is)
  • A homeless man went to the Sumner, Washington, food bank to see if they had put out any leftover bread. As he walked up, he noticed an envelope and inside it, $17,000 cash. He gave it to the food bank.
  • In Pennsylvania, a secret Santa went to a local Wal-Mart store, and paid for all of the things that were on layaway. $30,000 worth of stuff.
  • Yesterday was the first day for legal pot in the state of Michigan. Go Blue!
  • Cardi B has announced the breakup of her marriage to husband Offset.
  • A new smartphone app can diagnose anemia by the color of a person's fingernails.
  • A study says hospital admissions for anxiety and stress have risen by a quarter in the past decade.
  • Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila hit a person with her vehicle in a parking lot in California.
  • A study says Hawaiians are the least aggressive holiday drivers in the U.S.


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