Raven-Symone Peerman turns 33 today. She played Olivia on the old Cosby TV show and that's as close as we're going to get to that topic. There's something about the little kids you remember from TV turning 30 that makes you feel old.

Chef Bobby Flay turns 54 today. For goodness sake, don't buy him another apron. He has a daughter named Sofie. So far, he's resisted the urge to name a kid Salmon.

Singer Nia Peeples turns 57 today. You know, people who need Peeples are the luckiest people in the world.

Susan Dey of The Partridge Family and later, L.A. Law, turns 66 today.
She was once big in the 60s... and now, she IS in the 60s.
These days, she hires out as the Partridge in "The Living 12 Days of Christmas."
Even so, it's a new day for the old Dey.
She was a member of the "Partridge Family" before they fell on hard times and had to move into that pear tree.

Tommy Kirk, the kid in the original "Absent Minded Professor" turns 77 today. You know, being forgetful isn't as funny as it once was. Just so you know, he was that cute, freckle-faced kid in the Disney movies that wasn't Kurt Russell.


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