Two weeks from today, people.

Mos Def turns 45 today. I wonder what Mos is short for. Then again, I wonder what Def is short for.

Mo'nique hits 51 today. She plans a quiet evening at home with her sisters: U'nique, Tech'nique and Tanza'nique.

Jermaine Jackson, the normal but less talented brother of Michael Jackson, turns 64 today. I don't want to say he was the sane of the brothers. Nope, you can't make me.

Teri Garr turns 71 today. You may remember her from Young Frankenstein. She was an admirer of schwanstuckers. She had the honor of saying "Thank you" after Dr. Frankenstein uttered those immortal words, "What knockers!"

David Gates of Bread turns 78 today. He used to sing, "Baby, I'm a Want You." These days it's, "Baby I Can't Hear You." For a while, Bread was hot... then, they went stale.

Jack Frost Day -- In "The Christmas Song," what is Jack Frost doing to your nose?" ("Nipping!")


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