Worst Boss Ever!

Meanwhile in Japan, a 23-year-old man has filed a criminal complaint against his ex-boss for dunking his face into a scalding hotpot at an office party, as a joke, causing severe burns to his face that required over a month to heal. The shocking event reportedly took place at a company party on December 20, 2015, but was just made public just this month after a couple of videos recorded on mobile phones went viral online. One of the clips shows a group of people sitting around a table in a Japanese-style restaurant. In the center of the table is a "nabe", a pot of boiling water used for cooking meat and vegetables over an open flame. At one point, a man whose face is not shown in the video grabs the one of the people around the table by the back of his head and dunks his face into the nabe, holding him down for a couple of seconds before he manages to wrestle free, knocking over the pot. After the disturbing clips went viral all over Asia last week, the 23-year-old victim and his lawyers held a press conference to announce that they will file a criminal complaint with police for assault and also file suit at the Tokyo District Court. It's unclear why the victim took so long to take action against his former boss, especially since he claims that the cruel prank has left him traumatized. (Oddity Central)

But How Can We Do a Better Job of Ripping Off Our Customers?

American retailer Anthropologie was recently mocked on social media for selling a bundle of 20 birch twigs for the astronomical price of $42. That's over $2 apiece for sticks you can probably find in your backyard. Officially called a "Decorative Birch Bundle," the handful of twigs tied with two pieces of brown strings was apparently designed for people looking to add a "rustic quality" to their homes. Of course the Twitterverse had a field day. One tweet read: "If you're spending $42 on sticks then you need to get out more. Seriously. The ground's covered in them." Others took delight in making sarcastically positive reviews like this one: "They look so lovely just laying there, doing what an artisanal bundle of sticks is supposed to do. They are the highest quality sticks I have ever owned. They have brought joy back into my life after a period of darkness. They remind me there is good in the world. I highly recommend!" Another wrote: "This goes perfectly with my Bowl of Dirt! (on sale for $49)!" Of course if the $42 Decorative Birch Bundle is out of your price range, there's always the single Decorative Birch Branch for only $24. (

Don't Hide Behind Religion as an Excuse to Kill Your Kids

The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, Ohio, has sent a letter to parents stating students are no longer exempt from vaccinations, even for religious beliefs. The decision is partly in response to news that an Orthodox Jewish community in New York City has reported more than 100 cases of measles from children who were not vaccinated. Dr. Baruch Fertel with the Cleveland Clinic said, "There's really no good credible science for someone not to be vaccinated. We see from these outbreaks that it can just spread like wildfire and cause harm." Dr. Fertel's children also go to The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland. He said the school's actions are mainly a precaution to make sure diseases like measles and chickenpox don't hit Northeast Ohio. He also said he believes parents choosing to not vaccinate isn't coming from a place of religious beliefs, but pop culture. (Cleveland 19)

Jedi Master Arrested in Tennessee

Bad news Star Wars fans - Luke Sky Walker was arrested this week in Johnson City, Tennessee. The 21-year-old was charged with violating probation. Walker was being held without bond at the Carter County jail, according to online records. He was arrested in 2017 on charges of stealing 46 road signs with three cohorts. They were found with the stolen signs in the back seat of a car after a traffic stop in Carter County My God what it must be like to have to go through life with that name. (Elizabeth Star)

The Law Vs. Your Personal Beliefs

In Lincoln Nebraska, police arrested 35-year-old Steven Logan for failing to comply with an officer during a traffic stop. After pulling over and parking his car, police say Logan starting walking away from his vehicle. The officer told him to stop but he refused and kept walking so the officer grabbed Logan's arm. The officer then noticed Logan had a firearm and detained him. When asked for his identification, Logan told the officer that due to his personal beliefs, he's not required to register his vehicle. Turns out that's not quite true. He was arrested for failing to comply, no insurance and no valid registration. (

Rectum? Damn Near Killed Him!

Over in Kenya, an inmate from Manyani Maximum Security Prison is recovering after undergoing surgery to remove a mobile phone that was stuck where the sun don't shine. He was reportedly trying to conceal the phone from prison guards but the plan backfired - no pun intended - after the phone got stuck and resulted in severe stomach cramping and pain. Our friend ultimately was rushed to surgery to save his life though further disciplinary action is pending. (

Just How Bad is Fentanyl?

Want to know just how bad fentanyl truly is? It's so bad drug suppliers on the "dark web" are now refusing to sell it saying it's just too dangerous and tends to attract police attention. That basically places fentanyl alongside explosives and certain firearms that are too risky to deal with. Vince O'Brien, a drug-enforcement officer at the National Crime Agency in Britain says, "There are marketplaces that will not accept listings for weapons and explosives-those are the ones that will not accept listings for fentanyl. Clearly, law enforcement would prioritize the supply of weapons, explosives and fentanyl over, for example, class C drugs-and that might well be why they do this." A powerful pain-killer, fentanyl is so dangerous that even a sugar packet of it can kill 500 people. In America nearly 29,000 people died in 2017 from fentanyl and synthetic-opioid-linked overdoses. Police say labs in China are producing fentanyl, which is often processed by Mexican cartels and sold domestically as pills or mixed into heroin and other substances. (Guardian)

What the What?

In North Dakota, 42-year-old Gregory Lee Leingang has admitted stealing a forklift as part of a bizarre plot to kill President Trump last year. US Assistant State's Attorney Brandi Sasse Russell says Leingang stole the forklift and made his way to the motorcade route before Trump arrived to speak at a refinery in Mandan on Sept. 6, 2017. It seems the idiotic plan was to somehow flip the limo and kill the president. As part of a plea deal, Leingang admitted attempting to damage government property and "attempting to enter or remain in a restricted building and on grounds while using a dangerous weapon." Public defender Michelle Monteiro told the court the Bismarck resident was "suffering a serious psychiatric crisis during this incident" and his mental health has improved after seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist in prison. Leingang pleaded guilty in state court to stealing the forklift and setting two fires the same morning. He received 15 years for those crimes and five years for an unrelated burglary charge. He'll be sentenced on the federal charges Feb. 15, and Sasse Russell says she is considering making the federal sentence concurrent to the time he is serving on the state charges. (Grand Forks Herald)


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