LIES All Lies!

Remember that lady whose family claims American Airlines left her in a wheelchair overnight at Chicago's O'Hare Airport? Well, let's go to the video tape! American says security video footage proves that simply didn't happen. Olimpia Warsaw, 67, is described as having Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and has difficulty communicating. She was flying from Chicago to Detroit on Friday, Nov. 30, after attending her ex-husband's funeral. When her flight was canceled, family members said she sat alone in her wheelchair and was unattended for five hours until a relative came to pick her up. Her son Claude Colteau told the Chicago Sun-Times his "mother was found in a dark hallway near a restroom, where another passenger had taken her upon request." An American Airlines spokesman previously said the airline met with the family, refunded Warsaw's ticket and was taking steps to "ensure this does not happen again." But after launching an investigation, the airline is now proving the story is just made up. After reviewing camera footage, call records from the wheelchair attendant's phone and reservations call records, the facts are that only 45 minutes elapsed between the time the wheelchair attendant left Warsaw and her relative came to pick her up. The timeline also shows that during that time, Warsaw used a walker to go outside to smoke a cigarette on two different occasions. There's no word yet from the family after the airlines released its timeline. (WGN)

9-Year-Old Citizen Makes Snowball Fights Legal!

Good news Severance, Colorado! Snowball fights are now legal in your town thanks to the efforts of 9-year-old Dane Best. Young Mr. Best discovered by chance that it was actually illegal for kids in the small farming town to throw snowballs - so he decided to do something about it. The ordinance was passed in 1920 and, believe it or not, actually banned people from throwing missiles at each other. However, the broad language used in the law banned just about all thrown projectiles, including snowballs. Best had just returned from a class trip to city hall, where he and his classmates were given a lesson on how the city amends and changes the laws, and he decided to take the knowledge to update the ordinance. He worked with his parents and Mayor Don McLeod to create a presentation on changing the 98-year-old ordinance, which Best got to deliver to Trustees during a recent council meeting. He told the board, "The children of Severance want the opportunity to have a snowball fight like the rest of the world. The law was created many years ago. Today's kids need a reason to play outside." The Board unanimously voted in favor of the change and Best got to throw the first legal snowball since 1920, as a crowd cheered him on. (WSRZ)

Oh You Silly Catholics!

What did they teach us at church - the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well the Catholic News Service, a U.S. denominational news agency, obviously meant well when they posted a tweet on Sunday that read: "Hanukkah began at sundown. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!" Nothing wrong with that - but unfortunately they also included a photo - a photo of the Arch of Titus, a marble structure built in Rome in the first century that commemorates "the victory of the Roman general, later emperor, Titus, in the Jewish War of 66-74 CE," according to a project at Yeshiva University. The structure depicts Roman soldiers carrying the spoils of the war, including a seven-branched menorah from the destroyed Temple of Jerusalem. Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple in the second century B.C. and involves a nine-branched menorah. So of course all heck broke loose. The Catholic News Service deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted and sent two apology tweets: "Sunday we inadvertently posted an offensive photo. We were sloppy in our tweeting; people were right to be offended." The second apology read: "The person who posted the tweet now fully understands the implications of the picture. We apologize again." (Newser)

Zombie Spiders! Oh Yes There Are!

The Amazon rainforest is home to many frightening creatures, like giant Anacondas, and flesh-eating piranhas just two name a couple. Now they've got zombie spiders. No kidding. A newly discovered species of wasps apparently lay their eggs on the abdomen of spiders and then hijack their brains, essentially turns them into zombies. The previously unknown wasp of the Zatypota genus was discovered by researchers with the University of British Columbia (UBC) working in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. It is apparently able to hijack the nervous system of its host, forcing it to leave its colony, which it otherwise rarely does, protect the wasps larva and ultimately get eaten alive. It essentially turns the social spider into a zombie-like drone that then does the wasp's bidding. (Oddity Central)

Perhaps the Dumbest Speeding Ticket Ever

And the award for dumbest reason to get a speeding ticket goes to - well, we don't know his name but it happened in Sheffield, England. The unidentified motorist told officers who had pulled him over that he was only speeding because he didn't want his McDonald's food to get cold on the way home. It got worse for our friend as a quick check found his car was uninsured so police seized it. A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: "It's been a positive night shift on the beat. This vehicles driver decided to overtake our officers in an unmarked vehicle at excessive speeds, putting everyone's life at risk. All because he didn't want his McDonald's to go cold. It's safe to say the driver wasn't lovin it." (Metro)

Grinch in Florida!

Cape Coral, Florida had their Festival of Lights over the weekend. But for some, instead of a lighthearted night filled with family entertainment and visits with Santa Claus, some children were left in tears. That's because one man decided to show up with a giant sign and started yelling that Santa isn't real and parents shouldn't tell their children lies! Some people said it's heartbreaking that the man stood there for hours just to hurt little kids. The worst part is Cape Coral Police couldn't do a thing about it. That darn first amendment again and all that pesky freedom of speech stuff. Police said they could only intervene if the guy had used a voice enhancer like a megaphone or created a riot, which he didn't. (WBBH)

Prison Justice

England has one less baby killer to worry about. Liam Deane was a 22-year-old father who punched his two-day old infant daughter to death because she wouldn't stop crying. He pleaded guilty, went to prison and was just found dead in his cell after apparently being murdered by another inmate. That inmate, 28-year-old John Westland has now been charged with murder. Deane admitted to punching his baby in the face, squeezing her body and arms and shaking her at Leeds Crown Court after the baby had been left in his care. The court heard how Luna's mother Karen Bissett, 21, had gone upstairs at the family home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, on July 11 this year. The next day she was told by Deane that Luna had fallen. An ambulance was called after Deane had spoken to his mother, saying the baby was having difficulty breathing and had fallen and hit her head. Paramedics arrived and noticed her face was badly swollen and bruised. Deane broke down when interviewed by police and admitted he was responsible for attacking the baby. Trying to find some sympathy for this guy. Nope, sorry - none to be found. (Metro)

What the What?

Police in California pulled over a Tesla Model 3 and made a most shocking discovery. Inside the driver was not only drunk, but also asleep and using the car's autopilot feature as a personal driver. After suspecting the car was on autopilot and with the driver not responding to lights and sirens, they were able to stop the vehicle by surrounding it and gradually slowing down. The autopilot feature responded to the close proximity by reducing its speed and eventually coming to a complete stop. That process took nearly 10 minutes stretched over 7 miles. The car was in driver-assist mode and using Traffic Aware Cruise Control. Teslas have plenty of features that assist people in driving, aiding in crash avoidance. However, they are not meant to replace the driver or give the driver hands-off capabilities. Tesla's are not self-driving vehicles. Needless to say, somebody be in a heap o' trouble. (


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