Mike Brady's term of endearment for his wife Carol on TV's "The Brady Bunch?" was "Twinkle toes." (B.S., close it was "Twinkles")

About half of all women call spending money on a gym membership a waste of cash because they hardly use it. (Yes)

The starfish is the only fish that can turn its stomach inside out. (Yes)

Lake Bonneville is the name of the dried-up lake that is now the site of Salt Lake City. (Yes, it once covered 20,000 square miles)

A "Googol" is a large statue from the middle ages. (B.S., it's the number 1 followed by 100 zeros)

The average American walks about 5,000 steps per day. (Yes)

Until the 19th Century solid blocks of tea were used as aphrodisiacs in Siberia. (B.S., they were used as money)

Q-Tips are the bestselling baby product in the entire world. (Yes)

6% of Americans say they have lost their wallet on a vacation? (B.S., they lost a tooth)

The average age for a woman to become a grandma for the first time is 50. (Yes... and just a couple of years older for men)

Studies show that plants and/or flowers dramatically increase creativity in the workplace? (Yes)

More people have watched "Titanic" than any other movie in American history? (B.S., it's "Gone with the Wind")

Homer Simpson's license plate number is "647643." (B.S., that number belongs to our buddy Fred Flintstone)

Dorothy's pet cow in "The Wizard Of Oz" was named Imogene. (Yes)

Great Danes come from Denmark. (B.S., they come from Germany)

As you age, your sense of sight is the first to deteriorate. (B.S., it's your sense of smell! Now you know why old people always smell so bad. They can't tell the difference!)

A.J. Foyt was the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 four times? (Yes)

The "Register of the Desert," a huge granite boulder covering 27 acres with 5000 early pioneer names carved on is located in Colorado. (B.S., it's in Wyoming)

Ratings for motion pictures were first introduced in 1962. (B.S., it was in 1968 when G, M, R and X ratings were introduced for movies. When the system was first introduced PG was called "M." In February 1970 the name was changed to "GP," and then in 1972 to "PG")

San Diego was the birthplace of the triathlon. (Yes)

Frank Sinatra was given the code name Napoleon by the Secret Service during the Kennedy and Reagan administrations. (Yes, Frank Sinatra, produced inaugural celebrations for the two presidents, and lunched at the White House with First Lady Nancy Reagan)

Blueberries fight cancer? (Yes, the fruit contains more cancer and disease fighting antioxidants than any other fruit or veggie)

Women are more likely to giggle in the presence of a man they find attractive than at any other time. (Yes)

Only about one third of the paperwork filed in the average office is ever seen again by anyone for any reason. (B.S., actually less than 5% is ever seen again)

About 40 pounds of dust settles on the walls of the average 6 room house each year. (Yes)

The average dual income American couple spends only 1 1/2 waking hours together each day. (B.S., it's more like 3.2 waking hours)


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